Always question terrorism.

Always question terrorism.

Adelina Frazier: FBI is too busy spending time & resources creating fake terror to be bothered investigating any genuine terror..

The FBIs Plan to Fight ISIS: Now with Less Fourth Amendment!

Alivia Wolfe: Kevin Ryan, alwaya remember that you can post on False Flag Questions

Amari Daniels: OF COURSE IT WAS

Amari Daniels: from Sandra Kay:Interesting that his father was a candidate for president of Afghanistan, and that G4S, the British security firm Mateen worked for does Blackwater paramilitary type stuff. Im sure the FBI and CIA knew exactly who this guy was. The Orlando shooter Omar Mateen worked for Wackenhut an above the law corporation where the Bush family is on the board of directors. Wackenhut cleans up all evidence from these mass shootings and from 9/11. What does that tell you people? Your government is behind this for their agenda. Wakey wakey! — Cindy Townsend Kempski Wakenhut is also known as G4S Secure Solutions. They are strongly connected to the government. You need a cleaning service? Theyll do it and leave no trace behind …. at least to those whom are not awake.>

Molly Logan::

Amari Daniels: complete with grammar errors, that throws up a red flag for me every time

Molly Logan: They really had one]

Molly Logan::

Molly Logan::

Molly Logan: False flag attack does not mean Hoax It means a crime or attack was committed and the blame was placed on innocent parties

False flag attack – Google Search

Sophie Chavez: False flags can be called hoaxes in the sense that people are fooled into blaming the wrong people. However, they are not hoaxes in the sense that nobody dies. 3000 people died on 9/11. 16 people (including the patsies) died in San Bernardino. The 49…See more

Molly Logan: Sophie Chavez: You are spot on Anthony Its hardly possible to fake a death of someone known in a community for years. But everything else can be fake. The shootings can be carried out by professional killers and then blamed on Islamic radicals. Thats exactly how its done and all where drills are being held too. They mix in mercenaries to do the real deal.

Melanie Flores: 372 mass shootings in the USA in 2015, 2 were muslim, 3 were black people, the rest people of white European Christian heritage….Iraq 1 million killed, Vietnam 2 million killed, ww2 60 million killed, ww1 30 million killed, civil war 500,000 killed, untold numbers of slaves, 100,000, 000 native americans….. show me where any muslim country or war has done as much killing as white European Christians????????????

Mass Shootings

Sophie Chavez:

Eye Witness Says TWO SHOOTERS & Exit Door HELD SHUT

Mckenna Powell: Worked for them for 9 years here in Ky. Worst job years of my life.