Somebody contacted our admin and accused this group of trying to ruin …

Somebody contacted our admin and accused this website of trying to ruin businesss … this is not the aim of this website and fair honest reviews are welcome, if a restaurant gets an unfavorable review then they have the opportunity to up the anti and provide a better service and quality of food. The idea of a review is that it is a REVIEW based on a personal experience, what is the point of a review if it is ALWAYS a good one and the bad reviews hidden so that others fall foul of bad service etc. If a good service and good quality of food is presented then there is nothing to fear. I will not permit anyone to contact and abuse either of the admins, they will be removed and banned with no argument. There is another group that is all flowers and rainbows only giving good reviews or bad reviews if you have followed their strict stipulations on anything that is not to your taste, if that is what you want feel free to join the other group, I for one will lose no sleep.

Heaven Robertson: Well said x

Alice Kim: Well said if its crap food etc i will say unfortunately some of the business owners are so arrogant they think they wont ever go through problems seen it all over especially in my hometown arrogant owners people voted with there feet and places went but replaced very quickly if people cant accept critiscm in the hospitality industrymight as well chuck the towel in

Hope Gibson: Sometimes its just that a restaurant isnt to a personal taste – service and/or food ok or average rather than something to rave about, which wouldnt mean that you would feel the need to formally complain. Honest reviews are the way ahead. I doubt very much if a restaurant will go out of business on the basis of one poor review on this closed page, unless it is already pretty crap!

Kennedi Stevenson: I think keeping the group closed is the best way forward for a variety of reasons.

Alice Kim: I could go to town on some in pdc but wont as they seem to have fan clubs with no taste buds

Alice Kim: Also gives them advertising as soom people go bars really when people say their crap to see if true i did and that bar is one of our favs now

Kaia Malone: Did you remove them, please say you did 😉

Kennedi Stevenson: yes banned and blocked

Kaia Malone: Marvellous, your not here to be abused, 😀

Zoey Reed: I was a member of the other group, but removed myself as a review is a personal opinion, I wont be told what I can and cant write about a restaurant. Thanks for starting this website. 😀

Kaia Malone::


Kennedi Stevenson: my pleasure thank you for your support it means a lot and I welcome honest reviews that is what a review should be. I too will not be dictated too lol thats why I resigned !

Kaia Malone: The strange thing is almost all of the reviews on here are favourable

Kennedi Stevenson: he will have seen that in his 2 hours as a member

Kennedi Stevenson: actually I dont think we have had a bad one yet, so he had nothing to report back to the headmistress lol

Hope Gibson: No bad ones. My last one, I would count as I different tbh!

Isabella Fisher: Sounds like sour grapes from a certain other group/ person or close friends Shame on them 😐

Mckenna Castro: The truth will out.

Finley Wilson: Honesty is what I joined this Group for and honesty is what we get. Well done Admin and a big thank you to all the reviewers 👍

Kennedi Stevenson: Thank you I would like to thank everyone for their support and also a big thank you to Ellen Niezen-Spetter for helping me as admin.Looking forward to lots of new ideas for eating and fantastic reviews from our members.

Delaney Stokes: Great to be part of this fresh wind blowing in the world of Lanzarote restaurant reviews! (y) (y)

Norah Carlson: Yes me too joined here and left the other one 😃

Kennedi Stevenson: thank you for your support, I hope we can run a group that can give honest fair reviews.

Melody Lloyd: Theres a world of difference between food not being to somebodys taste and poor quality.

Kennedi Stevenson: exactly Melody Lloyd: and that is why you may not always say something in a restaurant like the Lasagna yesterday not having bechamel sauce, it did not make it poor quality worth speaking to the management and demanding a refund but it did deserve noting in a review. That is the idea of reviews.

Gavin Moss: I cannot agree with you more and this is the reason i joined this website To review in my understanding is to honestly express your impression, experience and opinion of an establishment And as you very well point out a constructive review is something business owners should appreciate, take on board and learn from Even so you can never please everyone – even 3 michelen star restaurants with impeccable product and service get bad reviews on major review sites what do they do? Bully and threaten their customers? No! more often than not, they put a polite response, an explanation and often an invitation to be given the opportunty to make it up to the disatisfied customer That is what being professional is If you cannot keep a cool head and deal with complaints politely, calmly and in a civilised manner you should not be in this business – being able to present a plate of food makes you a cook – not a restauranteurAnd no, i am not prepared to start a fight with the management of every place i have something to comment on, just so i can be entitled to write about it on a certain page This is not how it worksKeep up the good work and not let anyone intimidate you, we are right behind you and those who cannot take the heat better up their game and learn to take the good with the bad or turn their stoves off!

Kennedi Stevenson: wow, thank you so much so well put and your support means a lot to me. So many lovely people in this website I am very happy I made a stand for my principals and stood up to the bullies. Thank you so much Evangelia for your lovely words x

Delaney Stokes::

Alice Kim: Brilliantly put wish i could put it so eloquently 😃 but totally agree i have eaten in 3 star places part of my job at time but tbh never impressed but had a meal in a place in pas de calais which will go down as the best food i have ever ever eaten for…See more

Kennedi Stevenson: Not allowing restaurants to promote what they have and specials in my view is not exactly helping restaurants show us what they have and encouraging good business so I think by us allowing them to show us what they have is not going to destroy any businesss is it

Alice Kim: What you get and not knocking you is places who dont use fb etc feel they are getting bad deal but if they did and it aint difficult they would how many places in pdc dont bother or set up a acct and never use its ok word of mouth but as i found out pr…See more

Kennedi Stevenson: then they have to start using all medias for promoting business things are changing businesss can no longer sit back and expect people to come. I think we are so lucky now that communication is so good. I for one this week have found about 4 new restaurants here I want to try that I did not know about before. I am really liking the activity on this page and I hope it carries on.