Question, Fox Valley foodies: what food trend do you think the Fox Val…

Question, Fox Valley foodies: what food trend do you think the Fox Valley has missed out on?

Peyton Taylor: More sports bars!!!

Ezekiel Bryant: Cheesecake Factory!!

Charlotte Osborne: Anything vegan/ vegetarian

Aubree Rice: Hi Maria, Green Gecko has vegan and vegetarian options on their menu, including homemade soups. Come and give us a try!

Spencer Lloyd: The Source has vegan options!

Charlotte Osborne: Spencer Lloyd:. Im not willing to pay source prices. The last cauliflower dish was almost $20.00. Not worth it and options are very limited

Amir Kennedy: Harmony Pizza features organic vegan and vegetarian hand tossed Neapolitan style pizzas – seriously good stuff 🙂

Carly Erickson: 2 words, BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE…..but how many is a Brazilian?

Daphne Hampton: Samba in Madison rules. I think it can go over in places where there isnt. Brazilian population. But its expensive. And people in the valley are cheap. Theyll spend 150 bucks put at the bar over a weekend but not 45 bucks on dinner.

Carolina Mckinney: I have a friend who will cater Brazilian BBQ at your house! I think its $30/person, minimum 20ppl!

Carolina Mckinney: Ive made a tradition to have a Brazilian BBQ in our yard every summer. All our gringo friends love it!

Carly Erickson: Paleo diets

Carly Erickson: Freeze dried space food restaurant

Carly Erickson: Spam

Lilah Wheeler: Eww

Steve Myers:

Adelynn Castro: Lilah Wheeler: some people – like us in Hi. ❤️ Spam🤙🏽



Oakley Reed: A good italian

Ezekiel Bryant: Cheesecake Factory!!!!

Elliott Cruz: Korean bbq

Aisha Hogan: Absolutely!!! Closest one is Milwaukee

Kyle Barber: What about Koreanas?

Olive Nguyen: More Gluten free options!

Regina Mccoy: A restaurant that mirrors bazaar food

Oakley Wells: Dim sum!!

Isla Simpson: Korean Cuisine 😍 Native American foods

Isla Simpson: It does, as well as Far East, but I would love to see so much more. Chicago has a great variety!

Aisha Hogan: Isla Simpson: yes! BBQ style- cook at your table with 15 different sides!

Kelsey Fowler: Its not quite the same, but the yakiniku tables at Katsu-Ya are as close as you are going to get to Korean BBQ. Pick your protein, veg, etc. and grill right at the table.

Isla Simpson: Youre right, not quite the same, but darn close.

Josephine Doyle: We definitely need some native American food options in the valley. Its so under represented in the industry overall I feel.

Hattie Griffin: Nothing.

Amir Kennedy: Were lucky to have Korean food here at all, I realize, but it would be nice to have a Korean restaurant where you dont have to pay extra for second helpings of kimchi and side dishes (banchan). Thats really not acceptable anywhere else.

Kelsey Fowler: Amir Kennedy:, Koreana

Amir Kennedy: Unless theyve changed their policy, they always charged for second servings in the past. Most Korean restaurants also rotate their selection of banchan at least once every few years as well. Not a huge complaint, but it definitely sets Koreana apart f…See more

Leilani Franklin: Steak n shake and popeyes

Kyle Barber: I heard theres a Popeyes coming to Green Bay ❤️

Madeleine Fitzgerald: A good French restaurant.

Kai Cunningham: Try Town Council. Very French inspired.

Evelyn Arnold: Steak ‘n Shake for sure

Oakley Reed: LeAnn Chins which is a Minnesota based franchise.

Charli Wood: Had a Leann chinn here before in Appleton didnt work out for some reason

Cassidy Simpson: Long John silvers, Dave and busters, cheesecake factory

Regina Mccoy: Appleton had a long john silvers

Kyle Barber: Green Bay still does

Adriana Stewart: Ill take Bob Chinns crab house!

Riley Webb: How about some good southern barbecue. Not this wannabe chain stuff.

Adriana Stewart: One in de pere

Riley Webb: Whats the name ?

Adriana Stewart: Riley Webb: t bacons bbq

Adelina Ramirez: Joes is better

Arabella Webster: Nah, T Bacons, although Joes is good

Anastasia Rice: Mike Lloyd

Charli Wood: Adelina Ramirez:Sherman where is Joes located

Jesse Martin: Parker Johns and cozzy corner are both good

Arabella Webster: Joes is.on the west side of Ashland Ave.

