So…..whats the VERY BEST restaurant in lanzarote….and why?

So…..whats the VERY BEST restaurant in lanzarote….and why?

Javier Tyler: Hard to answer unless youve eaten in every one! My opinion…Kristians in PDC..totally incredible food, service, et al… and I ve said this before…heading towards Michelin IMHO

Aisha Anderson: for me upto now but i find a hidden gem sometimes the little elm in PDC next door to the Music Hall Tavern there belly pork just to die for x

Javier Tyler: No 2 on my list

Aisha Anderson: havnt been to bozega yet but its looming

Axel Goodman: My best experience to date is at La
La Cabana Macher

Aisha Anderson: i think we have the same taste in food graham … maybe we should go eat together but my hubby wouldnt like it lol

Aisha Anderson: emmas cantina possibly no 4

Javier Tyler: Also top 10 lol

Aisha Anderson: jamaican tapas up there

Javier Tyler: TJs next door to Kristians and on our next timelist along with La Lanterna which had many recommendations on our last visit.

Aisha Anderson: playa honda ooh no 3 la opera amazeballs

Aisha Anderson: and costa teguise los ajibes on the outskirts of costa

Aisha Anderson: el navvaro in costa totally amazing

Cheyenne Mccormick: that is such a difficult question as so many to choose from. Years ago I would have said La Cabana without a doubt, but now so much competition, 10 years ago they were the only place I knew of that did this type of al la carte food.. La Cabana is still my number 1 if I have company to go with, but not tried Kristians yet. I think it also depends on what I am going for too as I love the beer at Los Aljibes and its so close to my house but I do not like their style of vegetables so always have salad, they are lovely there in the day for a salad or quiche with that beer OMG reminds me of home. The girls at Dolmen are also one of my choices, if I am popping out on my own for a meal because I feel safe there and they take good care of me and Dexter. Divinia Italia in the Charco for pizza or pasta in the day if I am meeting friends , as I go out more in the day more than the evening. I love to go with company to Famara in the day to eat fresh fish or Orzola but again am nervous on my own so rarely go.

Gracelyn Mendoza: Its a ridiculous question as it depends on your preference for a particular type of food

Axel Goodman: Thanks. Its a conversation starter actually 😂

Aisha Anderson: yes your right steve but its a good debate because people like to hear the reviews and peoples opinions i would allways go for recommendations and there are so many good restaurants on lanzarote thats also the reason people use trip advisor so ridiculous maybe but very useful if you like food

Gracelyn Mendoza: Then we should asking for recommendations and not an opinion about what is best. If you like Mexican, Indian, Bbq, English, Spanish, Italian, Moroccan, and Chinese etc etc, you cant choose the best, as they are all different cuisines. Thats why we have a review page.

Aisha Anderson: whats the difference an opinion or a recommendation my opinion of a good spanish restaurant is kristianss and i recommend it ….

Jaxon Mason: Kristians is owned by an Irishman.

Axel Goodman: Thanks Lesley

Aisha Anderson: your welcome . lets all be friends steve eddie graham and me

Aisha Anderson: where shall we all go for dinner

Axel Goodman: The bat cave

Axel Goodman: Dinner dinner dinner dinner Bat Man

Aisha Anderson: mcdonalds is allways fab (my opinion)

Axel Goodman: Said in good spirits btw

Gracelyn Mendoza: I understand what you are saying but the best is the very best of everything, top of the tree, nothing any better, superior to everything else… Thats the problem for me. Its about if you could only pick 1 place, what would it be….Thats too hard for me.

Gracelyn Mendoza: Of course we are all friends and I agree, its about opinions .. X

Axel Goodman: Again, Steve….It was designed to stimulate conversation between like minded holidaymakers

Cheyenne Mccormick: or residents

Axel Goodman: So has anyone else other than Batman got an opinion on restaurants in Lanzarote?

Gracelyn Mendoza: Little Elm does the most fantastic belly pork and Wellington

Aisha Anderson: to be honest guys i live here and have for the past 6 years so i am still trying to find my very best restaurant on the island for price , ambience , cleanliness , quality my favourite would have to be La Opera in playa Honda x

Axel Goodman: Where is Little Elm Steve

Gracelyn Mendoza: What do they serve Lesley

Aisha Anderson: now thats a leading question cause i love Beef wellington and have never had an amazing one do the little elm do beef wellington then x

Aisha Anderson: they do three menus three course one is 10.90 the other is 12.90 and the last is 14.90 the food is amazing and you can mix and match i love it there

Aisha Anderson: the little elm is next door to the Music hall tavern but you do have to book

Gracelyn Mendoza: Little Elm is opposite Davinci on the front, not the one on the old town. Next door to the Music Hall

Aisha Anderson: La opera is closed on mondays and you dont need to book , its a little gem with fab food and even better prices i might even see you there one night Gracelyn Mendoza: or Javier Tyler: and Axel Goodman:

Gracelyn Mendoza: Hope so. We are out last week in July for 3 weeks, hope to meet you x

Aisha Anderson: be a pleasure .

