Age old question.. how do you debate with someone who refuses to ackno…

Age old question.. how do you debate with someone who refuses to acknowledge any fact at all and insist that science magazines and general media are telling the truth. Good question.. and I am waiting with baited breath to see what type of response I get to this answer…. Do I trust what our government and controlled media want us to believe Lee? No. Am I going to try and flood you with article upon article that supports what I do believe? No.. Because you will simply say I am following bullshit.. and that is ok.;.. but what I am asking you to do is keep an open mind and really look at the science behind it.. do your own research, do not trust what I say.. do not trust what the news says.. really look into the facts. Then.. decide for yourself. Am trying a new approach.. I hope it works. People get really defensive when they think you are attacking what they have been taught to believe. Gotta be gentle and offer them a soft tittie, LOL 😉

Clayton Schwartz: First of all, identify your debating opponent. Never debate a shill as if it were a sheeple, or vice versa. Never debate with trolls. Gatekeepers are the most difficult because they are experts in diversions.

Jayda Young:

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

Jeremy Valdez: Plant the seed…Walk Away….to plant again!

Barrett Wood: you cant change their minds and many are afraid of what they might find…but yes plant the seed, it seems to me that the movement is picking up steam, if it eventually goes viral it will change everythng

Kayleigh Howell: Rename them Sheldon Cooper and hope they get over themselves soon.

Elise Jefferson: Both of my employers dont and wont see. One tells me they just dont want to know. The other sees some of the creeping take over, but will not believe anything I try to explain. And this subject is not even what I try to tell them.

Yaretzi Pratt: There is a new post floating around that I just came across today, claiming newly surfaced footage proves that the government reports are correct and the theorists are wrong. It was a really lame ass article and really held no water in my opinion, but it was worded in a way that would likely make someone teetering on the fence fall back to believing the original stories. It targeted only the fire aspect of building 7, and added a little about it being damaged by towers 1 and 2. That was basically it, but they went on to use that little bit of chat to debunk almost all of the main things we know about all 3 towers. Wish I had a link, I was at work, on my phone and on the fly, hopefully I will come across it again. If so, I will come back here and post a copy of it.

Yaretzi Pratt: Oh.. forgot to mention… that new footage was taken by a news reporter and they said they had to use FOIA to get a copy of it. Hmmmm…. kinda thinking maybe it took that long because they needed a really good graphic editor to actually take some time and make something that looks more convincing than the crap they put out from things like Sandy Hook, LOL.

Kayleigh Howell: I just watched the new footage. Cant really tell which building they are talking about. Yes, theres a fire in the building thats being filmed, but cant tell if its WTC 7. And at the end of the day, when you see that building go down, its consistent with a controlled demolition.

Yaretzi Pratt: Please share it Phar, I cant find it 😉

Kayleigh Howell: This is the one I watched. – Rare Raw 9/11 Footage Released Via Freedom of Information…

Kayleigh Howell: It was featured in a story on the Daily Mail web site in the UK.

Elise Jefferson: The destruction of the vehicles parked along the block doesnt fit with anything they try to tell us.

Yaretzi Pratt: This is the footage, but not the article that slams theorists. I wish I could remember the name of the page or person that used this for that. Hopefully I will come across it again, if so I will bring it back here and to a couple other pages so we can light up their original post, lol

Brooks Garcia: The day Weight of cogent & supporting Evidence equates to following bullshit is the day we shall have abandoned the Rule of Law for the law of the Jungle..& the rule of Might over Right… Until then you or anyone else defeats the evidence I cite by weight of evidence and cogency of evidence only. That is the way to win ALL Court cases…so why on Earth would anyone think 9/11 could ever be any different ? It isnt. I produce the best evidence of 14 years study. Defeat it or else show some basic respect..for those who sincerely ARE seeking to nail the culprits..

Clayton Schwartz: They may be getting desperate as evidence and public awareness is mounting at a steady, albeit still too slow a, pace.

Rebecca Byrd: Youre all a bunch of lunatic conspiracy theorists!!!I love it 👍Keep up the dis-misinforming. Lol I lost a couple friends for some of the things I posted and was called an idiotic C.T.Gotta have some t-shirts made.Proud to be a non-PC CT!