How do i get a vegan mentor ? I need one :)

How do i get a vegan mentor ? I need one 🙂

Raelynn Hernandez: Here-
Lets try vegan! | Challenge22+

Brantley Ellis: I second this! Or ask for help here. If its about food, joon the website “vegan recipes to share” everyone is very friendly and the food all looks amazing!

Zoe Greer: Plenty of people on the website would likely volunteer. Youre always welcome to ask questions about issues for which you would like clarification.

Alexandra Stephens: Simnet nutrition look it up

Ava Hogan: this!!!!

Alexandra Stephens: Is SPARTA!!!!!!

Abigail Bishop: Happy to help if you have any questions! As Im sure most of us on the website are 🙂

Joseph Lloyd: Be careful, some might seek to profit from such a post.

Marilyn Jefferson: Omg this will be so cool !! I need a mentor too 🤗

Mason Robbins: I just started a podcast with the goal to help people convert.
The Vegan Ambition | Anchor – The easiest way to start a podcast

Rowan Wilson: Im a vegan dementor. Interested?

Ruby Lamb: Tell me more.

Elaina Crawford: What are three other things about you

Julian Cooper: Vegan out reach offers them. Ive been vegan for 23 years Id be happy to help you anyway I can

Elaina Crawford: Theres 52000 of them right here

Beatrice Colon: My daughter is moving here 5/12/18 and is going to get my husband and myself back onto a healthier lifestyle. I cant wait. Thank you Kiani Holcomb

Brooks Ford: Anyone who needs support or has questions, please feel free to friend/msg me ❤

Lorelai Page: Add me!!! My life is all about the life♡

Ryker Taylor: Its a family affair. Lorelai Page: and I are sisters so Add Us!! Were here to help 👭

Lorelai Page: Dynamic duo♡

Ryker Taylor::

Maxwell Brooks: Theres A 30 Day Vegan Challenge , a book and a program by Colleen Patrick Goudreau . It offers advice in setting up a vegan Kitchen , shopping , nutrition, recipes , day by day . Also there is online help from her . She has many wonderful Vegan Pod Casts too that will inspire , motivate and explain the vegan lifestyle they are all free and worthwhile . One of My favorites is is , From Excusitarian To Vegetarian, Go to Joyfulvegan.comShes great at what she does

Annabella Moran: I am a volunteer vegan mentor and can help you. Fill out the form in this link, and where it says this: Please write something (a short paragraph) you want your Mentor to know about you. just add to your answer Id like to request Annabella Moran: as my mentor and we will get assigned together! Its free and it is that simple.
Vegan Mentor Program – Vegan Outreach

Max Holt: Happy to help any way I can!

Elise Ruiz: Just ask.

Lia Davis: has trained mentors
Lets try vegan! | Challenge22+

Nova Quinn: You can use this book with or without a mentor:
Prescription for Extreme Health

Elaina Crawford: Nova Quinn: … What is your relation to this post?

Elaina Crawford: Sorry that sounded terse what Im trying to say is are you in anyway doing some sort of self-promotion? Are you going to make money off of this? Are you the one selling this book? If you answered yes to any of these questions that self-promotion which is not allowed here

Nova Quinn: James Allen No, Dr. Esposito is a friend of mine, he has no idea I posted this in response to the original post. I have been a patient of his and have attended several of his lectures, read parts of his books, and listened to one of his CDs. He is a brilliant man (on the radio here locally in Atlanta), a vegan, and hes knows the ins and outs of a healthy vegan diet.

Elaina Crawford: Very well sir

Jorge Sims: I will help as much as I can. Just IM me.

Lia Davis: IM lol gave away your age there.

Lorelai Page: Lia Davis: I also say that when Im only 40

Simon Spencer: I have helped many people and I can help you. If you live somewhat near me, I can also go shopping with you. Theres also a great book Becoming Vegan. Let me know if you would like my help. I can help you even if you live far from me. We can work as slow or fast as is comfortable for you.