Good morning, I have a question. So my husband is trying to enlist wit…

Good morning, I have a question. So my husband is trying to enlist with army active duty. We started back in the begining of June. The recruiter got the medical waiver because he had surgery on his ankle. Thats the first thing he got. Then the finger prints and then he gave my husband the package to fill out with references and history. My husband told him the day he gave him the package that he was leaving to Tucson for work for about 2 to 3 weeks, the recruiter said ok no problem. So a week after my husband was gone he started asking for the package we had told him he would be gone for about 2 to 3 weeks, not 1. Ok, so my husband came back after 3 weeks and we took the package in. The paper work was submitted the 29th of June, its now August 11th, and we still havent heard anything from him. I text him a few days ago and he answered passive aggressively that its my husbands fault because he took so long with the package when we had already told him he was going to be gone. My question is. What should we do at this point. Continue waiting look for another recruiter or what. We dont know what to do at this point….

Gabriela Millan: Also I forgot to mention we called another office to see if they had any recommendations and thats how we found out he submitted his paper work on the 29th of June. The guy said that his package was still under white. Which means it hasnt even been touched. And we also asked the recruiter if theres anything eles that needs to be done or something and he just keeps saying no just wait.

Gabriela Millan: He hasnt updated us on anything unless we ask. We feel at this point like were begging him to get my husband in. This is something hes always wanted and still does. But we dont know about his recruiter anymore. Is this how this is?

Andrew Ford: Unless there is more to the story, go to the recruiting center and talk to them in person. That will most likely cause the Center Leader to get involved.

Gabriela Millan: Well have to do that then..