Hey, I have a few questions. Can an Army recruiter contact me? I have …

Hey, I have a few questions. Can an Army recruiter contact me? I have a recruiter, but having some issues. Ive taken the ASVAB yesterday and these are my scores.

Sfc Ellsworth: Just gave a buddy of mine ur name, he works some where in Indiana. Hopefully he can help u out!

Prothaniel Harris: Thanks, though I really have just general questions about AIT if you can help?

Sfc Ellsworth: Whatcha wanna know?

Prothaniel Harris: Okay all of the jobs Im interested in the AIT is way over 20 weeks mostly 40+… I have a wife and 2 young kids. I asked if since training is over 20 weeks will they be able to relocate to the base off post…

Prothaniel Harris: Because thats what it says on the website and what Ive read from others experiences.

Sfc Ellsworth: Typically not because the Army gives u food/housing allowance while ur gone

Sfc Ellsworth: Its typically a case by case thats controlled by the Command at ur AIT

Prothaniel Harris: So the 21 weeks thing doesnt really exist like it says? They should really take that from the website…

Prothaniel Harris: Basically I wouldnt know until after Ive already chosen my job etc? I cant be away for a year plus starting off because I have a 3 month old. Guess I will have to pick a different job. Thanks

Sfc Ellsworth: Im not 100% sure but like I said if ur training is that long then u just have to coordinate with the Command of your AIT to ensure success. What MOS are u looking at? Meaning u can call that base where your AIT would be and see what they say…🤔😉

Prothaniel Harris: I just got off the phone with my recruiter and she already called. They said yes but I have to request it. Im looking at 68A I believe its a little over 40 weeks.

Prothaniel Harris: I can call to double check though. Am I allowed to call even if Im not enlisted yet? I still have to go to MEPS, but I should be leaving the 20th of this month if all goes well.

Sfc Ellsworth: Freedom of Info Act allows u to ask general questions 😉

Prothaniel Harris: Okay thanks about to call now 👍

Sfc Ellsworth: 68A is a great MOS but very long

Prothaniel Harris: Yes Ive noticed, but Id love to do that job! So hopefully I can get a great answer

Sfc Ellsworth: Knowledge is power so go get it Sir..

Paul Hopkins Jr: So I was in AIT for 32 weeks and they did allow us to relocate our family to our AIT location. The biggest thing is that you will have to relocate at your own expense and your spouse has to understand that you are in training and that takes precedence. If you miss to many hours of training you could be dismissed. I believe the training for 68A is at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio and that is a nice area.

Prothaniel Harris: Thanks Yeah my wife understands. Its not to really see them (the weekend passes if given are fine with us) Its because I wouldnt be ok with leaving them in the bad situation that were in right now. Id feel a lot more focused if I knew they were close and ok. My recruiter said they would pay for the move, but yours didnt? And did you get to live with them at any point?

Paul Hopkins Jr: I am a recruiter now. And yes I did get to live with them.

Prothaniel Harris: Nice on being a recruiter! So itll have to be on my orders, We pay for it, and at some point I can live with them? Would we still get bha for the AIT area?

Paul Hopkins Jr: Yes you will get bah. You just have to get them moved there. The next move after that will be covered to your first duty station.

Prothaniel Harris: Ok thats good. How long before I could live with them? (Not a big deal its training, but just wondering)

Paul Hopkins Jr: For me it was after the first 4 weeks as long as I hit certain milestones, like fitness score and exam grades

Prothaniel Harris: Oh thats not bad at all. Last question I promise…Do I have a choice to live with them or not? Like if I wanted to be more focused could I just live there on the weekends?

Paul Hopkins Jr: Yes I did have the choice, it is better to stay in the barracks because you will not have to deal with traffic and getting on post or car breaking down or stuff like that that seems to always happen at the worst time

Prothaniel Harris: Right! We both think that might be best. As long as I do what I need to do and get to see them on weekends if I earn that right things should be fine.

Eduardo Garcia: Dude your winning with those scores

Prothaniel Harris: lol thanks

Cheslene Brown: No need to worry. You got over 110 on your GT side.

Cheslene Brown: You can get the job you really want ed