hey im new thanksfor the add. heres a question are you guys okay with …

hey im new thanksfor the add. heres a question are you guys okay with me being a Lycan/vampire Hybrid? i know im only half but im not adopted by many purebreds of either side. ya know

Ariyah Lawson: No underworld vampires here, sorry, so no purebreds either. 🙂 but we do have blood drinkers and energy feeders, and yes, hybrids—vampires that need both blood and energy. 🙂

Kimberly Mckinney: works for me as a hybrid i still need the blood and energy

Felicity Woods: were and vamp were originally the same

Felicity Woods: sorry I cant

Sage Arnold: Read Bram Stokers DRACULA. The count was said to transform into a wolf and a bat. Or read about the Varcolac. Shapeshifting vampires were not considered to be hybrids of two species but one specific breed of vampire.

Eliana Lindsey: Bram Stokers Dracula is a work of fiction which really shouldnt be used as a factual reference. Unless the OP can legitimately shapeshift, neither of those books are relevant

Eliana Lindsey: In which case, they still would be considered a vampirekin/vampire hybrid or werecreature/vampire hybrid. One is a spiritual identity whereas the other is a physical need.

Eliana Lindsey: Correction (thanks) Wouldnt**** still wouldnt be considered hybrid.

Cody Reyes: Read the group rules, guys – the back and forth debating isnt permitted here. Express your opinion – dont contradict someone else, or explain why they are wrong. Thanks.

Cody Reyes: I dont even know what this means. If someone needs to take blood/energy from others to maintain their health, they are a vampire. If they feel that they are a non-human animal in spirit/mind, then they are a therianthrope. If both are true, then they are both, not a hybrid of the two. They arent half vampire, half therian. Theyre still all vampire, and all therian. Its not like these things represent two different species. Theyre just two things people can be. Like having both redhair and blue eyes.

Kimberly Mckinney: i know someone who is blue eyed and a redhair. so yeah either way hybrids work in the weird way and yeah.

Cody Reyes: Well, I was pointing out that you dont call someone who has redhair and blue eyes a hybrid. A hybrid is a cross between two different species. Therians and vampires are not species, nor subspecies. Our species is human; were all human. Just different variations of human.

Kimberly Mckinney: okay. im just trying to be a different Horse thats all

Felicity Woods: not certain whether to answer an accusation under the post its written under or not, so when in doubt, I will add a new comment. I dont have to prove anything to anyone as to who or what I am. Your choice whether to believe what I say about myself and/or what I know and experienced as a vampyre. There are people in here whom Ive known since the other times Ive been active in the OVC, whom I know to be real vamps, just as they know me to be a real vamp. I used to get quite agitated (understatement) when called a role player. Now, I just cackle… the people (vamps) who know me, also are aware to a certain extent about the oaths Ive taken and they respect that I wont knowingly even bend that nor break them, just as I will not out anyone other than myself to the public and normally not privately either. So just because you disagree, doesnt make me a roleplaying fake…and Ive also learned that some who do roleplay, are also the real thing… they just like to play… and occasionally, its how they find the newly or soon to be awakened ones. thats just not my thing. Thanks, Cody Reyes: for allowing me the opportunity to respond. its greatly appreciated.

Felicity Woods: also, if the label of roleplayer was directed towards that other person commenting and not myself, i highly recommend that to make an assumption based conclusion is not helpful to anyone, and that person has nothing to prove either…time will show who is real and who is fake, and with time will hopefully come education and further awareness. being vamp is separate from awareness. the first is a circunstance of birth usually but the second is a process.

Felicity Woods: and everyone, vamp or not, go through or given opportunity to increase their awareness of themselves and others

Felicity Woods: but remember it takes time to unlearn the fiction and yet be able to see the truths within both fiction and fact. i started my awakening in 97 or 98, i believe, and I am STILL unlearning things and becoming aware of other things.

