Hubby and I went to Town Council for dinner last night and learned a l…

Hubby and I went to Town Council for dinner last night and learned a lesson about the importance of doing research. This was our first visit and we really didnt know what to expect. They had a very limited menu and both of us had a very hard time reading the tiny letters. There wasnt much of an explanation of the menu and a lot of it was in Spanish and hard to understand. We ordered the Queso Fundido and hubby asked if he could substitute flour tortillas instead of corn because of sensitivities to corn. They were very accommodating and even grilled up the flour tortillas. I had the Ceviche because I knew what that was and it was very good. Hubby had the Carnitas Torta and it was ok. We were hoping for salsa and realized that was an option on the menu but it was too late to order. My Margarita was one of the best I have ever had so it was all worth it. Our server was very attentive and Im sure would have explained the menu if we knew what to ask. Not a great experience but we will be back and do our research next time.

Hallie Carlson: That was a special menu for Cinco de Mayo. If you check out their Facebook page you will see they have a significantly larger menu

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Blakely Griffith: Yes, we knew that and that is why we will back.

Nylah Perkins: I have to say…a bit more information would be necessary on this menu. Some people might not know Chicharones are pork rinds. Pozole de pato y cabeza….traditionally this is made with pork or turkey. This is duck and cabeza is head meat….like cow cheek meat or pig head meat. Definitely worth more details. Sounds wonderful, though!!

Matilda Becker: I bet the several thousand local Mexican families celebrating their holiday know what they are 😉

Carmen Garza: Ask your server or educate yourself. Dont expect picture menus or a paragraph dish description.

Matilda Becker: but it was a one day menu so its a tough ask

Nylah Perkins: Yo soy Mexicana. I know what cabeza and posole are. This was a IMHO comment. Wow…

Matilda Becker: I guess the wink didnt suggest enough playfulness 🤷‍♂️

Anna Ortega: Restaurants are not grocery stores, if they had the item at one time, most likely its not there again.Translation is as easy as a smartphone away.

Blakely Griffith: I refuse to pull out my cell phone at a restaurant, I think it is rude and tacky.

Sadie Stokes: The servers are well versed in the menu and very accommodating there. Dont be afraid to ask about the menu, theyre happy to walk you through it!

George Hines: Respectfully, as she mentioned, a bit of communication with the waiter would have changed this experience entirely. They are trying to push the food scene in the area and they will most definitely stick to their guns. Their regular menu will also have things on it that many do not recognize. Use those lovely people that take care of you at the table. This goes for every restaurant; communicate your needs and questions.

Addison Cortez: The restaurant should make a menu clear to ALL patrons without explanations. People come to a place to enjoy a nice evening out and should not have to educate themselves to order a meal. Life shouldnt be that complicated.

Hallie Carlson: Then eat fast food

Melissa Chapman: Really, how about when traveling? Its part of the experience. We should not be this close minded. If you dont know, ask.

George Hines: Connie, weve been down this road. Not all questions can be answered on a menu and it is impractical to expect it. Use your server, thats what they are there for.

Skyla Poole: Then itll need to be in Hmong, German, French, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Farsi………….

Logan Snyder: Melissa Chapman: I agree with you, but its not like she was traveling! Its always good to have a description so people dont have to ask what every single thing on the menu is. Even if the server should know, its not not their job to translate the menu for you

Sadie Stokes: Logan Snyder: actually at some restaurants, it is a part of their job! From start to finish, Town Council isnt just a meal, its a culinary experience and they treat you like family.

Melissa Chapman: When I first moved to Wisconsin I needed lots of help. There were many things I was unfamiliar with. I asked, tasted and grew.

Logan Snyder: Sadie Stokes: thank you, but I waitressed for over 10 years at multiple high end restaurants, my point is you shouldnt have to explain the entire menu, and if thats a culinary experience for you Im sorry, not saying they arent a great restaurant

Sadie Stokes: It goes well beyond that Michelle. Maybe you should give it a try!

Logan Snyder: Sadie Stokes: lmao

Logan Snyder: My comment is strictly on this post, Im not saying anything bad about this restaurant

Melissa Chapman: That is what your server is for to answer your questions and make your experience pleasant. Pls. Ask questions, just like when you travel and are not familiar. Ask.

