Group question Hong Kong Buffet in downtown Neenah. I am craving Kung …

Group question Hong Kong Buffet in downtown Neenah. I am craving Kung Pao chicken. Is the food any good here? Also does anyone know if they use MSG?

Cristian Mccormick: go to China Star in Menasha by shopko, no MSG

Luke Phillips: No good Chinese food in this area.

River Farmer: Love China Star but it isnt located near my job. 🙁

Jaiden Bryant: Not good. King Wok by Little Caesars in Neenah isnt bad. China Star in Menasha is good. No MSG no buffet.

Kaleb Fisher: China Star has a buffet, but its small – not as good as China King in Oshkosh – they have the Mongolian grill – like Hu Hot where you choose what you want in your meal and what sauces

Jaiden Bryant: By no buffet, I meant do not go to the buffet.

Alana Mullins: Dong Po in Appleton is by far the best Chinese food in the valley.

Jorge Gonzales: Chain star in menasha sucks for the buffet

Cristian Mccormick: always order out

River Farmer: Jaiden Bryant: does King wok have msg and do they deliver?

Jorge Gonzales: no msg and they do deliver

River Farmer: Does Hong Kong have MSG in their food, thats my main concern?

Jorge Gonzales: no all natural

River Farmer: Thank you Jorge Gonzales:. Havent been to a Hong Kong buffet place since I lived in Wisconsin Rapids in 2005.

Julian Quinn: Hong Kong buffet here in Rapids changed their name to ispoon buffet. (Hong Kong buffet had lots of health violations)

Jorge Gonzales: you should try it i cant have msg either it was very good

River Farmer: I only work 1/2 block from this place. I had bad experience at the Rapids one.

Jorge Gonzales: can i ask if you work downtown neenah

River Farmer: Yup the biggest building closest to hong kong lol

Zion George: Havent tried any buffets, but we like Bao Ju. Particularly for dine in. Weve had good service, and feel like you get a good value.I know thats not the question.. just saw others were posting possible Chinese food options 🙂

Alana Mullins: Bao Ju is right near downtown Neenah. I feel like the quality has gone down from what it was 10 years ago but it is still decent.

Sierra Christensen: The Chinese food at Oneida casino is the best go there just to eat it

Kaleb Fisher: where do you get the Chinese Food????

Jorge Gonzales: the reason i was wondering is because i help out on a hot dog cart in neenah

River Farmer: Staying local for chinese Sierra Christensen:.

Veronica James: eat there if you want to get sick!!!called the health dept. on them b4.

Sierra Christensen: Sorry if you ever get that way try it

Hudson Cortez: Ate at Asian Tai and it was really good. Like Bau Ju too

Jorge Gonzales: roger where?

River Farmer: Jorge Gonzales: I have seen that cart out there. Sure wish I could eat those too lol. My life with food allergies suck lol.

Jorge Gonzales: we have all natural dogs and burgers just so you know

River Farmer: Jorge Gonzales: thats awesome Ill have to pay you a visit this summer. Ill bring co-workers!!

Jorge Gonzales: we hope to see you all! we wish more people would come try us

Karen Harris: Bao Jus Kung pao is awesome and definitely can be ordered without MSG.

Elianna Ramsey: Chopstix or Dong Po

Sierra Christensen: The main casino right in by the bar

Jayleen Erickson: It is wonderful, love the food there

River Farmer: Elianna Ramsey: only certain items at chopstix are msg free. 🙁

Carlos Cruz: The only problem I have had with Hong Kong is they refuse to obey the food code concerning the scoop holder for the ice cream scoops. By code that water must be running at all times. Every time I am there I explain it to them and turn the water on. They promptly go and shut it off.

Payton Ingram: I havent been there personally but my granddaughter loves it.