Question since I dont go out to eat a lot…10 of my gal friends and I…

Question since I dont go out to eat a lot…10 of my gal friends and I went to soleas in Appleton the other night. I prefer the Menasha location but with a large group we decided to give it a try.. Everything we ordered was delish, the waiter was good, my problem came at time to pay our bills. Those of us paying by cash were asked if we needed our change back, most of us said yes, as we were leaving a larger tip at the table. when he returned all of us no matter what the change was did not receive the coins, I for example should have received $1.85, I received $1.00… Is this standard practice? my friends were a bit upset and then decided, since they felt wronged, not to leave a tip… I did leave a nice tip but am just curious?

Elisa Frazier: That is not right!! I would have spoken to the server or management!

Jayla Wolfe: Ive been in the service industry for 13 years and have not nor would ever do that!

Royalty Daniels: Not right.

Bethany Walton: That is not standard practice ever,its no different then stealing…I would call and tell the manager or they will just keep doing it.

Daphne Nelson: No, that is not standard. Why did he even ask if he wasnt going to bring it all back? Wow, I would call that skimming.

Luca Shelton: Totally weird – I did not have a good experience last time I was there so am not a good one to respond but that is inappropriate.

Willow Holland: An employee there stole my moms credit card number from there a few years.

Tyler Robinson: Did they catch he before he used the number?

David Moore: I had a friend who forgot her wallet at the Menasha one but went right back after she realized she left it there. Which wasnt long at all. They supposedly did not see it or find it.

Adam Pope: I would have said something right away! Stand up for yourself! Who else will?

Journey Parker: COMPLAIN TO MGT!!!! even now!

Leah Owen: We go there every week just about. We havent had that problem but if you just call and talk to Edwardo I am sure he will help you out. I agree it isnt right

Daleyza Jordan: Possible the server did not know how to give change so thats why he gave the dollar and just shrugged off the change. There are many out there that have not been taught to make change!! Shameful.

Bethany Walton: that would only happen if they carried their own bank Linny..

Bethany Walton: Usually you cash your checks out at the bar or hostess station,I had my own bank at Germania but I know how to make change and your right, a lot of people dont and dont know how to count it back to you.

Daleyza Jordan: That is exactly what I meant Jolene.


Adelina Hale: Maybe he rounded it all together and gave a few dollars back instead of a little change to everyone?

Royalty Daniels: Somewhat related to this is a growing number of servers who ASSUME that they need not return the difference. I recently had to ask my server to return $11.00 change on a $9.00 bill.It was not an honest mistake.. And…I let the mgr know exactly what happened when it happened…Grrr… Thank you to the many, many fabulous food service staff who do it RIGHT in the Fox Valley.