thanks for accepting. i have a few there a vampire that k…

thanks for accepting. i have a few there a vampire that knows a witchcraft here?

Jayla Gonzales: Quite a few, I would imagine.

Emilio Hart: can a witch put a curse on me to become a vampire?

Sara Collier: No

Emilio Hart: uhh

Sara Collier: …sorry dude, not the way real witchcraft works or vampirism works.

Emilio Hart: how do i get turned into one ?

Jayla Gonzales: Do your own research, do all of the reading you can. And turn off the TV.

Paul Perry: Real vampirism does not confer any super powers, immortality, fangs, great health, or whatnot. So, with this in mind, why on Earth would you want to?

Emilio Hart: hate being human

Jayla Gonzales: Why?

Sara Collier: Well, there was a discussion earlier today regarding the possibility of whether or not someone who doesnt have latent vampiric parts inside themselves CAN be turned. The consensus was, well split. Some people believe you can be turned, some believe if you already have vampire inside yourself you can be awakened, and some believe it is a complete impossibility… I suppose youd have to figure it out for yourself. I personally of the opinion that maybe its possible to awaken someone, but otherwise, not so much.

Jayla Gonzales: My sentiments exactly, from the way you worded your question, you sound like you want to be turned into a zombie, as opposed to anything that would be considered a vampire.

Paul Perry: I know most people ask this question because they want to live forever, or become superheros, or control others – but that is what people have wanted since the beginning of time. Its why fantasy is so popular. It is not real.Real vampires are human. Nothing can make you non-human.

Sara Collier: Patrick, hon, were all human too, just a bit different.

Paul Perry: Real vampires have to do all of the same things every other human does – go to school, struggle through relationships, eat food, get a job, pay bills, pay taxes, and so on. But on top of that, they also have to deal with a need that others will largely not understand, and they get little in the way of tools to make that easier. Imagine going up to one of your friends asking them to cut themselves for you. Just as you are right now. It would be just like that. Does that sound like a good idea?

Sara Collier: Just remember, even if you were to become a vmapire, it fixes nothing in your life, it doesnt make your problems melt away, and it wont make your life better. Only you can do that. Only the way you view your world, chose to make of it can change your outcome.

Jayla Gonzales: Exactly, the same rule applies also to magic: IT WONT SOLVE ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS. -_-

Sara Collier: Oh, yeah, that too. If you go into anything in life thinking If I only had ____, Id be happy It wont happen. Not losing weight, winning the lotto, getting married, or anything else. Life is only affected by attitude.

Quinn Morales: Sorry, thats not how it works. Were all humans.

Emilio Hart: i think so.. but what is the difference of vampire ang human?

Paul Perry: Well, vampires need to take blood and/or energy from others in order to maintain their health. Without it, they get sick – depressed immune system, depression, pain, and a host of other issues.There are a bunch of different types of vampires under t…See more

Micah Ross: Well, Patrick, Thats like asking what the difference between a mosquito and mayfly is… the answer is simple: one drinks and survives on blood and the other doesnt. they are both insects, they are both basically structurally the same, but one survives one way and one survives a different way.

Jayla Gonzales: I was about to say, the differences are very subtle, and at the same time, not always pleasant, or accepted by others. So, bear that in mind with your intent behind your question.

Paul Perry: For the most part, any positive aspects to vampirism are things that non-vampires are capable of learning anyhow, if they apply themselves. Its not really a path to anything special.

Sara Collier: We have a biological need to feed on something extra in life, energy, emotion, blood, all of the above. Thats it. Thats all. And just like any dietary difficiency, we have varying negative results if we dont feed.

Micah Ross: Indeed, Shirley, If i dont feed i get headaches, upset stomache, muscle cramps and restlessness

Maggie Castillo: We ARE human. So not much. What sets us apart from other folk is that we have a need to feed. If not met, our health suffers.

Emilio Hart: like a carnivore and hervivore

Sara Collier: Exactly. 🙂 Just like a cat technically can survive on vegetables alone, their health would greatly suffer if they did.

Paul Perry: Not quite so extreme. More like reverse food intolerance. *laughs*

Emilio Hart: i get it

Sara Collier: Ok, thats a better phrasing^

Maggie Castillo: Humans are omnivores, so vampires are too. And just like other folks, some of us are vegetarians, vegans, or meat-lovers.