Damon Grambow:


Addison Cortez: I want to go out and enjoy a meal and visit with my friends…..not have a conversation with the waitstaff.

Hallie Carlson: Then you dont understand the “experience” of dining and should go to simple establishments with simple menus….problem solved

Addison Cortez: Anne why must you say such hurtful things

George Hines: Connie, how is that hurtful? You want a simple menu with no frills. Thats where you should dine and thats perfectly acceptable.

Addison Cortez: She is suggesting that I am simple minded. Why is that ok?

Hallie Carlson: That is NOT what I am saying at all.

George Hines: She is not. You said you dont want to interact with service staff. Thats what simple establishments like Marys Place are for. Again nothing wrong with that. Everyone likes different things. You like things more simple.

Addison Cortez: Wow. That is so insulting

Hallie Carlson: At this point I think you are trying to be offended. No one is insulting you. We are taking the issues you are bringing up and finding solutions for them

George Hines: Well, this is going to go in circles. Everyone keep enjoying the places that you enjoy and avoid the places you do not.

Skyla Poole: Conversing with wait sraff is a part of nearly every sit down meal dining experience. I agree with Hallie Carlson:

Bailey Peters: I have to agree. I dont find the comment condescending at all. Shes just stating the obvious, not calling u simple minded. If you go to chain restaurants or very American food restaurants, then the menus will be very straight forward.

Khloe Briggs: Connie – have you tried Texas Roadhouse? You would love it there.

Zuri Tyler: Trust me the staff see you coming a mile away and dont want to talk to you either honey ….please 🙄

Eric Snyder: Are there only about 100 people in the entire Valley that fully appreciate fine dining? Wow

Carmen Garza: Sometimes I feel like there is less 🙁

Skyla Poole: You may be right. 🤦‍♂️

Courtney Hardin Krieg:


Addison Cortez: Oh the elite 100. How special. I have eaten at El Corso, Plae Bistro, Chives, etc. I know fine dining.

George Hines: Addison Cortez:, so is it easier to ask about what a mornay is compared to a pozole? Where is the line for you? Should the menu list salt and pepper? Do you want pico de gallo broken down into ingredients?

Danna Soto: As a board member of the elite 100 I can tell you that you dont understand fine dining if youre opposed to a conversation with your server. You are coming to eat for an experience. You are being introduced to new foods that your server will explain to you.

Eric Snyder: Addison Cortez: that was not my intention but your interpretation. I was referring to the fact that the are a few really great places in the valley that dont make the usual menu

Danna Soto: We also ate here last night! We had a couple of questions pertaining to our meal and the server was more than happy to answer our questions.I thought our experience was lovely.

Matilda Becker: Glad to hear you got out of your comfort zone. Sounds like top notch service and authentic cuisine.

Harmony Romero: Although I agree they should have had it broken down a bit more. Most mexican restaurants have it in English under th spanish in a smaller print. But if you are unaware, asking the waiter would have been the best option.

Bentley May: Whenever I dont know what something is I just ask the server to explain what is in it and how it is prepared. Quick and easy solution!

Charles Long: Some places will offer both the special menu and regular menu, like Zacatecas does.

George Hines: I think this is a different establishment.

Charles Long: Yes

Addison Cortez: People in the Fox Valley are always looking for new and unique restaurants to try. In the past few years, we have had many different culinary restaurants succeed and continue to grow. Dont be discouraged. What type of restaurant were you planning on opening?

Remington Robbins: I own one in Green Bay called nectar, we are completely organic vegan and gluten free. We make sandwiches juices smoothie bowls, etc. were opening on the river in downtown Appleton next spring next to tempest coffee, well also have a full service bak…See more

Addison Cortez: It sounds wonderful. I wish you the best.

Remington Robbins: Addison Cortez: thanks so much!!

Melissa Chapman: Nectar will do great. It will have a following and do well, dont be discouraged.

Remington Robbins: Melissa Chapman: thanks so much Maria, we have a lot of people who make the drive to visit us, so I cant wait to be back in my hometown so people dont have to drive so far!!