So,I have a question(s)..How is it that when you show folk the video o…

So,I have a question(s)..How is it that when you show folk the video of WTC 7 being demolished,they still refuse to believe their own eyes?Furthermore,when you throw the Larry Silverstein admission in for good measure, that they/he gave the order to pull the building,folk still refuse to accept this…how can this be when the evidence is so damning?

Elijah Rodriquez: Mind over matter. If you dont mind, it dont matter.

Nina Townsend: My trick is that I approach them on showing WTC7, but not telling them what they are seeing. So that they can reflect themselves on knowing what they are seeing…. when they realized its a control demolition they are looking at… usually, its a instant acknowledge… then 9/11 is brought up.The reception is much easier, and the denial factor is less resisting since a part of him knows instinctively what they believe 5 sec before.Works every time. I have many friends and family that woke up by this process. People need to grasp at their own pace.

Ashlynn Peters: The most frightening aspect of this whole scenario is that even with so much compelling evidence, our government has not come forth with the truth, and the general public still does not want to believe that they could do something like this or that our government would allow Larry Silverstein to have had a hand in it.. It keeps me up at night knowing how stupid the General Public is.

Nina Townsend: No one likes to admit that were fooled… and certainly, no one likes to realize that they are not living in the dream society that were all sold on to believe. Its a very profound understanding…. thus the reason its so hard to come out.

Ashlynn Peters: It is a tremendous challenge to a persons belief system to admit that our government has lied to us. Personally I find it liberating because I have always had serious concerns about the discrepancies in our Governments versions of events from Roswell, to JFK, to RFK, to MLK, to 9-11 and all the wars in between. Most Americans feel that it is Un-American or un-patriotic to believe that the U.S. government is corrupt, however from a historical perspective, I believe its the most patriotic thing you could do; Challenge the Status Quo, disagree with our elected officials, investigate the truth with alternative sources of media, and demand change. Thomas Jefferson said; Dissension is the greatest form of patriotism which means that our country was NOT founded apon the principals of greed, corruption, and special interest groups, but on the principals of truth, equality, and the commitment of our elected officials to better the lives of their constituents.The whole reason for the Boston Tea Party/Revolutionary War was because the Colonists were tired of Taxation without representation, meaning, they were tired of the Powers that be not working for their best interests. How is today any different?

Messiah Guzman: earth shattering

Ashlynn Peters: Heres a picture of the Pentagon. If the same kind of plane that hit the twin towers hit the pentagon, one can conclude that the explosion pattern would be about the same. Granted the Pentagon is more reinforced than WTC, but in some cases, windows were not blown out, there are no burn marks, or indication that a planes vertical or horizontal stabilizers or wings even struck, no disruption of the grass, computers and books in the middle of the explosion epicenter are untouched, I would expect to see significantly more damage and burn patterns from the same kind of plane that hit WTC.

Abraham Morgan: so who did it? is what people always ask. they expect a full but short list of names.. who did what, when and then they immediately refuse to believe that that many people would have conspired together to do it and get pissed that somebody else has not filed charges against them… where would charges be filed anyway? what could they be charged with if we could hold them accountable.?… but the guy in the cave did not have just three airplanes and 19 hijackers he also had to have a team of people to put demolition charges thru out the buildings and he to have had some sort of control and command on the site that day.. some people believe things were controlled from bldg 7 and that is why it was not felled till the end of the operation in the evening when we were already being hypnotized into believing it was the boogie man who did it…. why were they so able to identify who did it so fast if they were not able to stop it? why are there no pictures of the 19 men on surveillance cameras… who was in charge of security at the airports they flew from?… why did they take such a scenic route to their targets… why the impossible to do corkscrew dive into the pentagon just where the inquiry into missing funds was going on? why not just fly into the nuclear reactor nearby? Why did the flight attendants go against protocol and make so many phone calls? why did they call the places they called… examine what they said? it does not make sense. did anyone hear anything about the bank robbery and the gold theft that happened the same day.. one of the armored trucks carrying some gold got stuck i believe it was flat tires that ruined the plan… I try talking about how odd the planted evidence was and the outright lies… why was nobody willing to call Condolesa Rice a liar liar to her face when she said we never expected plains to fly into buildings where there was so much evidence the prove they had been expecting that very thing for years…. so if you can get anyone to believe…. now what?? where do we go from here?? what do we do?? the evidence is there… so now where do we go? speaking to the choir does little to nothing to make change.. how do we make some changes and what do we want to change?

Abraham Morgan: we were not fooled it was a planned METHODICAL ILLUSION… designed to get the neocons what they wanted… war war and more war and loss of freedoms to the plain folk

Messiah Guzman:

Sean Stone and Christopher Bollyn on Israels role in the September 11, 2001…

Ashlynn Peters: The people that did 9-11 are inconsequential. The people that planned it are. We will never know the names of the true conspirators, although Bush, Cheyney, and Rumsfeld are as good a people as any to blame. The true enemy is hidden behind the government. See Eisenhower and Kennedys speeches on the subject.

Ivy Williams: Cognitive dissonance.

Alessandra Robertson: What worries me is that the lid is off and theyre not trying to hide it anymore. Every day more and more people are presenting evidence and theyre going forward as if nothing has changed. Im worried about whats next. Cheney mentioned a nuclear weapon being smuggled in a shipping container. I immediately thought it sounded like predictive programming.

Ashlynn Peters: I tend to believe that Nukes are off the table, only because the Neocons profit from war, not complete destruction. They cant rebuild an economy or infrastructure if the country has been completely destroyed, or if the U.S. has sustained a major Nuclear attack.

Elijah Rodriquez: Think about it. They need a really big distraction.

Jacob Parsons: We live in a time where a fact is easily dismissed because of the internet. Everyone thinks they have the answer to every question because they have access to the web, which does contain the answer, but people dont know it prior. It BLOWS MY MIND AS WELL NIGEL. On a video clearly showing the cutter charges detonating, all your FB friends just happen to NOT see that post, which gets 4 comments and 7 likes. People ignore the truth as well. I dont think we will ever be able to take this country back, its too well put in place and almost impossible to uproot. I couldnt imagine how it would begin.

Maximiliano Cruz: Abraham Morgan: make some really good questions and points there.I agree speaking to the choir does little,but between us we can motivate each other to not be afraid to talk about 9/11 in public,to our friends and family(I am a barber and speak to many people about this).Truly I believe that our greatest asset as people is that we are sociable animals,and news can spread around the world in minutes these days.Once enough people are aware of the lies they have been fed they will wake up to all the other crimes not Just the U.S but all governments involved in cover ups,Secret societies and Vatican control,Secret Police and so on.I have faith that we will rise against the system..then the criminals will have nowhere to hide..we are the enlightened ones,we have a duty..

Elijah Rodriquez: Listen to Ken OKeefe explain why a nuclear war is near.

KN-OW.COM | ISEEK 2014 – Ken OKeefe – On the Cusp: Is a World Crisis…

Finley Patterson: They cant admit it. Theyve got 13 years invested in the lie and that lie justifies everything they have supported militarily and domestically ever since.