Felicity Woods: it doesnt fit…and never has. no matter what others may think or say, I am vampyre and I am Were.and i dont roleplay

Felicity Woods: I care…and not just about myself, but also. for those coming here and elsewhere who get flamed just because they, like I did, use terms that were either taken over and meanings changed by those who truly were or are strictly roleplayers, because thats all that could be found at the time I first came into the OVC. all should, imho, be treated with respect unless theyre disrespectful.

Felicity Woods: i believe thats part of the rules Cody Reyes:? to treat all with respect?

Cody Reyes: It likely was, and I think Im removing that individual, as they appear to be more rude than helpful, which is contrary to the goal of this website. The lack of apology and continued contentiousness points to that. We have no lack of vampires here who are willing to answer questions – we dont need to keep in people who will be contentious.

Karen Johnson: Who am I to judge?

Paul Griffith: I dont judge i just dont understand how you are therian and vampiric…you dont make your own energy and you can shift your core? What happens when you astral project?

Cody Reyes: There are quite a number of therian vamps in the community. I dont see what it would have to do with astral projection – not sure I understand your question. You may be making some assumptions that dont match many peoples experiences.

Paul Griffith: Or donna, it just doesnt make sense to me.

Cody Reyes: But, we dont understand why it wouldnt – in order to think it wouldnt, you must be assuming some conflict between them that isnt there.

Paul Griffith: The group is called ask a vampire…im a vampire asking a therian how they are a vampire….you dont see my question or i now need a reason behind my confusion…..?

Cody Reyes: Essentially, yes – theres literally no reason why someone cannot be both, and I cant even imagine one. Obviously, there are people who are both – quite a few of them. Like I said, you have to be making some incorrect assumption either about therianthropy or vampirism to see a conflict there. Its like someone being confused about why a person has both brownhair and blue eyes. Theres no reason they shouldnt have both – no apparent conflict at all. So, unless you were to respond in some way that indicates what kind of conflict you think there is, well remain clueless as to why youre confused.Ill guess that the source of this is that there are many different types of vampires, and vampirism thus has many different causes and characteristics. Vampires can be substantially different from one another. Perhaps someone who is an otherkin-type vampire might see a conflict? But, then, there are plenty of people with multiple kin-types, too, so that doesnt seem like an explanation, either…In any case, Im sure folks on one of the many vamp groups could sort out your confusion quickly. Most of the OVC is welcoming of therians and those who are both, and so theyre likely to have the answer to your question (whatever that might be).

Paul Griffith: Why cant you satiate your energetic needs of you can shift?

Kimberly Mckinney: I make my own engery when I need to. I just dont shift hardly so why would anyone want to waste engery.

Paul Griffith: If you can make your own energy why consider yourself Vampiric or take from another?

Kimberly Mckinney: Im just keeping my mouth shut because Im not going to disagree if it comes to that point. Im not saying it is tho.

Paul Griffith: Couldnt you just be Therianthropic non personal energy hungerer?

Paul Griffith: Are therians naturally energy deficient….i just dont understand how your vampiric essence coexits with a wolf. When I Astral project i see my desires, my hunger, and my core….im not always a monster but, their is a darkness that is rooted within me. Their is more to vampirism than being energy deficient.

Cody Reyes: The two things dont have anything to do with each other. Like having red hair, and blue eyes – its fine to have both, one, or neither… theyre pretty much unrelated.Not all types of vampirism are the same, Leru. Please re-read the group rules as well. This is not a venue for vampires to question other vampires about their experiences.

Paul Griffith: The group is called ask a vampire…isnt it?

Cody Reyes: Yes. As it says in the rules, it is for non-vampires to ask questions of vampires and donors. There are many, (many many) groups for vampires to ask questions of each other, and discuss community issues. For the most part, non-vampires are not much welcomed there, and their questions even less so. So, this website was created as a safe place to ask whatever dumb questions theyre curious about, without being ridiculed or driven off.

Paul Griffith: I feel Like im being ridiculed for not understanding, despite being vampiric myself. Forget if…i will pretend i dont care.