Recipe: 1 garlic clove Every vegan:

Recipe: 1 garlic clove Every vegan:
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Elizabeth Fields::


Vera Gibson: If he dont accept your garlic breath he dont love you

Elizabeth Fields: Tana Michelle De Schane my man doesnt care he kisses me anyway hahahaah

Gracie Lewis: Dying 😂

Taya Treulieb-Kolostyak:


C Christopher Cole:


Alexis McAfee:


River Hoffman: I literally triple every garlic request even if its my first time trying the recipe lol

Vera Gibson: I just keep throwing it in there until my eyes are burning

River Hoffman: Tana Michelle De Schane yesss

Valerie Bush: Omg my boyfriend did this once when he was being really sweet and found a vegan recipe to cook me for dinner one night. Well, it called for 2 cloves. He did 2 BULBS 🙈

Vera Gibson: And then you married him??!

Vincent Morgan: I see no problem here 🤣🤣

Valerie Bush: LOL sadly no I didnt marry him immediately and now hes moving away. Maybe I should have?!

Vera Gibson: Heather Lynn lock it down

Mary Kelly: Does this mean I was just in denial about being a vegan all these years? My motto is you can never have to much garlic

Vera Gibson: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Mark Black: this is very true but WHY is it true???

Kayden Klein: Me cooking

Brody Robinson: Omg YAS. I love using straight roasted garlic as a spread, no such thing as too much garlic

Vera Gibson: Theres really not.

Brody Robinson: Recipe doesnt call for garlic…adds garlic

Vera Gibson: Brody Robinson: every. time.

Lydia Walsh: Well thats accurate.

Lydia Walsh::

Thiago Dunn: This just changed my life

Hunter Mitchell: I did the garlic thing tonight… I took a dinner shortcut and heated up some vegan lentil and vegetable broth. I added tons of garlic 😂😂 #needsmoregarlic

Vera Gibson: I do the garlic thing every night.

Vera Gibson: And morning.

Kaydence Vargas: So True😀

Aisha Bowers: not just vegans

Vera Gibson: True! Ive always been addicted.

Bristol Conner: Not this vegan.

Maxwell Evans: Me neither. I hate garlic.

Bristol Conner: Me and garlic have a mutual dislike.

Anna Herrera: Meeeeeee!

King Griffith: have saved hours of peeling garlic from my life. Best grocery store find everrrrrr.
Solo garlic – Wikipedia

Lia Garcia: This is me!!!

Hailey Fuller: 100000 percent

Chloe Cook: Weve built up a tolerance lol

Amanda Mckinney: I enjoy Garlic Garlic Pizza at PIE for The People in down town Joshua Tree

Raymond Marshall: My husband is always asking how we go through so much garlic lol this is me every time

Dallas Vega: Negative 😷 I HATE that stuff!

Vera Gibson: More for us

Dallas Vega: Lol yep. Yall can have it all. I swear I can taste it in even the smallest amounts. Im out when garlic is involved.

Arthur Palmer: oh no 😱

Aubrey Cook: Its not dinner without garlic!

Alayah Bell: Id double that 👍

Kamila Woods: Yep,and 1 more for luck 😂

Zarah Elliott:

Pamala Cook:

Megan Brewer: Not every vegan🙈 2 is my quota

Reid Lane: Yeah, when a recipe calls for one clove of garlic, you never use one lol its always at least 3 😂

Richard Griffith: I sometimes add 5-7 or even more cloves to a pot of soup…YUM.

Angelica Estrada: One for every member of the household, the chef and one for the pot 💚

Lauren Hansen: Truth!

Graham Santiago: Odd…I hardly ever use garlic.

Carlos Hunter: I love garlic!

Alexis Delgado: This is me!

Ayden Elliott: Am i the only vegan who hates garlic?

Bristol Conner: No, youre not.

Alexander Jacobs: My boss is vegetarian and says he HATES garlic! LOL! And his wife LOVES garlic!

Alexander Jacobs: Onions and garlic are the first ingredients in nearly all my recipes, except for smoothies and pancakes!

Ayden Elliott: I hate onions too lol🤣 and im italian so i should love garlic

Bristol Conner: Dont forget bell pepper! Yuck!

Ayden Elliott: I love red pepper!

Bristol Conner::

Johanna Nunez: YES YOU ARE