So I have a question, I as well as countless others know the tragedy o…

So I have a question, I as well as countless others know the tragedy of 9/11 was a planned event . I dont need to see any more evidence or dispute the fact. The question that stands is now what? I live in a country that has slaves without chains people who choose to waste their lives away at 9-9 jobs and sports bars on the weekend sit back for war after war and hear the same 3 subjects debated for election candidates. Im sickened and disheartened . But its my reality . Now what? Do we come up with some corse of action against our tyrannical oppressors as the fore fathers of this country did from Great Britain ? Or should I leave in hopes of finding somewhere better ?

Manuel Mclaughlin: Sawyer Allen: and Ruben Meyer, Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open. Good luck!

Daniel Green: To advance under our existing situation , we must have an air tight case against a very corrupt High Profile Individual and put Capital punishment , on the table . By indicting this person the handlers will know that you aint fuckin around due to said endictment . So they wont convince the bad guy / girl that the death penalty might actually be real , which it will be . The guilty party will NOT take a chance and will sell out everybody , everywhere ) Youve just changed your country for the better , without spillin a drop of blood . To summerize : To catch a crook , you must first become a crook ) Grasshopper

Lennon Spencer: The mirror on the Moon is a sham. The Moon itself is a mirror. If there were an optical device good enough to locate the supposed mirror, we could just take photos of the landing site and the case would be closed.What in Hell makes anyone think that people in government cant or wont lie? They lie to us routinely, and have for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Thats what they do best. When billions of dollars are at stake, lies flow abundantly.If the Moon landing were not a lie, photos would not have to be manipulated to convince us.This NASA photo is one example of such manipulation. It shows obvious cut-and-paste work that is now done seamlessly in Photoshop programs, but was formerly done with scissors and glue. Note that in later cropped versions of the photo, the erroneous Earth image is omitted, along with the tell-tale snip lines.

Lennon Spencer: The Earth image snips with snip lines highlighted for clarity

Lennon Spencer: The technicians error was in cutting the snip twenty degrees to the left of the sunlight rather than to the right. A common practice in cut-and-paste work is to cut a snip to align with another snip. The technician in this case was apparently intending to cut the snip to align with the lunar horizon in the primary photo, but erred in cutting the snip in the wrong direction, and in the wrong place. Had the snip been cut in the correct place and direction, the snip would have aligned correctly.

Lennon Spencer: The same snip shown with correct orientation relative to the observable sunlight angle

Lennon Spencer::

Manuel Mclaughlin: I highly recommend viewing the 20-minute video I posted on the 25th. Please watch…

Andrea Castillo: This doesnt have anything at all to do with 9-11.

Lennon Spencer: Yes it does. 9/11 was a LIE and the Moon hoax is an example that shows a history of deception on the part of the government (or more correctly, people working within the government).

Andrea Castillo: ellis, you and I will have to disagree. The so called lunar hoax didnt kill 3,000 people. But I am not going to argue this point. Isnt there moon hoax groups you can spam?

Lennon Spencer: Its done by the same corrupt people. Maybe in your book the three people killed in the capsule fire just dont count because they were just three, not three thousand, but the same criminal element was at work and just as guilty. I dont spam anybody. I was making a rebuttal to someone elses comment on this post.

Bianca Mills:

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Andrea Castillo: There you go, thank you david.

Lennon Spencer: Its the same people. It all ties together.

Manuel Mclaughlin: With whom are you arguing, Mr. Edwards?

Lennon Spencer: Im not arguing with anyone. Im pointing out that 9/11 was not an isolated case of corruption. The corruption has been deeply rooted in our government for decades, and understanding that will make everything clearer.

Andrea Castillo: Yeah I am stopping notifications on this thread.

Bianca Mills: Their tentacles run deep. Thats for sure.

Lennon Spencer: The JFK assassination, the Moon hoax, and 9/11 all had a mountain of anomalies. In all three of those cases, most if not all evidence mysteriously vanished; and in all three of those cases, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were there at the top echelons of government, through several presidential administrations. Why were they so special?

Bianca Mills:

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Bianca Mills: You forgot Bush.

Lennon Spencer: The Bushes are more crooks who should hang. I think their involvement is limited to the corrupt social network. I dont think they have the brains for the plotting aspect, at least, not in the design and engineering sense. Donald Rumsfeld, though, has the sneaky persona that projects intelligence. Dick Cheney radiates ruthlessness.

