So, I have a question with job selection. I have prior service (Marine…

So, I have a question with job selection. I have prior service (Marines) and my recruiter told me I have limited choices and Id have to choose at MEPS and not the office. They are going to pull my ASVAB scores in which I got a 92. I want to go for 31B MP buuut Ive had bad credit issues and I owe money to a fee checking accounts. Is this going to be a problem? If so, Ill probably go with 89B ammo specialist or EOD. Also, I was told the way it would work is I would go straight to AIT and then my unit and then once I get housing set up then I would request TDY to come home and move our stuff there. About how long does it take to get housing setup?

David Gleitz: Youre asking for specific answers to questions with a lot of variables. For prior service your job is pulled at MEPS. You may have options, you may not. Your recruiter should be able to tell you how the process works for prior service. The time it takes to get setup in post housing will vary depending on what post you go to. Once you know where you are going it would be wise to contact the housing office at that location for a more accurate answer.

Travis Hall: Depending on how long youve been out, you may have to attend prior service basic training (PSBCT) located at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri. A lot of the variables like what rank you got out as, along with your credit could hurt or help you with certain vacancies that the Army has available for the day that you go to MEPS to select a MOS. Make sure you address these specific questions with him/her.

James Robert Okoniewski: Been out since 2007