Gracelyn Mendoza: Beef Wellington is a little Elm special and my calls it amazing

Aisha Anderson: well im signing off now its time for a G & T now that could be the next big debate wheres the best G & T served here we go…..

Gracelyn Mendoza: In my house and you are most welcome x

Cheyenne Mccormick: Dickens Bar Costa Teguise… G and T specials with fruit, and special gins

Axel Goodman: Our house 😂

Javier Tyler: In the middle of our street…..😂

Axel Goodman: Welcome to the house of rum 😊

Aisha Anderson: on my way

Aisha Anderson: hope youve got a white flag on the roof lol

Emery Ingram: Love Marios but also la bamba and la chalana are favs

Aisha Anderson: Emery Ingram: ive lived here 6 years and i dont know Marios La bamba or la chalana where are they ????

Emery Ingram: Marios is montana tropical above highlander too la chalana is on calle teide past emmas the last place really and la bamba behind the flora calle gueira or something like that local taxis and guardia use it very local

Aisha Anderson: ah bless thanks steve

Aisha Anderson: and what is so funny Javier Tyler: and Axel Goodman: (by the way are you related ) is Gracelyn Mendoza: picture is Bloomin Batman Dinner Dinner Dinner Batman im chuckling that much im choking on my gin x night guys thanks for the banter and laughs xx

Axel Goodman: There it is 😂😂😂

Axel Goodman: Not related but both have great names…..mines Eddie 😊

Javier Tyler: 👍🍟🍟🍻

Javier Tyler: Mines Linda ( but only on weekends) 😂

Cheyenne Mccormick: let no one say we do not have fun on this website lol

Aisha Anderson: i think we will get banned from the group if we are not careful guys

Cheyenne Mccormick: nah as long as no bad language and we play nicely I am not a control freak

Axel Goodman: I may have to sit down 😂😂

Aisha Anderson: me too my sides are splitting ..

Javier Tyler: Nah…cant get banned! Admins playing too!

Aisha Anderson: wouldnt it be nice though if arguments could all be settled like this .. we need to run the country us four have it sorted in no time

Lukas Powell: The places we frequent most Рand so I guess are our favourites Рare the two Nepalese restaurants in PDC (Everest and Himalaya) and Highlander Too at Monta̱a Tropical.

Javier Tyler: Love Everest! Which of these 2 do you prefer? Never been to Himalaya as we like Everest so much!

Lukas Powell: Hmm, hard to tell tbh. Ill end up preferring the one which introduces new items onto its menu first (hint, hint, HINT!!)

Javier Tyler: I love the Pahadi Lamb in Everest and a new lamb dish (name escapes me) is also nice served on sizzler too.

Lukas Powell: I was there just a couple of nights ago and didnt spot anything new. I must have words with Shiva (the manager) 😉

Javier Tyler: We were there in Feb Adam, just checked and it was Lamb Sekuwa ( new since last year I believe) but preferred the pahadi which I ve tried to replicate at home lol

Aisha Anderson: thanks Adam might give them a go

Axel Goodman: We also like P. CALEROS Azure

Axel Goodman: Great view whilst eating lovely food

Aisha Anderson: now you see i dont like chunky chips so it would have to be a no go for me the fish was lovely though

Axel Goodman: Agreed

Emery Ingram: Also like bar playa on playa chica but thats more lunch time come back burnt from there many times oh a drunk lol

Axel Goodman: Have to go. Thanks for the chat folks x

Aisha Anderson: off for dinner Eddie x

Aisha Anderson: night x

Axel Goodman: Haha red wine actually 😊

Axel Goodman: I made pan fried Sea Bass on a bed of Spinach with baby new potatoes and white sauce earlier

Cheyenne Mccormick: Well I put the Mercadona Lasagna in the oven which are surprisingly good, after all this talk of food I am finally hungry lol Be good while I am away. admin xx

Javier Tyler: Were always good (now) Sally!

Cheyenne Mccormick: I am not apparently lol I was sent to hell this week on a friends post and told I was a disgusting person who permitted foul language and stabbed certain people in the back by not agreeing with them. Oh and a lot of people think I am disgusting for copying another groups name … I blocked her and went off laughing !!!

