Heres another question. Not sure if this vampersim or not. Lets two fr…

Heres another question. Not sure if this vampersim or not. Lets two friends go to a party or are just just hanging around together. One of them drinks and gets drunk. The other dose not. But the other starts to feel a buzz because they are with said person. Would said non drunk person be a pysc or not?

Amari Mcbride: No, its not vampirism. It is a psychic ability. Nervous system sensing ability, which is sometimes lumped in with psychic empathy. Its also fun, because there is no hangover. 😉

Liam Hernandez: Not necessarily. Empaths are not necessarily vampires. They can be, but dont have to be.

Beau Hubbard: What dose being an empath inlist?

Amari Mcbride: Most of these terms are very imprecise, and explanations will vary between different schools of thought. Specifically, psychic empathy is the ability to directly sense other peoples emotions – not simply to mirror and experience them because you can …See more

Beau Hubbard: Donna is is possible to be phyic and an empath?

Amari Mcbride: Beau Hubbard: Im sorry, I didnt understand that question?

Beau Hubbard: Donna sorry. That was alittle rushed comming out. Eager to learn. Is it possible to a phsyc vamp and an empathic?

Amari Mcbride: Psy-vamps can have any psi ability, and empathy is a common one. Born psi folks typically have a spectrum of psi abilities (not just one), and most psy-vamps are born-psi. In fact, some types of psychic vampires are specific types of born-psis.

Liam Hernandez: An Empath can sense others emotions and feelings through their own physical and emotional sensations.

Beau Hubbard: I know its not like this but so i understand what your saying. So like what phoebe has in the show charmed?

Liam Hernandez: Similar concept. In real life, it might take a bit of getting into a relaxed or altered state. Some psychic vampires are empathic, but not all of us.

Amari Mcbride: Many people who have psychic empathy have little to no control over it, so they wind up mirroring the emotions of everyone around them, and can find it very overwhelming, especially in crowds. Its not an ability that has many fans among those who actually have it. lol

Liam Hernandez: Very good point.

Beau Hubbard: Would one be able to control it after learning?

Amari Mcbride: Yes, if a person really sticks with training in the long term, its possible to learn to control and manage empathy – not easy, but it can be done.

Beau Hubbard: I know you may not know that answer but how would one be able to learn? Are there people who would be able to help or is it something the person has to learn alone?

Amari Mcbride: Beau Hubbard: Well, I wrote a book on it, but there are plenty of online resources for learning psi development. is one Ive helped build over the years. Im sure others may have other suggestions.
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Amari Mcbride: To be clear, though, sensing a persons physical sensations, and sensing their emotions, actually are two separate abilities – and having one does not automatically mean the person has the other.

Jordan Fletcher: Some will say yes that it has to do with some sort of psychic abolity, but I wouldnt jump to that conclusion. A couple questions for you, Diamond… Were you eating or drinking anything during these parties? Are you particularly social outside of these events with the person or persons involved in the intoxication? The answer to this question can range from anywhere from a neurological issue, to reactive hypoglycemia, to even socially/psychologically being drunk because youre subconsciously mimicking the experiences of others around you, whether you want to or not (some would name this empathy) not necessarily a psychic phenomena.Look a bit into the topic of mirror-neurons. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Beau Hubbard: The person I am talking about is me and my best friend. But she is not the only one this happens to. I guess you could say I do do possibly mimic other people in situations thats not just while theyre drinking. Its kind of any emotion. I also have a very calming effect around people theyll seek me out for advice example if theyre upset I am easily able to calm them down. And I am a very social person. It is easy for me to talk to people.

Jordan Fletcher: Some people are better at picking up subtly in other beings. To someone who is anxious, a calm grounded individual feels safe. Especially one who understands how they feel. The topic of empathy has been made into a spiritual thing, but it doesnt hav…See more

Reagan Dean: I think a good example of unconscious psychic vampirism might be if you are down, and tired, meet up with your friend, and somehow, after awhile you feel great, but now your friend really wants a nap. Have I got it about right? I used to have a friend that did this to me, eventually I said hey youre leaching my energy!, and with effort on both our parts it Stoped happening spontaneously. She would sometimes ASK, and we would hold hands and cuddle, and shed feel better without me needing to sleep for 6 hours. I never thought of it as actual vampirism… go figure. ☺

Beau Hubbard: Thats how me and her are. Those she dosnt mind it when it happens.

Jordan Fletcher: Im not sure if that counts. Socializing tends to either energized or drain people in general. Doesnt mean their energy is literally being taken.

Amari Mcbride: Psy-vamps: The life and the death of the party. *grins*

Camila Manning: thats is an empath not a vamp

Reagan Dean: Ah OK. I didnt know empaths can draw others energy. I have empathic ability, but it is only experiencing feelings of people and animals, and sometimes physical sensations. I assumed this to be the limit of empathy. Thanks for the input.

Amari Mcbride: Empaths cannot necessarily draw others energy. Energy-drawing is a separate ability. Not all who do it are vampires, however. Vampires are defined by their NEED to draw energy.

Reagan Dean: Ah. Kinda like many people experience being euphoric and up, and then feel depressed, but are NOT bipolar…