So I decided to stop in here after work, havent been for a few years. …

So I decided to stop in here after work, havent been for a few years. Asked for a 16 sausage mushroom onion, but asked for canned mushrooms, because the fresh make the pizza to wet for our preference. The dark haired lady behind the counter takes a can from a back shelf and slams it on the counter and says I should put it on myself when I get home. Ok? She was rude to another couple when they came in to order as well. Complaining about no bread for subs, making potato salad for people who dont pick it up after ordering. Just plainly unprofessional. I think my money will be better spent elsewhere in the future.

Miguel Strickland: where was this?

Malaysia Jefferson: Where ever this was, I would definitely call and speak with the manager.

Gavin Castro: Oops Chef Fresh I think she was the manager!!

Malaysia Jefferson: Whoa!

Miguel Strickland: wow! where is that place? ive never heard of it.

Gavin Castro: Menasha off of plank rd

Aaron Watson: Thats shocking! Theyve been my favorite take-n-bake for years!

Diana Terry: Wow! I would have said something right there ad then asked for their district managers number. That would not be tolerated at my work.

Ryleigh Silva: Pretty sure there is no district manager, it is privately owned by locals

Malia Dunn: I frequent Chef Fresh often, and I have NEVER had a bad experience quite the oppisite…We are all human and MAYBE she had an awful day, or whatever…I work retail and somedays after many hours of difficult customers, things not going right, etc…it is hard to put on a happy smile …

Maddox Lambert: If not happy, you should let them know.

Gavin Castro: I did posted on their site

Diana Terry: It doesnt matter if youre having a bad day, youre getting paid to great customers with respect.

Malia Dunn: Believe me I understand that just saying if you dont speak up at the time its happening but come on social media and B*$^tch about it ..what good is that???

Skylar Jenkins: This is a Facebook page for reviews. That means not only do we share the good but also the bad. Maybe ALL food establishments should think about that.

Everly Ferguson: Call and ask to speak with Deanna. She is the owner and needs to know this.

Diana Terry: Exactly so its not that she just came on here to bitch. Shes using this for what it is.

Everly Ferguson: No problem with this review. You can decide if you want to call the owner. She needs to know if she has a bad employee though.

Remi Kim: Great pizza. Too bad one person ruined it for you. Maybe you can be the one to help them make sure you talk to the owner.

Maci Park: I know who you are talking about. I ordered a pizza with 1/2 cheese and she didntput cheese on the other half. I couldnt help but laugh but good thing I checked it before I left. She wasnt happy with me but seriously

Ana Hale: If you are working with customers, even if you are having a bad day, you are not allowed to treat the customer poorly. No excuse.

Phoebe Vega: Been going there since the 70s, never have had a problem. I ask that no one makes a decision based on one

Addyson Castillo: Wow I have always had great service and fantastic pizza. Guess we all have a days.

Everly Ferguson: Update… Problem has been addressed by the owner.

Payton Washington: Hoping youll give them another shot, Sue. Its one of my favorite take and bake places. Sorry for your crappy experience 🙁

Gavin Castro: I think she was the owner to be honest

Payton Washington: That is not cool 🙁

Everly Ferguson: No she isnt. I spoke with the owner and she had a talk with her.

Gavin Castro: Thanks for taking care of this, I feel bad posting that kind of stuff, but some times it needs to get out there for the problem to get handled.

Gavin Castro: Ok thats makes me feel better about going back there

Gavin Castro: I felt bad about the blonde working with her she was nice, but seemed verbally beat up by the dark haired coworker

Finn Mack: Chef Fresh has always been a favorite of mine..Glad to see this taken care of

Maci Park: I still go back. I have been going there since we were kids I wont let a little thing like no cheese on my pizza stop me lol

Finn Mack: I always like the sub sandwich they had..I will have to go pick one those up..

Paisley Wilson: All reviews on are bad for Chef Fresh…. maybe time to add another one and for those that love the place, maybe, just maybe, you could take the time to write yelp reviews to help raise their numbers.

Tessa Dean: I know the owners well…..very nice, friendly people. Used to work there and must say while I was working there had rude customers come in and I did the best I could to try and please them. Since leaving there I have been in that store many times and never had anything but good experiences when being waited on. You just dont know what she was dealing with before you came in. I would give it a second chance for sure since the pizza and potato salad are the BEST!

Waylon James: Everyone deserves a second chance unless you just do not like the place when you walk in the door.

Everly Ferguson: The potato salad is Wanserskis recipe.