quick question 2005 honda pilot. i took the brake master cylinder off …

quick question 2005 honda pilot. i took the brake master cylinder off yesterday for a core return. i wound up not getting to the store to puck up the new part. i tried to put it back on and dropped/lost one of the mounting nuts. im about to get the new mc, but i forgot to bring the remaining nut with me. how can i find the right nut to replace the one i dropped? will autozone be able to look it up? im assuming the new mc wont have new ones. any help will be greatly appreciated.

Johnathan Cortez: New one should have it

Johnathan Cortez: If not AutoZone has some

Stan Vice: i know it took a 14mm socket to take off.but i dont know diameter of the threads.thanks for the quick response.

Johnathan Cortez: Yes sir if you have one of them they have a spot where you can check size nd threads there nd match it up

Stan Vice: i have one.but, its 8 miles away and im on foot.LOL!Im really hoping they can pull up a parts diagram or something.im going to get about 5 of them because i know ill drop at least 4 more.

Johnathan Cortez: Lol best of luck bud

Ian Lounsbury: This is very good question and I realize this many hours later that the OP probably figured something out, but Im going to give a speech on it anyway. Most hardware stores in the US sell ISO standard fasteners. No big deal normally unless you work on something like a Honda. There is no ISO standard bolt that uses a 14mm wrench, it jumps from 13mm to 16mm. However JIS (Japanese industrial standard) does use 14mm. So now we have to cross reference a tiny bit to come up with a nut that will fit the threads even though it will be a different socket size. In this case a 10mm nut should fit the threads on the stud but will have to use a 16mm socket. Best bet though if to take the one that didnt disappear and hope it can be matched.

Stan Vice: i got just a plain nut.itll do until i start my car and that other one falls out somewhere, hopefully in the driveway.