Guys can i ask something. Is it possible to have a hernia from not fee…

Guys can i ask something. Is it possible to have a hernia from not feeding on any type of blood for years

Axel Cross: Huh, I suppose technically, but many many things can cause hernias

Aylin Houston: I havent done anything strenuous to cause it is the problem

Axel Cross: Hernias arent always caused by strenuous activity, theyre just more likely to occur during strenuous activity. Its when the fibers of the muscles come apart at a weak point and an organ pushes through the hole… It can be caused by activity, age,…See more

Aylin Houston: Yea they said it wasnt serious but its a hiatal hernia that is likely to kill

Axel Cross: That blows 🙁

Aylin Houston: Dont come to kansas its worse than communism

Axel Cross: Mew?

Aylin Houston: I live in kansas they will try everything in their power to suck you dry of money

Axel Cross: Ah roger, yeah, CO isnt any better

Rafael Green: Yeah, while its not quite that bad here in Nebraska, we still have a pro-privatisation governor, Pete Ricketts and hes fucking things up quite nicely for those of us here who arent filthy frickin rich!

Liana Pierce: A hiatal hernia isnt likely to kill anyone unless its incredibly severe. Even then, its hard to see how.For those unfamiliar, a hiatal hernia is when the opening for the esophagus through the diaphragm has become too large, allowing the top part …See more

Mckenna Powell: Any kind of sickness can happen because of a lack in feeding My pancreas was damaged I believe and Michelle Balenger had heart problems ect…

Aylin Houston: Thank you do you mind if I add you?

Mckenna Powell: sure thing

Ezekiel Brady: no, a hernia is basically where a piece of your insides has caused a small rip or hole in the muscle that is supposed to be holding it in place and squeezes thru. It doesnt matter if you eat a balanced diet or not. Of course thats just a simplified versio. Sometimes playing a hard sport can cause them or an accident of some kind or you can just be born with a weakness in that one area. A doctor needs to evaluate it and give you what options you have.

Aylin Houston: Ezekiel Brady: I got my question answered by someone else. And if you had read the comments before yours

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Ezekiel Brady: if you didnt like my answer my dear, all you have to do is ignore it. I dont mind

Liana Pierce: The type of hernia you have is unlikely to be caused by any sort of weakness or illness, and it is more likely you have a genetic predisposition to it. So, its very unlikely that vampirism has any bearing on it.

Liana Pierce: Note: I have a hiatal hernia. My grandfather had one as well. So I am personally familiar with this medical condition.

Ezekiel Brady: Im sorry but it wasnt my question, but I answered it with medical knowledge which I was told was not wanted. And you are so right that being a vampire would have nothing to do with it

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Axel Cross: And please note that while I said technically its possible, I did also say that it was by far NOT a likely answer