Jayla Gonzales: Vampirism, for me at least, has always been a representation of what could be termed the darker aspects of human behavior/the human psyche, Magic, and Spirituality. As being the more Adversarial, Carnal, and Predatorial aspects of…

Paul Perry: I wont tell you that there isnt a spark of something involved in being a vampire. But I will tell you that you can find a spark elsewhere, and this way – well, this way just isnt worth it.

Jayla Gonzales: Really, I wouldnt want to be cursed. I think that that would defeat the whole purpose, as well as be a negation of anything remotely positive of the original intention behind quote: Wanting to be turned.

Maggie Castillo: If you wanna learn magic, you dont have to become a vampire for it. Visit your local occult shop, find a good book about magic, talk to a sorcerer, learn. And just like any other endeavor in life, it requires hard-work, practice, and dedication. Research and practice endlessly. And I dont have to say its not like the movies either. 😉

Jayla Gonzales: Though (speaking from my experiences, and not speaking for the greater community, or representing the community as a whole), the closest thing to being turned, I think, would be either an Initiation, or Sireing. Though, they are essentially both one in the sameBut, even then, it would take lots of personal research, note-taking, studying, of MANY different subjects, and applied personal exercises that would be gradually become more incorporated into your day-to-day schedule and life. Bearing in mind all of the time that ANYTHING can happen, or go wrong.So, really, it is not for everyone. And I mean that when I say that, because, Ive been through it the harder way.

Charley Wilson: Dont forget sympathetic vampirism. When an individual is fed on too much by a vampire, that individual may begin experiencing the Hunger. Its only temporary, though.

Jayla Gonzales: Exactly. And not only that, but, when one does finally decide to act, theres MANY factors to consider:1) Intent (Is it worth it? Why and Whom, to what ends, am I doing it/this for?)…See more

Aliyah Brewer: I practice witchcraft and I identify as vampire. The two labels are not as common together as you may think. Many witchcraft and pagan communities do not really appreciate vampires hanging around. Though a fully aware and awakened vampire is very useful to have around while practicing magic. 🙂 I can feed of energy, I am not fussy if it is a curse or healing spell. All can be food. I have been attacked by a witches circle in the past and my feeding ability consumed all that they could throw at me and I could cast curses that ate any shields or protection. The realm of energy is much more substantial and distinct to me than most witches. I live in a part of the world where witches and wiccans are plentiful and this area is full of Druids, shamans and magicians…..all of which, are weary of the vampire. It is true that an unawakened vampire can do a lot of harm and there are those that are awakened out there enjoy stirring shit. We do it merely by our hungry presence alone sometimes..Vampires have something inside that marks them as different. Some humans can sense this and a practicing witch is more likely to see it. A witch vampire trumps a mere witch any day. IMO…lol. But then I havent pissed off many witches lately, a so-called shaman or two, yeah….but they were seriously fluffy. :)Witchcraft is what I practice, vampirism is what I was born with and seems to be part of the larger package.


Aliyah Brewer: I have seen them…Witchcraft is not this. I see satan as a boogeyman for christians. Latin based binding and summoning is not my kind of witchcraft…and I do not know many where it is. …See more

Emilio Hart: i want to be your desciple

Emilio Hart: i am a student of a shaman in the philippines .. and i want to learn more from you

Aliyah Brewer: I dont take students. I just answer questions from friends. Thank you for asking interesting questions, if I have an answer I will always try and give it. 🙂

Emilio Hart: well thanks..i wish i could see you in person

MIDDLE NAMES FOR GIRLS THAT SUIT JUST ABOUT ANY STYLE Fernandez: *click**click**click*……thanks, Aliyah Brewer:. I suddenly understand why someones curse didnt work on me. 😉

Sara Collier: And Patrick, while I am a witch, anyone with a rudimentary education in Latin knows those words… just saying that perhaps it is not a great reason to offer yourself up as a disciple.

Jayla Gonzales: …..Eh, still…..even then….witches…..and vamps…..alike… the end of the day…..PALE… comparison….TO WIZARDS….

Aliyah Brewer: I have met an old wizard….Lol..he is a smart old bird and seriously not food. If I am that smart and powerful at 86 then I will be happy. But in the meantime, I show respect to my elders. 😉

Ryder Matthews: I know all kinds of magic but mostly vampyre spells; I believe natural witches are vampyres too

Kaia Williams: Im a natural witch but am definitely NOT vampire/vampyre. I was however, born a natural donor and called to be a Swan.

Miranda Hanson: Im a practicing witch and while my speciality lies with Geomancy, I am well-versed in other schools of magical thought. However, what relationship this has with being a vampire is, at least in so far as I could tell, non-existent.