Here is a simple question: What do you use to lubricate SPD pedals? I …

Here is a simple question: What do you use to lubricate SPD pedals? I have one that is tough to get out of on one side and since I use the shoes on many pedals, I think it is the pedal that needs the help. I should lube all my pedals anyway so, suggestions?

Chris Daigle: I guess you are talking about cleats. I used White Lightning chain lube. That way, I dont leave an oil streak everywhere I walk.

Pedaling Pete: Make sure the cleats on your shoes are tight and in good order. When you stop, do you stand on that pedals side. You might have worn or damaged the cleat. Adjust the tension on your pedals. Hear hear on a lube that doesnt leave a trail.

Chris Osborne: I just give them a squirt of gt85 after washing the bike

Bill Santore: Ditto.

Rob Flanagan: If something isnt moving right on the pedals, Id give it a little bit of triflow on all the pivots. However, Shimano spd pedals rarely have any issues, it is usually something to do with the cleat. Make sure that it is firmly attached, correctly adjusted, and in good condition.

Martin Pont: Ive never needed to lube my spd or keo pedals in 20 years 🤷🏻‍♂️

Bill Heimann: Did you check the tension adjustment bolt?

Steve Pearce: Had my shimano SPD pedals 3 years and havent needed to lubricate once. Now Ive said that theyll probably get sticky next week.😲😁

Michael Simpson: After washing the bike and giving the pedals a rough dry with kitchen towel, Ill do 3 in 1 oil lightly on the pivots and plenty of it on the springs. And a blob of dry chain lube on the edges of the jaws if theyve started to squeak but theres still life left in the cleats.

Donald Bybee: Spray Teflon lube for me. Makes a huge difference.

Christopher Crewe: Oil. Any simple lubricant will do. Just clean it thoroughly first.