A question for all my mechanics……. If you have a blown head gasket…

A question for all my mechanics……. If you have a blown head gasket does that necessarily mean that you have to purchase a engine or can you just buy the head cylinders and replace them? Which would be the best choice and why?

Jeremi Taylor: Usually youll just have to replace the heads. Because they will get warped. If you know a machinist. They can resurface your existing one. But only if its never been resurfaced. Other than that just replacing the gasket itself doesnt always correct the issue.

Josh Marxen: Price out both ways, new heads, new long block, labor. Having the old heads reworked can be a little cheaper, but if they are warped or cracked, you still get some of a machine shop bill for paper weights. Plus you can better quality aftermarket ones. I say price out a long block because just new heads, a timing belt and tensioners as long as its apart, maybe a water pump ect, plus all the labor can add up to 80-90% of a new motor. And if water got in the oil turning it into a milkshake the bottom end (rings bearings even the oil pump) are at best damaged. Why put new heads on a motor that will throw a rod. When you replace heads theres always an unexpected expense. With luck its one $20 sensor, but most coil on plug designs anymore cost $100 just for new plugs and the boots, a bad coil can be another $50 times up to 8, A short block is the bottom end, a long block includes heads and water pump, a crate motor includes almost everything. The more common the motor, the cheaper finding a reman and there are certified used motors. It really depends on the miles of the old motor and how the gasket blew.

Alexis King Smith: The mechanic says its a blown head gasket but he didnt say that it was cracked. He says it needs a new engine. But I brought my mechanic to there shop and he said all it needs is the head cylinders replace. V8 4.5 liter

Alexis King Smith: Im stuck between a rock and a hard spot

Ben Otto: I think theres a lot more to consider here. What is the vehicles value and who is doing the work? And what is the vehicle? For example, if this is a Ford, buy a new engine. Without any question, their engines are just terrible. If its a Chevy engine, especially 2000+ LS series, I would just replace the gasket, plane the head and put it back together. The bottom ends are way way over built and can handle a little abuse.

Alexis King Smith: 1990 Cadillac DeVille

Alexis King Smith: License mechanic

Alexis King Smith: Oil is fine

Ben Otto: Oh you got the northstar engine. Just replace the gasket and plane the head. Im pretty sure those are iron heads, but thats just off the top of my head. Iron heads are much much stronger than aluminum heads and much less prone to warping. The machinist that planes the head can check for flatness anyway. So my recommendation is remove the head, clean the block mating surface with a BRASS bristled brush, never steel, plane the head and have it washed, then reassemble. It will run mighty nice

Alexis King Smith: Life saver thats my dream car 62,000 original miles on the motor

Ben Otto: I didnt even plane the head on my old 78, I used high temp RTV to fill in the gaps and it runs like a champ. I love Chevy engines. They put up with so much abuse its just funny.

Alexis King Smith: I love Chevys to after I finish this one I want one of those to there awesome

Alexis King Smith:

Alexis King Smith:

Alexis King Smith: Im the second owner

Ben Otto: Wow nice!! Very good choice with this beauty. 😊

Alexis King Smith: Thanks she rides good everything original

Alexis King Smith: Accept I slip a CD player in there lol

Ben Otto: Definitely needs it. Lol.

Alexis King Smith: Yes the original radio is in the trunk though. I painted a candy red Rock and the seats hug you

Alexis King Smith: I got to just get my engine right and Im good I put a brand-new water pump and ac compressor just to make sure everything is sweet on the ride

Ben Otto: Thats awesome. Sounds like youre engine will be alright with the oil not turning milky. As long as you get the head planed and the surfaces clean, I think it will run very nice for you for a long time. 😊

Alexis King Smith: Thanks for the help your awesome I will do it tomorrow most definitely and will definitely let you know how it goes

Ben Otto: Keep us posted! Good luck! 😊😊

Alexis King Smith: Thanks I will

Tobi Ciao: New gasket and machine the head