Question: so is it possible for humans to feel that a vampire is prese…

Question: so is it possible for humans to feel that a vampire is present? Im vampire myself (half) and the last concert I went to I felt many vampires were present. More then I can count. And in August Im going to a different concert with the same singer. And Im worried that many more people are going to try to see that Im Vampire just like the last concert. What can I do for the Anxiety side of it.?

Donna Michele Fernstrom: A real vampire is typically defined as someone who needs to take blood and/or energy from others to maintain their health. There are many different things which can cause this, so a variety of different types of vampires. I cannot think how one could be half… seems like being half pregnant. :)Psychic sensitives can sometimes sense vampires. Vampires can very often sense each other. Psi sensitives make up about 10% of the population (roughly), but only a percentage of them can sense vampires. (And sometimes vampires mistake psi folks for other vampires, too, lol). Concerts are popular feeding grounds for some psy-vamps.If you really want to disguise yourself, try a type of psychic shielding called camouflage shielding. This is a shield that picks up and imitates the ambient psychic patterns on its surface, so it makes the person using it much more difficult to notice at all, much less read.

Lisa Mccarter: Well the reason what Im half Vampire is because Im also mix with a Lycan. And so basically Im like hiding but not hiding at the same time. Just making it harder to be detected.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Im a therian myself. Whats a lycan? Ive known vampires who are also otherkin or therian. But they were all vampire and all otherkin, not only half of each. Like having both brown eyes and blackhair.Yes, the shield will make you blend into the background, and disguise your energy signature behind it.

Lisa Mccarter: Cool and a Lycan is a newer breed of werewolf

Donna Michele Fernstrom: What sets them apart from therians?

Lisa Mccarter: Lycans are like normal werewolves but they are able to shift in and out of human form. Also they tend to be much smarter then a normal werewolf. They are more atlethic compare to most. Lycan are also able to adapt to different environments easy. And can go almost completely undetected in human form.

Aswani Ashok: Its not possible

Lisa Mccarter: I know some of it is.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: I have to admit, I do not believe in physical shapeshifting – theres no evidence, scientific or metaphysical, in favor of its existence. If youre making that claim, I may need to decide how were going to handle that sort of thing here.Its possib…See more

Aswani Ashok: Its a type of psychic disorder

Donna Michele Fernstrom: What is, Aswani?

Aswani Ashok: I think he is a mentally disordered person

Petro Myzon: I entirely agree with what you said up there Donna Michele Fernstrom, and Ill just save my unproductive, (but really funny) witty comment for another time.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Not necessarily, Aswani. If a person believes they are physically turning into an animal, but are actually not, thats a disorder. Likewise, if they are a chronic liar, that is a disorder. But simply being mislead, having odd beliefs, or trolling — not actually a disorder. And those who have been mislead should be treated kindly.

Rei Tadashi Fermil: I really admire your patience Donna. For how to be dealt with,1st offense warning, then reprimand, then ban. Or warning then ban if repeated.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: The real problem, Rei, is where should the line be drawn? I mean, claims of extreme longevity or physical shapeshifting are pretty obvious, but what about slightly more ambiguous claims?

Rei Tadashi Fermil: Ask maybe. Discuss. How they came to believe it, where they learned it, personal experiences, etc. intentions or particular needs would be revealed in the long run. If misinformed, looking for help, or trolling. Either way, they can be used as fodder for information dissemination, which would be beneficial for those who may need it but dont have the courage to ask.

Lisa Mccarter: So much for answering my questions in the post.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Lisa – to be fair, they were answered… but the groups intended for questions from non-vampires, if you check the group guidelines. The issue did come up, though. Why do you believe you are a physical shapeshifter?

Lisa Mccarter: I know but my brain doesnt work like that when it comes to tons of info. I believe what I believe.

Aswani Ashok:

Petro Myzon: Lisa Mccarter But what is it that you believe exactly? You werent very clear and were interested.

