And they say being vegan doesnt change anything…suck on this. Change…

And they say being vegan doesnt change anything…suck on this. Change is happening 🙂

Danna Holland: As long as its not like that south park episode…lol…. Cartmans version of totally plant based was just the same old chicken LOL

Lucille Salazar: Lmao yes! Beyond KFC


Priscilla Conner: It said vegetarian chicken. That makes me wary. Wander if its really vegan.

Ryan Burton: And still fried in the same grease 😳

Brooke Clayton: Jason Lyzniak

Regina Copeland: Yeah unfortunately it says vegetarian but I feel like its a start and hopefully the demand for vegan will rise and that will come out after a while 🤷‍♀️

Lyla Wheeler: Definitely a start…..small progress is still progress

Kinsley Kelley: Yeah Im still not down to eat there. Its still helping fund the overall establishment that ultimately is known for its chicken- brutal

Regina Copeland: Yeah I just shared it for more of the aspect of the demand is increasing that fast food is starting to make more options. That supply and demand is kicking some meat products off the menu. Its a good starting point. Idk maybe Im wrong for looking at it that way

Kinsley Kelley: Regina Copeland: youre not wrong at all ❤️ youre right glass half full dude 👍 people are waking up to it for sure and thats always a great thing. I just personally couldnt go there lol

Aaron Babino:


Kira Banks: Thats an amazing leap for them to take, but their company is so cruel to begin with. 😕This may be the only place other than Taco Bell I can get fast food if it happens. Which is nice to have.

Kira Banks: From looking it up it says its April fools joke.Do we have solid proof?

Emerson Chambers: But everytime I have ordered vegan al fresco from Taco Bell they have screwed it up. Every. Single. Time. Didnt matter if I spelled out no cheese, no sour cream, etc. I gave up as I was heartbroken by the waste when they had to redo my order, sometimes 2 or 3 times 😢😠😒

Kira Banks: Cat Race I never have that problem. I dont order al fresco though.I always make sure they dont charge me for guac tho as its a free sub out for sour cream….See more

Emerson Chambers: Kira Banks: Toronto, Canada! 😜

Kira Banks: Andy Adkins that article is posted on April 1st and all the comments say its an April Fools joke. I cant find any other articles.

Kira Banks: Cat Race alright. I lied Im coming to Canada. 😂😂😂😂

Emerson Chambers: Kira Banks: we have a lot of amazing vegan restaurants and vegan options…but evidently our Taco Bell employees need some training! 😹

Kira Banks: Cat Race I have a friend that lives south of Toronto. But weve actually been planning a trip to Toronto and the good side of the falls. 🤣

Sloane Haynes: Chris Raposo

Collin Bradley: Alex Pivain

Destiny Young: Well, that is great for the people that already go there. I hope they try it. I wont.

Mason Estrada: i still wouldnt buy their food because i would be supporting a company that causes so much fear, pain, and suffering to innocent animals

Regina Copeland: Yeah I agree with you but its a good stepping stone for those transitioning who are a bit slower at it and its hopefully kicking off some meat products. I think it shows that the demand for plant based foods is going up and therefore starting to reduce the meat slightly. Or that could be hopeful thinking

Mira Wells: Conflicted🤔

Isla Simpson: My Taco Bell is a kfc/Taco Bell combo. If this happens my waistband is so screwed. Lmao

Emmanuel Turner: Vegetarian. Not vegan. Plus, they still kill like crazy for their nonsense mad business.

Alexa Carpenter: Corporate death machine

Regina Copeland: Okay I was just looking to acknowledge that it shows that not eating meat is effecting supply and demand and if fast food chains are joining in thats great because as it grows it will kick off some meat choices. Also its available to those find themselves in a position where they need to go. Is KFC a good company? No. But this isnt a bad thing and I wanted to acknowledge it

Lena Floyd: yeah this vegan group is rough as hell, girl like damn youre tryna be positive and ANY CHANGE in the right direction is a good thing!

