Ok, odd question or note. It seems like in the fox valley we dont a ni…

Ok, odd question or note. It seems like in the fox valley we dont a nice stone fire pizza pub. It seems like a core basic in many communities. Sports bar type of atmosphere. Communal hang out with good pizzas coming out. Is Broken Tree really the only thing close that we have? Or am I missing something?

Liberty Jimenez: Do we really need more than Broken Tree? Thats a better question. πŸ˜‰

Elsie Cohen: I can deal with having too many.

Addilyn Wells: We used to have Wild Truffle which had really good stone fired pizza, among other great dishes. Unfortunately the owner isnt a good person and they had to close. I believe they moved the pizza stove to Parma though, so heres hoping if that remains a restaurant with the new owners, they make good use of it.

Elsie Cohen: wasnt wild truffle a bit more fancy than a pub or sports bar vibe?

Addilyn Wells: A little, sorry, I thought your post meant you were looking for something that WASNT a pub or sports bar, my bad.

Annabelle Padilla: Fox River Brewery at the mall, has/had one. A few years back they stopped making their own crust and using it. Or maybe they still do use it, without the special crust they once had it is no where as good.

Daniella Maxwell: Elsie Cohen: doesnt matter what wild truffle, its gone, so is parma

Elsie Cohen: truth

Kyrie Rose: Brewery still has the oven…

Stella Richardson: Seems like burger bars are more popular. Franks pizza is the best, i wish they had a million tappers and a not – deteriorating atmosphere lol

Aleena Sims: The worst service Ive ever had in my life was there! But the pizza is delicious. Lol

Lena Fisher: One of the WORST place I have ever worked, and Ive worked at a lot of places.

Blair Fleming: I couldnt believe how salty there pizza was and there salad bar was laughable. I still dont get the hype over that place. Too many other places with better food.

Clayton Carpenter: A not what?

Preston Tran: Blair Fleming: I think it is because that is what Wisconsin pizza once was, just as Schlitz and Miller and Pabst were for beer. So its a nostalgia thing in part. But tastes really have become more refined–were now a state of New Glarus and Sprecher…See more

Lola Day: Agreed πŸ™‚ this is why were trying to start Harmony Pizza !

Stella Richardson: Nice! Cant wait to try it!!

Elsie Cohen: doesnt quite sound like the same atmosphere or shooting at the same demographic but its something.

Katie Chandler: My Mom, (Lori R) has told me about it, looking forward to it!!!

Addilyn Wells: Im really looking forward to this, hope they keep us posted when they open, would love to support another good, local business.

Lola Day: Katie Chandler: What a pleasure to meet you Ashley! πŸ™‚ Hope to share some good food & drink w/ you and your mom there~

London Herrera: I agree with Bob. Once youve had Broken Tree, its really all you need. Other pizza doesnt compare.

Gwendolyn Fisher: I prefer a crispier crust than Broken Tree. Too bad the Parma restaurant wasnt run decently, the mushroom truffle pizza was amazing..

Malachi Davis: Holidays pub and grill carries stucs pizza and their pizza is great! Franks is good but they seem like they are stuck in the 60s

Victoria Cain: Cranky Pats in Neenah??

Aleena Sims: Isnt there a stone fired pizza food truck? There used to be. They were at the Kaukauna Farmers Market all the time.

Liam Adkins: Sadly Pizza Fromage is no longer in business. πŸ™

Aleena Sims: πŸ™ That is sad.

Sabrina Webster: Not sure if its a Stone Fire place, but Wiseguys has excellent pizza and is definitely a comfy pub.

Aidan Bass: Another vote for Wiseguys, good pizzas, good service, like the vibe there. Generous with toppings.

Leonardo Freeman: Have you ever tried wise guys? On Oneida street. Their pizza is absolutely phenomenal

Malaysia Austin: Woodfire Lodge (Triple J Wing and Clay), 15 minutes east of Appleton on KK (turns into ManCal Rd) is now making homemade pizzas. Not a stone fire place but the pizzas are GREAT!!! The Garlic Butter that comes with them is AMAZING as well!

Addilyn Wells: Thanks for letting us know, Id have never heard of this place otherwise and I always love trying new things, especially pizza!

Everett Simmons: I thought Stoneyard on jj in Appleton had woodfired pizza, at least when they first opened, but honestly not sure if they still do.

Clayton Carpenter: Oven.

Malaysia Austin: Fratellos at the Fox River Mall

Jayden Huff: Lawrence University.

Julian Bishop: Village Hearthstone in Hilbert has stone fire pizza.

Amari Chavez: Hearthstone

Brinley Brady: Its very good and not your average run of the mill toppings.

Maia Pratt: Brokentreepizza.com target=_blank>Brokentreepizza.com

Broken Tree Pizza

Lorelai Adams: A real gem is Village Hearthstone in Hilbert. Its a bit of a drive, but well worth it. They have a great menu, not just pizza.

Justice Gonzalez: Copperstate brewing company I work there and we just opened in gb

Brinley Brady: Cant wait to try it!

Lorelei Jacobs: If you are ever up in GB, Rustique is amazing!!

Messiah Hudson: Every night I pray for my familys health and for a Wild Tomato to pop up in Appleton.

Lorelei Jacobs: aint that the truth!

Lola Day: We agree and were doing something about it! Wild Tomato on W. Wisconsin Ave? Our own version—> Harmony Pizza ðŸ‒🍺. Looking to be open by mid-September

Messiah Hudson: HI Lola Day:! Good! We will be neighbors then! I am renovating a space for my pastry shop, also on Wisconsin!

Messiah Hudson: Facebook.com

Lola Day: Messiah Hudson: excellent! cant wait to check it out and excited to be sharing in the vitalization of Wisconsin Ave

Maia Pratt: Brokentreepizza.com target=_blank>Brokentreepizza.com

Broken Tree Pizza

Jonathan Willis: Need to try Broken Tree. It is awesome.