Lisa Mccarter: Petro Myzon I believe that there are Lycans and Vampires out there. I can sense both breeds well among many people. Including Celebrities. I have argued with people over my belief that Lycan and Vampires are real and the other person will say no they a…See more

Petro Myzon: So, you believe that there are Lycans and Vampires. And that you are both, or a hybrid. (This is all very reminiscent of a 2003 fiction film, but Ill assume for the moment youre serious and honest.) Then, we cant really talk unless youve explained to us exactly what t a lycan and a vampire are for you.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: What is it about you that makes you believe you are a Lycan? Or half a Lycan? Or a vampire? If Lycans are able to physically shapeshift, can you physically shapeshift? Have you ever seen anyone do so?

Lisa Mccarter: I been believing this stuff since I was a kid. So I dont remember all the reasons why I believe this. I havent yet since another hybrid or Lycan shapeshift to their creature form. I encounter thousands of Vampires and Lycan as well as regular people almost everywhere I go. Like Concerts. I like the fact Im smart and in shape and much more. My behavior is also has some Of the Hybrid behavior.

Petro Myzon: Lisa Mccarter you still did not answer my question, what are, exactly, vampires and lycans?

Lisa Mccarter: Why are u asking me this?

Petro Myzon: Because youve come to ask us a question. But it would seem that we are not talking about the same things. And to understand you, we need to understand what you mean when you use those terms.

Lisa Mccarter: Ugh. This is making me very frustrated.

Lisa Mccarter: We all should know what a vampire is. Im half of the most normal type vampire you can get. A blood drinker. A vampire needs blood to maintain survival like its energy, health and its mental health also emotions. A Lycan a newer breed of werewolf. It …See more

Donna Michele Fernstrom: So you ARE claiming that you can physically change your shape? You seem to be implying that vampire is a species, as though you can be half vampire, but either you need blood, or you dont need blood – its a yes/no thing. As for the shapeshifter a…See more

Lisa Mccarter: I said if I shapeshift I havent yet or remember shape shifing before. Idc how u put if. All I wanted was advice on how I can go almost undetected in a concert till I get near the singer. I want the singer know Im there hes full vampire.

Lisa Mccarter: Im like super frustrated by this Im trying not to stress about it. And yeah

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Thanks for your answer, you have clarified things. But why would you be worried about other vampires sensing you? Ive rarely heard of any real vampire caring about others, other than curiosity and camaraderie – not so much with any instant rivalry or anything.

Lisa Mccarter: Not just vampires other humans to that can sense vampires! I dont mind a few here and there. But once to many get to me asking questions like at the Hollywood Vampires concert I was at. I kinda shut down I feel trapped kinda. Idk how to answer this one where u can understand clearly.

Petro Myzon: Ok, thats entirely beyond me. I have nothing to productive to say about this, Im out.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Ah, I see. I guess the best I can suggest is the camo shielding, plus dont dress up like a Hollywood vamp. You can also just lie if anyone asks you about it. lol

Donna Michele Fernstrom: In reality, though, if the band has a rep for being a vamp band, then no one is even going to care that you are one. Really.

Lisa Mccarter: Yeah but not the whole band is vampire the only full vampire i meet is Alice Cooper. And since Im only going to see an Alice Cooper concert most people should not care. But The Hollywood Vampires concert lots of people are curious!

Lisa Mccarter: And how would I do the camo shield thing? I never really done it before.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: …Im like 90% sure Alice Cooper isnt a vampire. Hes settled down to a pretty suburban lifestyle, and, well, he never felt like one to me.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Have you done any psychic training at all?

Lisa Mccarter: Donna Michele Fernstrom have u meet Alice before? And no I have not done any psychic training at all!

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Not in person, but Im actually pretty good at sussing such things out. If you are starting from scratch, its going to take you some work to create a proper camo shield. But if youre trying to block psychic senses, the only way to do that is to use psychic skills to accomplish it. You may find this useful:
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Lisa Mccarter: OoooooO.

Brian Sandman: Donna Michele Fernstrom –that is the fundamental problem ? if the person is doing it with a specific Intent & Knowledge of the consequences of their actions? As compared with another who is doing it innocently without malice aforethought ?