I have a question Can vampires be empath?

I have a question Can vampires be empath?

Sarai Vasquez: Yes. Anyone can be born empathic.

Teagan Lambert: I had found out that I am a empath

Rylie Ellis: Yes. And non-vampires can also be empathic. 🙂

Eve Obrien: Its actually very, very common for vampires to be empathic.

Lila Harrison: how can you know if you are empathic vampire or just an empath?

Eve Obrien: Vampires need to feed to stay healthy. Non-vampire empaths do not.

Sarai Vasquez: Well you can be an empath and a vampire, however, they are not exclusive. Being a vampire is a real need to feed. They do not have really anything to do with one another.

Lila Harrison: how does an empath know they need to feed, I ask this for a friend, I am a vampire, because I drained my partners after sex or making out, and in their dreams, etc

Sarai Vasquez: Well empaths do not need to feed. Also draining someone does not always make you a vampire. As anyone can learn to drain, and some even do it without knowing. It is all about the need. A need that if not met one gets sick, and breaks down in the physical realm.

Eve Obrien: ^–This. One of the best ways to test it, is to refrain from taking energy from others for a month or so, and keep shields up. If you become unwell, try taking energy and see if it is alleviated.Its possible for some people to become addicted to t…See more

Lila Harrison: i noticed I work better after feeding, life is better, also psy powers are enhanced, i dont need you to tell me who I am,

Eve Obrien: Psi abilities would be enhanced for anyone after pulling in more energy. Or working to generate more energy. Its important for young folks to understand, so they can figure out whats really going on with them, if theyre uncertain.

Lila Harrison: I know

Eve Obrien: Yes. In my experience, psychic empathy is actually a very common ability among vampires.

Lila Harrison: yeah, I am emphatic as well after stablishing a connection, I dont think anyone has the authority to call any one a vampire or not, my friend ask me if she is a vampire, I cant tell her yes or not, that is her self discovery,roleplayers think that they know more than everybody, Ive learned role players are the worst to deal with, since they cant get out of character and believe their own delusions. I block em when I find em.I found out about vampirism through the study and practice of the occult, being something dark and unknown, thats why I find hard to believe that there are self identified christian vampires. I didnt want to be this, I am I anyways, I dont like to go around and tell people like its something cool unless I am in a proper circle. and even there some have missguided idea of vampirism , thanks to roleplayers, it is really annoying. thank you Eve Obrien: for your imput, but vampirism isnt not common among emphats, is it?

Eve Obrien: Empathy seems to be one of the more common psychic abilities, and vampirism in general is rare. So, no – its not common among empaths, really. Although most vampires have some psychic ability.

Sarai Vasquez: Reading comp is not your thing. I never said you werent one silly. I said folks can drain someone, that does not mean they are a vampire. Even those in magick can drain people around them to power their rituals, but it does not make them a vampire. Also vampirism is not dark and unknown, it is pretty easy to find real information on it nowadays. Not sure why christain vamps would not exist. Vampirism is not a religion and is not a choice anymore than being attracted to the same sex is. And there are plenty of same sex loving christains.

Lila Harrison: SEE? BLOCKED

Sarai Vasquez: Lmao.

Eve Obrien: Keep it civil guys – remember the rules. Arguing back and forth is not okay here.

Alivia Love: Im an empath and also vamp. Im a hybrid

Alivia Love: Empaths have jobs to do …I basically take negative energy away from, well, anyone and help calm and sooth. Most empaths find themselves in some sort of healing job. Massage therapist, nurses, psychologists and so on. Just have to make sure you rid yourself from the negative energy every day and cleanse your crystals

Teagan Lambert: I have been feeling alot of energy and I dont go out as much as I used too

Owen Wise: Absolutely

Zayden Estrada: Yes