I have a rash all over my back Lotrimin doesnt work allergie pills don…

I have a rash all over my back Lotrimin doesnt work allergie pills dont work its worse when I wake up or been working in the sun or heat. Can you tell me what it is and what I should take. I had it for over a year

Danielle Ferguson: I really would like some help I been to the doctor twice. If its a hear rash what do I do. I thought it was ring work but it wasnt

Greyson Henderson: I had the same thing. But I would only get it during the summer for 3 years straight. It was all over me. My doctor told me it was the fifth disease and he gave me some steriods and it was gone.

Danielle Ferguson: Fifth disease? Whats that

Greyson Henderson: Its a disease some people call it the slap cheek disease because it normally only appears on the cheeks. Its also more common with children. But adults can get it too. But also can cover your whole body. Its contagious to. But the word thing with this disease is you dont catch it as soon as you get in contact with it. It took like 6 months before I finally caught it.

Danielle Ferguson::

Danielle Ferguson: Fifth disease? Whats that

Danielle Ferguson: Is this a real group, is there a doctor in this website?

Gunner Ruiz: Sorry for late expert reply @ Timothy Hass. Our dermatologist will review ur case appropriately n feed u back in private. Thanks

Danielle Ferguson: Thanks

Danielle Ferguson: Im still waiting

Danielle Ferguson: Its worse now its on my ribs chest and arms

Gunner Ruiz: OkSorry for that.Do u have doctor opinion in ur location?

Danielle Ferguson: He doesnt know Im on a steroids shot right now and allergies pills, first they thought it was ring worm, then heat rash now something else but nothing is working. And I do not have insuranse

Natalia Baker: It look lyk allargic/contact dermatitis and for d treatment ————-

Danielle Ferguson: D treatment ———–?

Natalia Baker: Meaning after consultation fee

Gunner Ruiz: Doctor!

Natalia Baker::

Daniel Figueroa: Psoreazis

Danielle Ferguson: Its a heat rash I been to the doctor 3 times i gave up. Thats why i asked here. Im trying this stuff called silver it seems to be working