DT Swiss 240 rear hub question. When coasting, my rear hub doesnt quit…

DT Swiss 240 rear hub question. When coasting, my rear hub doesnt quit make the constant clicking noise Ive come to expect out of a 240. The noise is a more cyclical clicking noise that ever so slightly speeds up and slows down each revolution like something is out of round. Any possible culprits or is this normal? TIA and PFA

Shawn Punga: Have you regreased the star ratchets recently?

Nathan Harp: No I havent serviced anything. Are there specialty tools reqd?

Joe Sandschulte: Yes.

Shawn Punga: Its quite easy and can be done trailside if needed: Youtube.com

How to: DT Swiss Star Ratchet Service ON TRAIL In Less Than 5 Minutes

Joe Sandschulte: How old? The gear ring may be wearing out. There are special tools to service DT hubs (in particular ring nut tool).

Pete Keach: Normal sound. Keep clean with a few drops of synthetic oil and let.them ring.

Adrian ONeill: Could be that you’re riding a stealth bike…

Nathan Harp: Tore it apart tonight. My theory is the springs put uneven pressure on the rings. Perhaps a guy could place the springs in there to counteract their assemetry which would maybe make for a more balanced sound. After seeing how simple they are Im not concerned anymore.

Pete Keach: Totally normal signature sound. Harness it.

Christoffer Sundqvist: Im pretty sure this is normal.

Paul Brannon: It’s in the balance of your rear wheel- there are balancing kits with little weights you can get a bit like balancing the wheels of a car

Christoffer Sundqvist: Are you serious? I have today maybe 10 demo bikes here with this faint change in sound while coasting, I never bothered with it due to that most bikes ive used had it. Makes sense in a way i guess, hardly worth the hassle though.

Paul Brannon: Christoffer Sundqvist I agree not worth the hassle – I was just answering the question and confirming that there was nothing wrong with the freehub

Matt Sporadisk: The buzz on my 240 freehub always sounded pulsing. Down to the frequency perhaps