Regina Copeland: Yeah I agree with you because Im new to the vegan lifestyle, and Im not perfect. But people discouraging anything thats not 100% is really bumming me out. If people were more positive, and encouraging that would attract more people if others would be happy for the baby steps too

Lena Floyd: Me too!! Ive been faithfully vegetarian for a while now and Im doing my best to be 100% vegan but sometimes youre weak or selfish and that shouldnt be looked down upon that it drives you away from veganism. Im looking for a good job with what youve done so far, also try this! not WHAT YOU HAD A SLIVER OF BUTTER?!?!?!?!

Lena Floyd: I literally NEVER eat at KFC and I still wouldnt, but its awesome to see chains picking up on the plant based demand

Regina Copeland: thank you! I really nice to feel heard. I dont understand why the “mean vegans” shame vegetarians so much instead of telling the all the benefits of switching to almond milk, vegan butter, or whatever. It has been proven that encouragement is far more effective than shame and punishment. Negative butt holes

Lena Floyd: Exactly!!

Rosalie Vargas: You dont have to justify why you share something. You do you. I for one have no problem with it and if people want to be negative, then thats on them. Its no reflection on you, at all.

Lyla Wheeler::


Jessica Anderson: I had the same problem with Daiya cheese which was bought by Otsuka which is a Japanese pharmaceutical company. When I voiced that I was conflicted about this I was asked by someone if I shopped in a vegan grocery store (I wish – where is it?) or just like a Safeway and didnt they sell non-vegan items like animal flesh and dairy. Of course they do. Just do the best you can do for the animals. It will be a long process but it is changing in the right and more humane direction.

Regina Copeland: Thank you! I wish people could acknowledge that there isnt all vegan fast food or grocery stores available and the option is a good thing. Its a small step to a better world

Ariana Mcdaniel: Austin Howard

Juliet Lambert: never see me eat any crap from KFC all cooked in crap,,, fast food deep fried veg orvegan in Kfc stills means crap. I dont go with it will save animals they still killing.

Jane Peters: the KFC here in canada has a vegan chicken burger. pretty decent

Lorenzo Franklin: What?!! I had no clue? 😮

Jane Peters: yeah before my mum ordered a bucket of chicken and asked them if there was anything vegan on the menu, and they said that. but when you do order make sure to get it without the mayo

Lorenzo Franklin: I called the one near me and they dont have anything vegan or vegetarian 😭 Guess its not in Quebec yet…Where do you live?

Juliette Weber: Nic Bradley 😍

Emery Boone: Apparently they can no longer call it Kentucky fried chicken as they do not actually use chicken but something fake that looks and tastes like chicken….

River Richardson: Jason Plaxen

Kelsey Cohen: Jose Maria Martinez 😍😍

Adalyn Mccormick: Vegan with all gmo products

Rosalie Vargas: Its a start I applaud change, change is good. Encourage it.

Adalyn Mccormick: Suzanne Kay Whitlock dont applaud gmo because it will kill us one day

Rosalie Vargas: Adalyn Mccormick: I couldnt care less about gmo. I will continue to applaud anything that moves people away from animal products.

Adalyn Mccormick: Gmo and the chemical they use kill animals if you didnt know

Rosalie Vargas: Show me proof or hush.

Adalyn Mccormick: Suzanne Kay Whitlock proof? Do you even know what a chemical is?

Rosalie Vargas: Yea thats what I thought. Deflection is so immature. Bye bye now.

Danna Walker: Health policing, including gmo policing, is not allowed in this website. Check posted rules.

Finley Rose: Sam Jour

Rosalie Vargas: Thats wonderful. Its all about supply and demand. If you dont want to eat it, please dont. But, dont be so negative, this is a step in the right direction. Remember, there are all sorts of vegans, not everyone is a healthy one, and you dont have to be. If they do indeed come out with a vegan option, Ill buy it. Supply and demand.

Ashley Alvarez: KFC is still a horrible company that tortures their chickens. They arent getting a nickel from me, although it is cool that places are having more vegan options

Willa Obrien: KFC gets their already dead, prepped chickens from a poultry truck. They dont handle living chickens at all…

Margot Briggs: i recall the KFC store at Dulwich Hill in early seventies theyd of said your stupid if you predicted this

Jocelyn Clark: Its good things are changing but they wont be getting a penny from me (extreme poultry cruelty). I dont need to buy their food so I wont (unlike supermarkets).

Easton Greene: Angela

Esmeralda Clayton: David Lee