Serious question now that its getting nice… Jds or dicks :)

Serious question now that its getting nice… Jds or dicks 🙂

Patrick Walton: Dicks….but its closer. If I was closer to jds Id pick that one 😉

Macie Sparks: Thats why I pick my nose. Its the one right on my face.

Parker Lucas: Macie Sparks: at least your not picking your dicks 😉

Macie Sparks: Oh, Carla.

Carter Craig: JDs…Only bc its close to me.

Mariana Nelson: Toms

Priscilla Martin: JDs I think has changed over the past few years. Its not that great anymore

Jayla Walters: The last time I went to JDs is was filthy. I wont be going back!

Cecilia Fleming: In the summer I choose Dicks only because its not open year round like Toms & JDs are. But…if it were solely a cheese curd question, then JDs hands down!

Adriana Gardner: LEONS in Oshkosh if we are talking cold treats… also Zestys up in DePere/GB. Good good stuff!

Luca Hale: Richards Fine Dinning is always my 1st choice

Cataleya Banks: JDs all the way!!

Justin Aguilar: Jds

Iris Chambers: JDs

Caroline Patterson: Toms

Peyton Dunn: Both

Gracelyn Mullins: Both

Daisy West: What is this Dicks everyone keeps talking about? Im clueless where this is. Mark, zip it 🤐 😘

Patrick Walton: Kaukauna

Saylor Hernandez: Jds

Fatima Moss: Drive in… I am a faithful Charlies Drive In patron. Best burgers. Best shakes. Best staff.

Valentina Fuller: Jds

Nina Henderson: Depends what Im getting!!

Brandon Patrick: Dicks

Zander Logan: Both – Husband prefers Dick and I prefer JDs

Victoria Vega: Ardy and Eds and Leons in Oshkosh

Hallie Manning: Havent been to JDs. Where is it? Id like to do a fair comparison.

Zara Barrett: By Appleton East High

Hallie Manning: Will check it out.

Simon Wilkins: Toms!

Jayla Walters: Dicks

Zara Barrett: Both….depends on what Im getting AND where Im at. Used to LOVE Toms Sloppy Joes but they discontinued it😢

Blakely Sparks: JDs

Rafael Weaver: JDs

Jake Thomas: Dicks

Mckenna Welch: JDs for food. Dicks for dessert.

Brian Sanders: JDs

Andres Barker: Jds all the way baby


Alejandra Cook: Yes I agree!

Jason Campbell: You betcha !

Giovanni Zimmerman: Jds!!

Jacqueline Buchanan: Both

Sophie Johnson: Jds

Paislee Rice: Both!

Nolan Shaw: Jds

Elias Haynes: what is jds?

Jazlyn Townsend: Burger place near Appleton East High School

Jazlyn Townsend: Charlies Car Hop Drive In in Hortonville!

Maxwell Curtis: JDs!!! 😋

Robert Simmons: Dicks by a mile

Quinn Ball: Both. Every other week. 😁

Sebastian Knight: JDs!!!

Alejandra Cook: Charlies Drive-In!!!

Clayton Cannon: Both

Ariah Herrera: JDs

Marlee Holland: Both

Emelia Hayes: Dicks!

Kamila Reid: Everyone loves dicks. Its great!

Bella Palmer: Both (whichever you are closer to at the time).