Titus Oliver: Wilders Bistro on South Oneida St. near Hwy. 441

Riley Webb: Titus Oliver:, thanks for the tip. Although I dont know a thing about Wilders Bistro, the name sounds like some yuppie joint. Honestly Im looking for some place where Big Moe or Myron Mixon would be happy to go to. Im looking for some place that sells good old southern barbecue. Some place that knows what collard greens are and can fix them.

Carly Erickson: Wilders is NOT a bbq joint. Parker Johns in Menasha is where its at tho. Been down south for bbq and they do it very well !

Leilani Franklin: Cozzy corner!!

Peter Norton: Cafe Nutrition or the Protein Bar

Justin Henry: Bob Evans!!! LOVE those cinnamon hotcakes!!! TOTALLY yummy!

Kaydence Vasquez: Brazilian style

Carly Erickson: Yes! This please

Kingston Myers: Waffle House.

Justin Henry: I had my first grits ever at a Waffle House in Indianapolis. Yummy! Plus you get a TON of food for the price.

Kingston Myers: Justin Henry:, Whenever I went South with X we always stopped at Waffle House to eat. I dont think that they have any further North then Illinois. When I joined the USAF I thought that grits was oatmeal and ate them with milk and sugar.

Justin Henry: Kingston Myers: Me too. I prefer the breakfast sweet grits as opposed to savory grits.

Titus Oliver: Like Waffle Houses or Huddle Houses when traveling South

Kingston Myers: Titus Oliver: I never heard of Huddle Houses. Are they just in the South.

Ayden Palmer: I miss Crackle Barrel…..also wish they all had more foods for diabetics!

Joseph Ramos: Like what? Im diabetic eat it all just cover with insulin?

Ayden Palmer: I ha be diabetes 2…..dont take insulin. …metformin!

Joseph Ramos: Ayden Palmer: just watch your carbs no bun bread pasta etc I just wish places would have more diet soda choices

River Alexander: BBQ

Carly Erickson: Parker Johns in menasha

Noah Willis: I agree with Dee Jay!

Maia Schneider: Wide variety of Canadian cuisine….From Newfoundland to the Pacific coast and everything in between. Amish & Hutterite dishes would be nice. A great German restaurant would be great also. Have tried the advertised authentic cuisine in the valley, not one comes close….Marks East Side comes close…..but is a hit and miss.

Spencer Lloyd: Have you tried OBs Brauhaus for German? Out of this world delicious, and very authentic… owned and operated by a German Mom and son!

Oakley Reed: Yes, the OB has excellent food!

Ashlynn Rhodes: OBs is great.

Maia Schneider: Thanks…I see they have changed hands…..I will take your suggestions and visit this establishment.

Bailey Ferguson: I like OBs also

Spencer Lloyd: Maia Schneider: not sure that is the case… I think Frank and his mom have owned it for quite a few years, and moved the restaurant a couple times.

Ashlynn Rhodes: The restaurant hasnt changed hands. Theyve moved, but its always stayed within the same immediate family.

Maia Schneider: Thanks for the update!! I see they have poutine…..NOW…I have to try their establishment. Also the Canadian tradition of adding gravy on chips ( french fries ) or vinegar sprinkled on chips.

Zoey Morton: Wish we had a place around here that serves seafood boil.

Spencer Lloyd: I had a Mexican-inspired seafood boil at Sangrias a couple years ago… I dont know if they still have it, but it was delicious!

Zoey Morton: Nice, Ill have to ask about it the next time we go to Sangrias. Love that place!

Kingston Myers: Zoey Morton:, In the Summer they have a lot of them in Door County.


Oakley Reed: Manitowoc Co is just starting off with their fish boils with all the rural Fire Departments

Oakley Reed: I BELEIVE THIS WEEKENDS FISH BOIL IS in Valders, put on by the Valders Fire & EMSDeaprtments, eeeq>i*1but I would have to double check that one

Joseph Ramos: I agree a crab or crawdad boil not so into kerosene on my fish boils in DC but a place that puts paper on eight foot tables and just dumps the food out yummy more northeast

Gael Fernandez: kerosene on fish boils?

Kai Cunningham: Italian

Bailey Ferguson: Have you tried Carmellas. Their pasta is handmade and amazing. They also have a great outdoor seating

Luke Silva: Massaged kale.

Tristan Clarke: Brazilian steakhouse!