Sawyer Allen: Ironically, Scott knocks the U.S. on one hand then turns around and tries to show that Scotland created the U.S. Everyone wants to be an American, but so few have the Brains or the balls

Noah Guerrero: Alisa and Chris you two are hilarious I thank you both for your honest opinions _||_ blessed be thee although Chris despite agreeing with you that this is the greatest country to ever come about on our glorious planet I feel the need to suggest you editing your list specifically aids treatments that doesnt really count when we created the AIDS. Virus and hold a patent for its cure :/ ( patent number # 5696977) and if you arnt aware of that im pleased to bring it to your attention ….. Still reading everyones replies and Ill be getting back with you all ^~^ _||_

Victor Cobb: Sawyer Allen:…..You really must travel more overseas!…LOL…You will then realise NOT everyone wants to be an American….. 😉

Sawyer Allen: Ive traveled to: France, Germany, England, Italy, Syria, Iran twice, Peru several times, Mexico, Canada, and all over the U.S. Im comfortable with my belief.

Jada Santiago: Leave now

Sawyer Allen: Stephen, please tell more about AIDs cure. Very interesting

Harlow Higgins: 0

Kai Ballard: Sawyer Allen: doesnt seem to know much and his list of so called American inventions are mainly a list of adaptations from other mainly British inventors. And when you say everyone wants to be American what do you mean? I certainly wouldnt! All I see coming from America is invasions of other countries, lies about 9/11 which was obviously a controlled demolition (especially WTC7), The fake moon landings, JFK! … And what the US gives to the world: GM food, Monsanto, Selfish greedy capitalism, obesity thru junk food, the ridiculousness of guns, and the interference in every other fuckers business. Need I go on?!

Kai Ballard: And another problem Lennon Spencer: is that most people know NOTHING at all and believe whatever theyre told. Ive given up on people like that… Which is the majority. Im not here to educate because its too big a job. And I really really dont care. But Im certain that the ones who organise all this are laughing their Zionist cocks off.

Rylee Harrington: Better yet. We need to determine what type of country and how it will be run and such before you execute a course of action to remove anything. If we dont have a solid solution to the problem you just create more without having any answers. Organized first. Then take it back.

Kai Ballard: There is no solution and people are too apathetic and thick to do anything anyway.

Harlow Higgins: Check out Platos cave

Giselle Austin: I find it troubling that level headed, question asking, above average intelligent folk read these threads and encounter complete, several screws loose idiots. I mean really, you could read back in this thread and shake your head. Got my fingers crossed that one day it will be apparent and I wont be shaking my head lol

Manuel Mclaughlin: Anthony, I agree with you entirely except for the part about the ridiculousness of guns. Typically, slaves are not allowed to own guns. It is not possible to have a police state and an armed society. – Paul Craig Roberts

Kai Ballard: ^^^ thats a bit dated though with respect isnt it? The police will shoot anyone armed or not?

Manuel Mclaughlin: Anthony, its not about shooting police. Ultimately, the 2nd Amendment and an armed population is about a last resort protection against tyranny in government, not local law enforcement.

Kai Ballard: I thought it was about protecting yourself? So you have a country of everyone portending themselves by shooting each other!

Lennon Spencer: Local law enforcement defends the tyrants. If you stand up, you become the enemy. They wont sit back and watch you fight back. They will pull out all stops to take you down while supporting the people responsible for the slavery.

Manuel Mclaughlin: That may be changing.Mr. King, it is not at all quite as simplistic as that.

CSPOA – Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Laila Mason: Yes, thats y(our) world. Willkomen.

Daniel Green: Bianca Mills: , why else would a person want a program for that one purpose ?

From The Programmers Mouth: How The 2000 Election Was Fixed

Fernanda Harper: Obviously violent revolutions dont work. Everybody taking their focus and dependence off of government and focusing on building or helping to build their own empire in their small part of the world would render government useless. But this wont happen any time soon and may never happen because folks are just too afraid.

Daniel Green: Indict George W Bush . Here endith the lesson .) mmmmm

Lennon Spencer: If George Bush ever got indicted (drool), he would be accidented, suicidedd, or cancered immediately thereafter. Maybe heart attacked, but gone for sure.

Rylee Harrington: Too easy Lennon Spencer:. They managed to take out seal team 6 and Chris Kyle so a former president would be candy for a baby

Lennon Spencer: We are all working our asses off for Al Capone, and eventually people are going to realize it.