Glad I got approved for this group! Gonna be asking a lot of questions…

Glad I got approved for this website! Gonna be asking a lot of questions now lol. Buuuuuuuuuut first off,I just recently bought a 1988 chevy silverado k1500. Im looking for the fuse box that controls the dome lights and the lights under the dash. Theres 2 fuse locations. Under the dash, near the steering wheel, and another one UNDER the whole dash,near your feet. None are labeled dome light. PLEASE HELP!!!

Colton Norman: Itll will probably be called accessory, cab light or int light ( just going off the 80s Ive worked on) do you have anything else not working? Radio, cig lighter, dash lights etc?

Raymond Wright: Colton,this thing is all kinds of wired up and half working lol. The speedo only works sometimes. I have to smack the clear plastic for it to work. The cruise control doesnt work. The wipers only work on high. Then I have to click them while their down or else theyll stop wherever they are. The horn doesnt work. The dash lights, radio, cig lighter and dash lights do work.

Colton Norman: Sounds like your instrument panel needs some soldering to fix that speedo issue.A multifunction switch will fix your wiper blade issueCruise control wont work if the module under the hood attached to the throttle body is broken or seized, or if its mounted to the wiper blade toggle (multifunction switch) that switch could also be causing your issue there.Have you checked it out for rat nests or other signs of bad wiring? You should take an afternoon and dig in there. Try not to tank on any wires, but inspect them for damage both behind the dash and in the engine bay.While youre in the engine bay, check your vac lines too. You can get 10ft for I think 3 to 5 bucks and replace them if theyre cracked. Again, dont tug on them. They could be small coolant or oil lines . Just check them out and be prepared if you need to replace them

Raymond Wright: Well Im nervous to go poking and pulling and this n that on it ATM,cause my wifes car broke down on us 3 days after I got this truck, so right now its our only transportation,getting us both to work and the kids to school. Plus I dont know very much about engines and the electrics of them. Although, I do work at Advance Auto Parts lol. Im learning a lot from working there, building relationships with the mechanics i deliver to. I watch and learn as much as I can.

Colton Norman: You can Google and YouTube everything you need to know. Best things to learn starting out areDifferent types of brake systems…See more

Raymond Wright: Colton Norman yeah Ive learned just as much from YouTube as I have from real people. I appreciate these replies and your advice. Ill definitely check a few things out tomorrow. Im about to pass out about now lol. Thanks again. Im sure Ill have more questions tomorrow lol

Colton Norman: Raymond Wright Im off tomorrow, Ill keep an eye open for your posts!

Leonard Porter: Raymond Wright as a worker at a parts house the first and most important information Im about to give you is the first thing I always tell someone in your position and is the way I learned so go to work go by the repair manual section and buy you a book on your truck and start reading

Kevin Slagle: Back in the old days I always had a Haynes or Chiltons manual for each of my vehicles. They pulled me through many DIY repairs. These days YouTube has become the real MVP. Oh yeah, I always take a picture or make a diagram of how the belt wraps around each pulley before I remove it. Youll be glad you did.

Robert Copland: Look up gmt400 on Facebook…. Bunch of groups on 88-98 chevy and gmc…. Lots of people to help

Raymond Wright: Thank you. Just asked to join

Robert Copland: There are alot of them Im in a bunch… Good place to find local parts too

Raymond Wright: Add me to a few if you can

Robert Copland: Ok

Robert Copland: I added you to all the ones Im in…. Most of them have to be approved by the admins of the groups

Raymond Wright: Yeah I had to answer some questions lol. Idk Wth a gmt400 is though lol

Robert Copland: Gmt400 is the platform for 88-98 gm trucks…. Gmt800 is the platform for 99-07 gm trucks

Raymond Wright: O shit. Well I guess I answered that question wrong LOL. It asked me if I had one and I said, I dont know but I do have an 88 Chevy Silverado K 1500 LOL

Raymond Wright:

Raymond Wright: