Hello I have a question, heres the story my sister HAD a 2000 buick ce…

Hello I have a question, heres the story my sister HAD a 2000 buick century she drove it maybe 2 miles from home to a fast food joint maybe a 1/4 mile down the road on her way home at a stop light when it turned green it would not go this is an automatic the car would rev up but would not go into gear, so someone pushed her to a parking lot I met her there, checked the tranny fluid it was completely dry while it was running in park okay so we go put about 4 quarts in I think mind you I kept checking the dip stick after every quart whiel running in park it wouldnt run in drive after 4 quarts but it would finally drive in the low gears 1 and 2 and I think 3…fast forward I now have possession of the car I bought it off her cause she didnt want to buy more tranny fluid..yea I Know it beats me lol..but anyways should I put a couple more quarts in and see what happens or is the tranny shot? it will drive in 1 and 2 not drive tho and it will go in reverse as well.

Mike Jones: Start it an shift through the gears a couple times an re check trams fluid….if its still low add some Lucas or bars link trans additive see if that helps…

Ben Otto: Uh, no

Ronald Johnson Sr: Do you have tyranny fluid hitting the ground, if not ck and make sure its not smoking a blowing back into the engine crankcase

Johnathan Peralez: No leaks at all I checked multiple time while it was running and while it was sitting. Where would it be smoking from?

Ronald Johnson Sr: There is a tube that goes from tranny to the engine as an assist in shifting on the tranny there is a valve connected with this tube that should keep the fluid from migrating back to the engine where its either burned off or dumped into you oil sump, check this valve and replace if bad

Ben Otto: First of all, you need to get the proper amount of fluid in the system. It has ran short of proper fluid for an extended period of time and damage has most definitely been done to the transmission. The extent of damage is yet to be seen. Get the unit full of fluid first and see if it will operate for you. You do this by having the engine run in park. Add fluid down the dip stick until it reads full. Transmissions can hold up to 20 quarts of fluid depending on the transmission. Keep adding until its full according to the dip stick.

Johnathan Peralez: I. Put a quart in. Today and it still stayed right under the hatch marks on the dip stick

Colton Norman: Theres a chance it ate its gears already..

Ben Otto: Theres zero chance it ate gears and a good chance it ate clutch plates. Please only comment if you know Wtf youre talking about.

Colton Norman: Ben Otto its an automatic… Theres no clutch

Colton Norman: And from the sounds of the post, its a new to them car. They drove it 2 miles and it shit on them. Maybe I misinterpreted, but if not Id say its a good chance theyre looking into a rebuild

Ben Otto: Automatics have clutches

Ben Otto: Again, if you dont know Wtf youre talking about then dont comment.

Colton Norman: Ben Otto do you mean a torque converter.. ?

Johnathan Peralez: no was not a car we just got, we had it for over a year till it did this

Ben Otto: Finally off of my FB ban and can reply, Colton Norman

Ben Otto: This is a screenshot of a video you need to watch on YouTube.

Ben Otto: Youtu.be

Automatic Transmission, How it works ?

Johnathan Peralez: Ben Otto so i put a quart in after checking the tranny flyid, before I checked the fluid I got the car up to temp and through it in reverse and drove then in to 1st then reverse and so on, it still only drives in 1st and second reverse as well when I …See more

Ben Otto: A lot can go wrong with an automatic transmission because there is so many moving parts. But if you top it off with fluid, youre ruling out a few things.What color is the fluid? If its burnt to hell, you should consider a filter and fluid change. A…See more

Randy Cox: Make sure its full according to the dipstick. If it says full drive it for 10 min and allow it to get to a good temperature. Repeat as nessasary till it registers as full.