Javier Tyler: Not a friend then! Nice to have a bit of banter and different opinions! Enjoy your lasagne lol

Cheyenne Mccormick: no it was a friends post about something else and she took the opportunity to attack me for setting up this page and not supporting her over the business on the other one. But hey ho… I will live.

Javier Tyler: Bubble burst now! Was firmly in Lanzarote for a while there! Its a balmy 10° here in UK….Not jealous at all x

Cheyenne Mccormick::

Gracelyn Mendoza: I am

Jaxon Mason: My Kitchen Julius would be in my top 3.

Javier Tyler: Axel Goodman: youve created a monster lol

Axel Goodman: I married one too 😂😂

Javier Tyler::


Jaxon Mason: Pan fried Eddie…

Axel Goodman: At least lol

Axel Goodman: (Im dead) 😂

Javier Tyler: ⬆no relation! 😂

Axel Goodman: Haha🐓🐓🐓

Axel Goodman: Have to go. MAN UNITED on tv

Javier Tyler: Oh god! I think weve all had a little too much time on our hands! 😂😂🍻🍻🍻

Javier Tyler: Haha Sally and Ellens phones are going ping ping ping 😀

Skyler Boone: My favorite is Kristians in PDC, the reason is that the food, service and presentation is the best that I have experienced. It is one of the best Fine Dining Restaurants that I have come across….never disappointed. I also like Lomo Alto and Asia Delicious, excellent food and service also.

Axel Goodman: Where is Kristians?

Skyler Boone: It is up the hill from the Harbour Bar, next door to Bozenas.

Jaxon Mason: Beside My Kitchen Julius…

Axel Goodman: Got it now. Will try it in June

Javier Tyler: In pdc old town Eddie.

Axel Goodman: Yea. Not far from Purple Turtle?

Javier Tyler:
Fine Dining Restaurant in Puerto del Carmen – Kristians Restaurant

Javier Tyler: Near Bozenas, Emmas Cantina, TJs Caribbean on Calle Teide

Axel Goodman: Trying to place it.

Javier Tyler: Walk uphill from Ancla in harbour and turn left past Irish Bar

Axel Goodman: Up steep hill to mini roundabout?

Javier Tyler::

Jaxon Mason: Purple Turtle cannot be mentioned on the same post as Very Best Restaurant.

Javier Tyler: Past varadero, harbour behind you, small hill, turn left onto Calle Teide, past Bozenas, upstairs on right, go in, order food….be impressed lol

Javier Tyler: Brody Newman: am I on commission here? 😉

Brody Newman: Nice glass of vino waiting for you lol

Javier Tyler: See you in October lol

Brody Newman: Well if its that long it will have to be a bottle lol

Axel Goodman: Haha

Axel Goodman: You the owner Brody Newman:

Axel Goodman: We went to El Toro on the roundabout near the back road.Steak was half a cow

Javier Tyler: Gracelyn Mendoza: recommended this place too when we were there in Feb!! Also on our try list.

Axel Goodman: El Toro yup mean Graham?

Javier Tyler: Yeah!

Jaxon Mason:
Google Maps

Axel Goodman: La Cabana in Machen is 10x better

Javier Tyler: Tbh we dont usually venture away from pdc these days but heard very good things about it from admin too.

Axel Goodman: Macher

Axel Goodman: Worth a trip out. Chef trained under Marco pierre white

Axel Goodman: Ok if you like massive steaks

Sarah Norman: I can recommend the Mi Piace – Restaurant Pizzeria Grill in Costa Teguise…

Brody Newman: Love el toro

Emery Ingram: So do i but only only for special occasions remember it being simething else there 25 years ago

Griffin Simpson: Karma. In front of fariones hotel. Amazing food. Large portions and reasonable price

Nash Foster: Definetely Kristians. Top class food ,5 star in my opinion ,I am very fussy about food and its the only place in the entire Island where I will eat chicken ,They always try to accomadate people with allergies as best they can .No place comes near Kristins .

Owen Harvey: La Cascada

Skyler Boone: Lovely restaurant and food is consistently good.

Rory Craig: Bodega in Uga

Grace Howell: Definitely a fav with me 🍷

Rory Craig: Forgot to say why i like it. This is sophisticated dining in a beautiful interior… no burgers or cheesy chips. Neither is there a menu! The chef selects,about 5 courses, of the best, freshest, seasonal produce on the day. You are brought things according to your tastes. Attentive professional staff. Worth the price tag for a celebratory meal with good wines.

Maximiliano Flores: Casa Cabana,old town Pdc. Try the cheesy steak stack and you will know why.