Thank you for the add i have allergies to peanuts and peanut oils seaf…

Thank you for the add i have allergies to peanuts and peanut oils seafood and fish and fish oil looking for a nice place where they can cook my food in natural oils in pdc thx u in advance xx
Chloe Morton::


Chloe Morton: Hope you get plenty of tips and recommendations 👍

Karsyn Martinez: Thx u xx

Hayden Benson: Print a copy of the symbols for your allergies and take it with you. There has to be an allergen guide on restaurants now so you should be ok to decode it that way, but also show it to the waiter to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

Milo Ramirez: Highlander too

Karsyn Martinez: Thx u everyone xx

Sylvia Holmes: Bozenas Fine Dining

Jayce Murray: I can recommend Bistro Arbol too for meat-free dining.

Karsyn Martinez: thx u xxx

Jayce Murray: Welcome xx

Anaya Curtis: A lot of restaurants will make sure that you have a meal that you have no allergic reaction to if you tell them. I have a seafood allergy and have found them very good.

Karsyn Martinez: Thx u xxx

Sawyer Keller: Bozenas fine dining

Sophia Patrick: Have to recommend Bozenas Fine Dining in the old town. Will cater for whatever you need.

Karsyn Martinez: Thx u xxx

Hanna Farmer: Casa cabana old town

Kyleigh Nunez: Bozenas, amazing.

Cayden West: Tiz good, been there five times