20 yrs visiting lanzarote and just had worst meal ever at Playamar Res…

20 yrs visiting lanzarote and just had worst meal ever at Playamar Resturant. No satisfaction from staff after handing back practically full plates.Hope this saves other hollidaymakers some hard earned cash

Samuel Hale: We havent been there for a while but it used to be one of our favourites 😢

Heaven Ortega: Same here. Stopped going when they put the fillet steak up by €3 to €21 and a small beer is almost a fiver! No polite service and they cram you in like a school canteen so that youre practically having a meal with strangers to the left and right of you, no thanks!! Plenty more great steak places to go to where youre not treated like that!!

Michaela Ryan: Where is this ?

Samuel Hale: On the strip just before you go up the hill to the Irish Viking and Hibiscus

Alexander Ramsey: Next to the Asiatico. Its always our first meal when we go every July and never yet had a bad meal

Gracelynn Wood: Its next to Oriental World, not Asiatico.

Alexander Ramsey: Gracelynn Wood: my apologies, you are quite correct

Sage Santiago: 😳 Its one of the best! 😳 Breakfasts, evenings, whenever! Always beautiful food and great friendly service, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I cannot understand your verdict! At all, Wow! We too have been visiting PDC for many many years,

Alexander Ramsey: Completely agree 👍

Brynn Schmidt: Playamar is one of my favourites. Weve always had a good meal here and staff have been lovely xx

Lukas Cummings: TBH all reviews are valid arent they? I had minor issues previously, but not with food. Jim Horan have you eaten here before and what were the issues you experienced? (Good post btw, as good or bad, thats what this website is for)

Karla Silva: I feel the same about some restaurants that we have visited continuously over the past few years, quality has been taken over by greed and lack of customer satisfaction, to many people flocking to the island now enjoying the sun and safety, the staff are pulled out by greedy restaurant owners packing more tables, it is shame to loose that personal touch that you used to get and the love of the people of Lanzarote, it is now feeling like McDonalds in some places, rushed in, rushed food and get out so the next people can come in…!! It is a shame it is loosing that personal love to visitors..!!!

Samuel Hale: Totally agree with you

Brynlee Schneider: Agreed this seems to becoming a bit of a norm where rack em and stack em seems to be taking priority rather than what made some of them great to start with.. We have been visiting for the last 12 years and have noticed a very noticeable decline in cust…See more

Mary Simpson: Did you make a complaint before leaving?

Lukas Cummings: Fair comment BUT not everyone is comfortable doing this. I understand that perhaps one should and with hindsight Ive been guilty of this a little BUT again, just because you didnt want a confrontation, doesnt mean there wasnt a valid complaint?

Mary Simpson: Lukas Cummings: I take your point but I think its unfair if the management dont have the opportunity to give explanation or offer some form of settlement to make things better. Clearly you felt aggrieved enough to post about your bad experience on a public forum its a shame you didnt feel able to approach the staff.

Lukas Cummings: Ian, I hate confrontation, especially when Im on holiday and I agree that the restaurant should be able to react but many many people hate confrontation and hence the (sometimes deserved) keyboard warrior tag appears.

Mckinley Baldwin: Well he did say no satisfaction from staff, so I assume thats complaining. Staff should notice full plates and inquire as to the problem as well.

Lukas Cummings: Mckinley Baldwin: Fair point

Mary Simpson: Lukas Cummings: Ive visited some local restaurants and been served a pile of cod sh*t disguised as a meal and I have left without saying anything (oh yes I did) but instead deciding to vote with my feet, but then I wouldnt reach for the keyboard to vent my disappointment. Although in hindsight I suppose there have been occasions when I wish I had. I think the standard on the strip is very hit and miss these days.

Lukas Cummings: Mary Simpson: cant argue with that at all and tbh Ive been guilty but does that mean only confrontational people are allowed to make a complaint on social media? A solid complaint and review, for me, is just as valid regardless of whether management were given the opportunity to respond or not.

Heaven Ortega: Mary Simpson: I think any waiter/waitress who clears plates from a table that are practically uneaten should always ask what was wrong with the meal or alert their manager to go over and ask if everything was ok… 😊

Mary Simpson: Heaven Ortega: I agree they should alert management but Ive yet to see it happen in pdc. I can eat half a lettuce leaf and Im stuffed, a beansprout and I need to walk it off. Im forever getting dodgy looks from restaurant staff as I cant manage the massive portions.

Lukas Cummings: Any post that invites debate is good! I guess many of us (group members) visits are anything from resident, regular, frequent, occasional visitors, but how many us/you have posted a review recently? Visit Lanzarote, post a current review! 🥂😎

Brooklynn Figueroa: I don‘t agree!

Kai Bowers: Jim Horan i have to agree with you. 1st time we went was ok so we gave it a second chance, never again. Service was crap, food was only ok and we were charged for rolls we did not ask for. When challenged about it the waiter went off in a huff and returned with the rolls off our bill. Would not recommend at all….

Brynn Schmidt: The Roll ‘thing happens in most restaurants to be honest. You have to be the one to cancel them xx

Alexander Ramsey: Kai Bowers: if you have been before, you would have known about the rolls, that happens in most restaurants there

Lukas Cummings: This was one of my niggles too!

Alexander Ramsey: Hi Graham, we always refuse the rolls and not just there

Lukas Cummings: Fine if you know that they arent complementary, but they should not be placed on the table if you will be charged for them when you didnt request them. Sneaky extra charge which is underhanded!

Kai Bowers: Alexander Ramsey:, 1st visit we didnt get the rolls, 2nd visit they just put them out and didnt ask if we wanted them. Next restaurant we visited asked if wed like rolls we declined not because of the price but because starters and mains was enough for …See more

Alexander Ramsey: Lukas Cummings: I agree but it happens in very many restaurants there, its not confined to Playa Mar

Alexander Ramsey: Kai Bowers: I can only say in the 9 years my wife and I and others I know, have been eating there, we have never experienced these issues.

Sarai Warner: Yup definitely has my vote for the worst restaurant I have been to in PDC

Isabelle Snyder: I was recently out for a meal and my dessert was appalling, the waitress asked me why I left it, so I told her why. Guess what happened “Nothing” I was in a large group so was hardly going to pursue it especially as the restaurant had been booked by one of our group.Its easy to say “speak to the manager”give feed back etc, but at the time you just may not want to go there and bring a downer on your evening.I will never go back and wont recommend this particular restaurant to anybody and sometimes thats enough.

Gracelynn Wood: Do you mind me asking what it was that ye ordered that ye had to hand back in there? The reason I am asking, we ate there 3 nights over Christmas and couldnt fault any of the different meals we got in there. One of the nights was Christmas Day night.

Keira Norman: 🙁 Well what a surprise, I have been using this place for years and never had a bad meal. I have pretty much worked through the whole menu as well. Also I have found the staff friendly. I have always been asked if I wanted rolls as well, they have never ever just been put on the plates. Still, maybe an off day or a new bread roll dispenser.

Kai Bowers: 2 visits 2 bad meals. No rolls 1st time, rolls just put on table 2nd time without asking us did we want them. Service terrible, as in they brought out our mains before clearing away starters!!

Willow Oliver: We have eaten here both times we have been we find them nice but I agree the beer is very expensive but we found the food OK and the people are lovely we will go back to there xx

Kayla Gibson: I went Puerto Bahia and been going 28 years always good last time horrendous service food both awful I thought ok not again and put a truthful review on there fb page with abuse I got would never set foot in their again