Kyleigh Guzman: Farm to Table…. could use a LOT more than what we have

Kai Cunningham: Harmony Pizza, Town Council

Amir Kennedy: farmer at your table = Harmony Pizza ~~~~

Lilliana Simon: We need more placesWraps


Adelynn Castro: Hawaiian food🌺🤙🏽

Caden Walsh: Try Ono Kine Grindz in Wauwatosa.

Caden Walsh: They also have a small grocery area that carries some of the more popular Hawaiian staples.

Adelynn Castro: Caden Walsh: : been there & this meets all our needs. Born & raised in Hi., we would go here whenever we were down south Wi. Now live back on Maui & we have local foods whenever…🤙🏽🌺

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Emerson Reed: More fine dining to celebrate special occasions that doesnt have tables on top of each other and isnt a supper club. Fratellos comes close but changed menu and doesnt have as many unique choices any more.

Aubrey Tucker: Zaxbys

Kara Rhodes: NECTAR of Green Bay opens on the river in Downtown Appleton next spring. Outdoor seatings, vegan and organic menu. Were pumped.

Adriana Stewart: Whats the name nectar of Green Bay? No river in down town Appleton. Could be in the flats to be by the river.

Kara Rhodes: This is the brand new building going up that will house my business and many other wonderful locally owned businesses, in downtown, on the river. Theres a few articles in the post crescent about it. Hope to see you down by the river next spring Thanks! 👍🏼💕

Kara Rhodes: Adriana Stewart:

Adriana Stewart: Sweet

Adriana Stewart: Kara Rhodes: I will say I was born and raised here and to the locals everything down in that area is called the flats, Im 52 and thats whats its always been. Down town is collage ave and a block or two north or south. Just saying.

Gia Simpson: I look forward to this.

Gia Simpson: Please offer low carb meals! Enough with the mac and cheese, fried foods!

Kara Rhodes: Gia Simpson: everything in our store has naturally occurring carbs, like fruit and veggie carbs. If you check out our Green Bay location I think youll be pleasantly surprised. Were also entirely organic vegan gluten free and fair trade alliance certified. We are excited as well!

Gia Simpson: natural carbs are fine. I look forward to a new place that offers better choices and a change from the same o same o in the valley. Thanks!

Shelby Graves: Greek

Kyle Barber: Apollon downtown Appleton

Sabrina Webster: Hot N Now

Sabrina Webster: Honestly — and I know were supposed to stick to restaurants, but — Green Bay (i.e., Ned Kellys) and even Oshkosh (Ruby Owl) crush Appleton when it comes to a great craft beer bar… And dont even come at me with Mr. Brews or Milwaukee Burger Co.

Leonardo Freeman: Good lobster rolls. If they can get Maine lobster in Mesa, AZ, they can get it here!

Leonardo Freeman: Fired Pie pizza places

Amir Kennedy: Harmony Pizza on W. Wisconsin in the heart of Appleton does!

Leonardo Freeman: Amir Kennedy: , ???. The Name of the business is Fired Pie. Another is called Pieology

Amir Kennedy: Leonardo Freeman: sorry! thought you were referring to the style of Neapolitan wood fire oven pizzas not the specific chains

Leonardo Freeman: Amir Kennedy:, I was confused by your post☺

Amir Kennedy: Im confused by many things 🙂 🙂 🙂

Leonardo Freeman: Amir Kennedy:, as am I! Lol

Leonardo Freeman: Amir Kennedy:, I will have to try Harmony Pizza!

Gia Simpson: Something healthier than burgers, fries, cheese curds, and Mac & Cheese. How about some classy places with pan seared fish, gourmet salads, healthy favorable sides besides Cole slaw or fries, etc.

Kara Rhodes: Were opening next spring in downtown Appleton on the river! Scroll up a little bit

Gia Simpson: Kara Rhodes: wow.. we need a good restaurant on the water that doesnt feel like a bar. Good, healthy food.

Gia Simpson: I am tired of these bars that call themselves restaurants… dark interiors with the bar being the focal point.

Kara Rhodes: Not us! 3,000 square feet of bright happiness and tons of plants

Gia Simpson: yay!!

Aubree Rice: Check out Green Gecko Grocer and Deli, 400 N Richmond. Organic veggies and eggs, tapas, scratch made bakery and no deep fryer! Fresh fish every Fri. Grilled, baked or blackened. Delicious breakfasts, too!

Kyle Barber: I would love a good Cajun Creole place! I cried when Champagne Charlies closed 😢

Baylee Paul: Agreed!