Pls answer my question.. How do i know if the person is a vampire??

Pls answer my question.. How do i know if the person is a vampire??

Danna Holland: Its always a good start to ask. They may be lying, though, regardless of their answer. If you actually see them drinking blood, the odds are much higher that they are a vampire.

Lucille Salazar: Ahh..ok..thanks..but is there some signs that you see if they are truly a vampire??

Danna Holland: No. *Unless youre psychically sensitive.

Lucille Salazar: Umm ok

Lucille Salazar: Thank for answering my question

Eloise Huff: For those of us who can sense energy, we just know. Its hard to tell if a person is telling the truth about what they are.

Lucille Salazar: I think i can sense a energy..beause sometimes i feel like i can tell that they hiding some secrets…and sometimes i can tell what they are feeling…i dont know…but thanks anyway for answering

Zariah Francis: See in the mirror or open your camera and check ur nearby peoples in camera

Danna Holland: Please review group rules. Vampires and donors are permitted to answer questions. No one else should. This group does not deal with fiction.

Zariah Francis: Okk

Zariah Francis: But its true bcaz i m not sure but i saw a real vampire

Lucille Salazar: How?

Zariah Francis: I m not sure but i see in mall cctv and i found that a person going in straight inside of mirror

Zariah Francis: And i found that the person not reflecting in mirror

Lucille Salazar: Oh ok…is he/she like us??

Zariah Francis: Yes but small different

Lucille Salazar: Oh…how does they look??

Zariah Francis: Skin is advance fair like milk and he wear black coat and pant also old fashion shoes

Zariah Francis: And be walk like normal

Lucille Salazar: Ok…what time did u see him??daylight??

Zariah Francis: Evening time when i buy a pendent watch

Lucille Salazar: Ohh…ok…thanks for answering…

Zariah Francis: Hmm its my pleasure to answering you

Danna Holland: Likely a matter of odd angles. Go back to the exact spot and see how many other people arent visible in reflection, either. Real vampires have normal reflections.Or maybe youre seeing a ghost. ^_^

Zariah Francis: Thats why i m saying i m not sure

Zariah Francis: How you saying that vampire have normal reflection . It means that u know vampires very well

Danna Holland: Yeah. I do. lol.

Zariah Francis: So have u see a vampire

Zariah Francis: Ohh srry i forgot

Zariah Francis: If we want to become vampires so what steps we follow

Danna Holland: Learn everything about them first, because chances are, youll change your mind. Theres nothing youd gain that you couldnt have as a non-vampire, and a lot to lose.I havent heard of many people who legitimately made that choice without regrettin…See more

Zariah Francis: Bcaz i have nothing to lose

Zariah Francis: Bcaz i m already lose my family friends etc

Zariah Francis: And i want to become a vampire and i doing all things u say but please say that how i become a vampire

Zariah Francis: In this time i m very alone person

Danna Holland: Some types can turn others, and some cant. Most wont. *shrugs.*Mostly because the majority of people want to be glamorous movie vampires, live forever, find true love, and be superheroes, or something. And this is none of that at all. None of it. It wont gain you any of the things youre missing, see? There are better ways to make friends and gain ties to others.

Zariah Francis: But i m not happy in my mortality

Zariah Francis: i insist you pleasse

Kiara Mccarthy: We look just like you.. a good way to find out is to politely ask..

Ivan Willis: While we may have some quirks and peculiarities they arent really anything you can reliably identify us with. For example many of us are sun sensitive and so avoid the sun and tend to be pale. But there are also normal humans with sun sensitivity and also…goths? Who all also would avoid the sun for their own reasons. There are no physical identifiers that are not within the average human spectrum. However if you can sense energy then vampires have a very distinct feel.