Gonna have a bit of a rant I put a review on Puerto Bahias fb page OK …

Gonna have a bit of a rant I put a review on Puerto Bahias fb page OK not good and as I have been eating there since the 90s said how it was in fact gone really awful But the worst bit Is the reply presume from manager or a staff member in Spanish called me a f#####g liar Now we decided that we may have given the place another go for the view mostly when over in s few weeksv but I will never set foot in there again if thats the attitude

Rachel Gray: Agree, so rude that reply…Funny thing I saw on the page that they put a a thumbs up to the following post: Rude staff, felt they were looking down on us for only having soft drinks (we were driving) and ice cream – beautiful location but shant go again.😂😂😂

Charlie Grant: Weve not been for a few years as we also felt it had gone down hill, and not cheap either. Shame as its such a nice location

Hadley Norton: It is when I first went loved it the gazpacho was amazing and the croquettes as well and the view kept going back but dont eat in any of the places on the headland(ocean burger even worse) they have been relying on the view to get people in if it was on the strip it would have shut a few years ago

Charlie Grant: Hadley Norton: do you like Bozenas and Kristians in the old town?

Hadley Norton: Charlie Grant: we do but we have four kids under 10 so we feel its not for them we love la bamba la chalana bar playa el golfo and our favourite Marios as they look after kids brilliantly and I know the staff well

King Barrett: Hadley Norton: its a shame but these people dont seem to realise, its probably less trouble for them to correct the issues, than to have customers complain and not return. Most of these problems are an easy fix…

Charlie Grant: Hadley Norton: great thanks were heading over with the grandsons next week so Ill bear those in mind!!

Hadley Norton: King Barrett: agree you should see the new post of them

Hadley Norton: Charlie Grant: Marios is great for kids they will do a half of any pizza for kids or not big esters its great for lunch oh I see we have a mutual friend irene

Charlie Grant: Hadley Norton: think she knows everyone!

King Barrett: Hadley Norton: just looked and left a message. Never been there and now, not likely to.

King Barrett: Charlie Grant:, I recognise the name, Las Calas?

Charlie Grant: King Barrett: yes!

Hadley Norton: King Barrett: we will not even walk past it now because if they tried to get us in I would struggle to keep. My mouth shut

King Barrett: Charlie Grant: thought so 😁

Charlie Grant: King Barrett: we should have badges or something!

Hadley Norton: Thats where I met Irene in Las calas think I became unforgettable that holiday lol

King Barrett: Hadley Norton: Im a bit like that. I do like to compliment them when we have a nice meal and people are friendly etc, I think its only right you should let them know how much you enjoyed it but similarly, when its not so good, I do tend to say, in a nice way, that my wife or me or both were disappointed

King Barrett: Hadley Norton: its our favourite holiday destination. We have 3 floating timeshare weeks

Hadley Norton: King Barrett: we have little ones so I have to watch it but my Mrs would be worse than me lol

King Barrett: Charlie Grant: great idea, you should put that idea forward 😃

Hadley Norton: King Barrett: I went with my ex my parents have weeks in Tenerife but swapped it for there I loved it boozy bingo got me legless my ex left me in bar i just enjoyed myself socialised with everyone keep popping in to see Karen at bar but shes always away when I am there we bought our own place now

King Barrett: Hadley Norton: we had 2 weeks at Palm Beach Tenerife. We got rid of them and bought 2 in Calas. Last year we bought another on the 5 year deal we now operate.

Hadley Norton: Cant believe he the one who posted the reply has done another one and it is awful in fact racist and detrimental to women

Charlie Grant: Ive just reported it to Facebook for hate speech- probably wont do anything but worth a try

Tiffany Andrews: I cant find it can you post a link ?

Hadley Norton: Its Puerto Bahias fb page and its in the reviews under my name sorry on new phone so not sussed getting links 😁

Tiffany Andrews: I found your review but cant find the replies lol

Tiffany Andrews: Facebook.com found it now

Restaurante Puerto Bahia Lanzarote
Spanish restaurant·££

Tiffany Andrews: well I added my 5 peneth wow what a really bad way to treat customers

Hadley Norton: Sally Ann Etheridge awful shame as I did enjoy it there previously but never again mainly for food being lot good but the comments made it easier to never go again

Tiffany Andrews: looking at some of the other comments you are not on your own, never been there myself but will not bother now.

Hadley Norton: And another on in reply to Steves comment Maybe he hates Steves

King Barrett: There really is something wrong with the guy, putting stuff like that on his official Facebook page. Does he expect customers to not notice?

Charlie Grant: Making me wonder if it his FB page tbh

Hadley Norton: Tbh if its staff management need to know as they are putting business down and could have a detrimental effect the f its manager he deserves any problems hr will or may get If its not either of them the restaurant needs to know …See more

Charlie Grant: Hadley Norton: probably not worth messaging the restaurant then?

Hadley Norton: Oops just noticed my post is public didnt realise that so a few more will have seen it

King Barrett: Hadley Norton: and his replies

Hadley Norton: Well they have shoot themselves in the foot and I for one dont care

Hadley Norton: Just found a name of the owner not the same as the messages but may be old owner as another name came up from a trip advisor review about the same time as mine and one star and they got a courteous reply and apology

Braelynn Douglas: Hadley Norton: the old manager was wonderful dont know if he was the owner but he kept his finger on the pulse unlike now

Hadley Norton: Braelynn Douglas: I think I know who you mean seems its joint owned now by people who dont live on the island so will not know whats happening as muvh

Braelynn Douglas: It used to be one of our favourite places the setting to die for BUT last time we went it was a total RIP off service and food crap never again as bad as La Ola as there were 12 of us thought they would of looked after us better

Hadley Norton: I think lots go on first time to lanzarote and the harbour and go as its the best view I had lots of good d food in the past but they rely on the view and service and food is awful but the comments on my review show if a staff member there arrogant attitude towards customers

Juniper Patton: I have them same problem with Steves. My ex wifes boyfriend is a Steve…..and my dad !!! Horrendous! 🙄 😂

Hadley Norton: I have a problem with Julies lol

Juniper Patton: Im ok with them to be fair 🤣

Juniper Patton: Anyway this bloke sounds like a bit of dick. I wouldnt worry about mate.

Tiffany Andrews: I told him his attitude is wrong and maybe he should review how he deals with customers..

Hadley Norton: Sally Ann Etheridge tbh dont think it will change but cant see the being empty any time soon as its the one place you notice if at the harbour with its canopies