I have a question. Is there a way I can take the paper and pencil vers…

I have a question. Is there a way I can take the paper and pencil version instead of the computer version at meps? Because honestly I think Id do better with the paper version. It doesnt stress me out as much. Idk why…

Dan Totten: Ask your recruiter to find a MET Site. Thats where they do the paper tested proctored by Testing Personnel at MEPS.

Kendra Peyton: Ill do that thank you !!

Kendra Peyton: This really helped thank you!!

Dan Totten: Were you able to get it setup?

Kendra Peyton: Dan Totten I cant test again till January but yes

Dan Totten: Awesome. Happy I could help. Good luck!! Make sure you study. Are you registered for www.march2success.com


Kendra Peyton: Dan Totten yes Ive used march2success before. I like it.

Dan Totten: Awesome. Take care.

Kendra Peyton: I will thank you and you too!

Sydney Marie Goodnough: Same with me girl

Kendra Peyton: Im curious to why the computer version stresses me out so bad. I think its because of how that test works. Like if you get one right it gives you a harder question and same with if you get one wrong it gives you a easy one. And if you answer it more quickly you get more points idk.

Sydney Marie Goodnough: Right

Kendra Peyton: The last time I took the paper and pencil version was in high school during my senior year and I got a 26.

Sydney Marie Goodnough: I scored a better with the paper version too

Kendra Peyton: Sydney Marie Goodnough same. I honestly think they should give us a choice

Kendra Peyton: I got it figured out! Ask your recruiter about taking the paper version at a MET site.

Issa Terri: So you can request to take the paper instead of the computer?

Kendra Peyton: Terri Blackdiamond yes. Ask your recruiter about testing at a MET site for the paper version. If they say you cant switch recruiters!

Issa Terri: where i live they give out the paper asvab but my recruiter said i cant take it because i took it before

Issa Terri: There must be one version

Kendra Peyton: Ask about going to a met site

Kendra Peyton: If they wont let you ask a different recruiter

Kendra Peyton: Terri Blackdiamond

David Gleitz: Every area is different. In my area the MET site only offers the computer test. The only pencil and paper version available is for students at high schools. If it is not available anywhere in your area it is not that your recruiter doesnt want to get it for you as he/she wants to put you in the Army, the test just may not be available.

Manuel Lema: Almost every location conduct the test on a computer they only time the use the paper version is when the system is down

Kendra Peyton: I got it figured out thanks though!!

Kendra Peyton: Im gonna go to a MET site to take it.

David Gleitz: Im glad you have it figured out. Our MET Site does it on a computer. Every area is different as to what assets are available. Best of luck and keep studying.

Kendra Peyton: Thanks !! I specifically asked my recruiter about taking the paper and pencil at the MET site he said I can. I will keep studying.

Manuel Lema: Kendra Peyton you dont get to choose the version of the test. Honestly most of the MEt sites use computers. Anyway best of luck to you

Kendra Peyton: I asked my recruiter if I could he told me I can and thank you!

Chris Bernard: Ive only see the paper test done when the computers are down. Have you taken the EST yet?

Kendra Peyton: I am taking it in January so its all settled. And the cat-asvab?

Chris Bernard: The EST is a screening test for the ASVAB. Youll have the opportunity to take the PICAT, this is the same as the ASVAB but with only 2 differences. Your not timed and youll have to take a short verification of that test because it was not proctored….See more

Kendra Peyton: I cant take it. Ive already taken the asvab.

Chris Bernard: Did you pass it. if not, were you enrolled into March 2 success?

Kendra Peyton: Nope. Ive tested 4 times. And I take it again in January. And yes Ive used it a lot

Chris Bernard: Have you check to see if any local colleges do tutor sessions? I know where Im at they do them for free twice a week

Kendra Peyton: I have before. And I took Andys class.