Silly question, what issues would I run into if I left the bolt that I…

Silly question, what issues would I run into if I left the bolt that I dropped in the thermostat housing on the intake? Would this affect the engine itself? Waterpump?

Christene Deason: I would say yes, water flows through and can eventually cause problems.

Josh Marxen: find a magnet on a flexable handle

Dale Sullivan: I was thinking same thing. Or on a string.

Amanda Zielis: Well I tried the magnet thing but I sorta pushed the bolt a little further so thats why I was asking what harm I would be causing.

Josh Marxen: water moves pretty good through there. at best you have a 50/50 chance of it finding a spot to sit or its going to get to the thermostat and hold it open. T stat should keep it from getting to pump. it could work its way down and plug a water passage in block

Josh Marxen: Water is going to push it in father. other than pump no moving parts and going away from pump but the water passage holes in the block are not much bigger than a pencil. everywhere else that has moving parts has oil

Amanda Zielis: So maybe I should try the magnet again…if I cant get it…the most issues I would be dealing with would be the pump…thats if I am understanding correctly or thermostat

Josh Marxen: it would have to go through thermostat because water goes through top hose motor to radiator. It cant make it to pump but may get stuck in thermostat.

Josh Marxen: So if you cant reach with magnet putting it back together may push it up. bolts in motor are just a mechanic pet peeve like a watch in surgeons patient lol

Amanda Zielis: Lol good point.

Amanda Zielis: Thank you!

Amanda Zielis: I will give it a shot again tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

Steve Fuji Johnston: Took a chance and bought a toyota Carolla real cheap once. 22R running hot, found 12mm socket in thermostat. Much better after that lol.