Question? Do you believe flight 93 was actually unsuccessfully taken o…

Question? Do you believe flight 93 was actually unsuccessfully taken over by the crew before it was crashed into the ground? There are theories that it was shot down so what was the timeline to thus all? Fighters saw plane out of control and went ahead as planned and shot it out of sky? There was no attempted recovery by passengers. That those involved intended on crashing it to make the heroic passenger stories a warm spot in all the tragedy. True Americans sacrificed their lives to save other landmarks? Or if the story is true and it wasnt shot down, what was the intended target and why? Just my thoughts

Raymond French: Hi Joel. There is no evidence of Flight 93 being shot down. Many people have speculated this because of the widespread debris field. If theres evidence of anything, its that there was a bomb on the plane:- Supposedly Ziad Jarrah made the announcement of a bomb on board while behind the controls of the plane. – Passenger Jeremy Glick said one of the hijackers was in possession of a bomb in a red box. – Todd Beamer said that one of the terrorists has a red belt with a bomb strapped to his waist.- Passenger Edward Felt, while locked in the bathroom, told 911 dispatchers that he heard some sort of an explosion and saw white smoke coming from the plane, but he didnt know where (see:

Aiden Baker: Raymond French: on YouTube search DONALD RUMSFIELD SAYS FLIGHT 93 SHOT DOWN

Raymond French: Slip of the tongue. People make this mistake all the time, including you and I.

Aiden Baker: Big slip. Usually people correct themselves


Raymond French: Dick Cheney did not make this claim.

Aiden Baker: Rumsfield did tho

Aiden Baker: if there was a bomb on board, what made the supposed hole in the ground?

Aiden Baker: Not saying it wasnt bomb. Just speculating

Raymond French: Aiden Baker:, the hole in the Shanksville field was caused by Flight 93 plowing into it at 500 MPH.

Aiden Baker: Where are the engines, luggage, people? Should be more wreckage. Wouldnt hole be next to nothing if bomb went off in the air

Colin Potter: How could flight 93 have been shot down around 10am, when it landed at Cleveland airport after 11am??

Aiden Baker: Good question but I read it wasnt 11 that landed but 1890 I think the tail was. The one they thought was hijack

Colin Potter: I personally dont believe those were commercial airliners, if ya get a chance check out E-10 Mc2a…youtube-9/11 in plane site…youtube-the untold stories of the 9/11 families.

Aiden Baker: Will watch tonight

Veronica Chandler: In the official story, there is only huge lies. Here is what happened to the planes

Part 1 (EN), The Hijacks in 9/11

Veronica Chandler: And this more precision on the Pentagon plane

Part 2 (EN), Pentagon attack on 9/11

Phoenix Bishop: Crater left by lockerbie bombing.

Phoenix Bishop: Crater left by flight 93

Aiden Baker: I know. No way a plane crashed on that field

Phoenix Bishop: Cruise missile crater

Phoenix Bishop: Wreckage of flight 93

Phoenix Bishop: Wreckage of Pan Am 103 (lockerbie bombing)

Aiden Baker: Nice pics

Raymond French: Aiden Baker:, the trail of debris from Flight 93 shows that the plane was not shot down. The debris begins at the crash site and continues in the direction the plane was heading when it went down. If it was shot down, the debris trail would be much wider and spread over a much wider stretch. Flight 93 was not shot down.

Marcus Mckinney: Aiden Baker:, absolutely do not listen to Raymond French:. I mean, look at the JFK business. 50 years later and the government is still hiding the truth by keeping documents under wraps, to hell with the law. That was just one guy. 9/11 is the whole budgetary hopes and dreams of the entire military industrial complex for the next 30 years at least.

Marcus Mckinney: But as far as whether it was shot down or not, likely shot down. Still, if this website wants any resolution, itd likely be a highly political process with congress starting at state and local level rather than judicial system, since all the federal prosecutors report to the president. Therefore, people can argue about planes until they are blue in the face and grow old / die. It wont matter. Evidence was destroyed, its not around to analyze any longer. They sent it to China to be melted down (all the steel of the buildings). Im sure the FBI did their part and destroyed anything that would shed light as well.

Veronica Chandler: You can not compare UA93 crash to other accidental crashed. UA93 crashed at high speed. Other ones are generally at low speed or damaged in several smaller parts.Also, this last plane has few importance as evidence. No building damaged, we have very small images, almost nobody saw the plane crashing. Focusing this plane is time waste.

Dylan Garner: I only believe the trueth is far different from what the gov has said. Like the truth about so many other things; the teories are just too thik and conflicting with each other to decide which one(s) is/are right!

Tristan Lindsey: . . . there was no flight 93 crash in Shanksville, PA; visited the “Memorial Super Place“ in May, it’s as phony as a $9.00 bill. The hole in the ground not big enough for a 757, but they say the entire plane is underground because it came “straight down” at 500 mph into an old mine shaft(!) Huge jet engines nowhere to be seen / found, yet they found the black box, and everyone DNA ❗️❗️❗️❗️Photos displayed at the beautiful / expensive visitor center are preposterous as they show no plane of that size could have crashed there 👎🏼❗️👀 My god, it’s insulting to one’s intelligence ❗️👎🏼💩