Righto..my first post on this fantastic forum. I am very green to the …

Righto..my first post on this fantastic forum. I am very green to the share market and have made some stupid mistakes in the past. I lost a lot on UGL shares after salary sacrificing and selling too soon (stupid me). Tax man came and got me. I also invested in a CFU (Ceramic Fuel Cells) that have gone under. I am going to learn from these blunders and get back on the crazy share horse and give it a go again. The reason I screwed up so bad i had no idea what I was doing. This time Im taking my time to try and understand what its all about. I do have a question about CFU. I still get asked to vote in the companys affairs. Does that mean theres still hope for my shares. Wish me luck

Charley Moreno: If I recall correctly, CFU went into voluntary administration in mid 2016 and was removed from ASX listing in 2017. The remaining shell of the company has morphed into something completely different to its original activities. The original shareholders were given 1 share in the new business/company for every X shares held in CFU. I think the new shares have a paper value of around 0.004 cents

Tessa Sharp: Delisted.com.au website is the best source of information for delisted companies. Useful for taxation purposes as well to determine when you are able to claim a capital loss. They will also buy worthless shares to manufacture a capital loss for you.


Saylor Grant: CFU. Makes me shudder to hear that name again…

Myra Swanson: I also failed when I tried trading first time good on you for not giving in. Whats worked for me was reading and actually following shares even though I dont own them. I have maybe 20 that I follow and check daily. Patterns emerge and lately when I have had a strong instinct to buy.a certain stock… Its mostly trying to figure out how the market is going to react to certain factors. .. Unless your going super long term its all instinct.. Strike while the momentum is on and get out when u feel its done well… Dont wait for incredible miracles.. Thats what worked for me so far in terms of short term trading

Myra Swanson: TTT is on a run with strong backing at the moment watch that one over the next week

Mya Drake: The asx game is excellent the only thing you lose is time but the experience is so valuable

Related Post Christensen: I have registered to play. Correct me if Im wrong but its start in July?

Mya Drake: Yes the next one does Im playing now with the current one. Hey if your interested we could start a league on the game and share ideas on strategies.

Related Post Christensen: Mya Drake: yep. Count me in.

Vivian Thornton: Sounds good. Tell me more please!

Mya Drake: I found it doing research trying to learn. The market is a beastly but fascinating. Maybe we could ask the administrators if its ok to run a ASX game and share between this page. Just an idea after all its Friday night and Im a few beers in

Vivian Thornton: Ive not heard of this game til now. Im interested.

Aliyah Murphy: Me to

Mya Drake: And I suck at the game LOL

Maliyah Graves: ive played the game like 8 times, only once came top 20 in Aus once, coincidently my portfolio had the best growth during that time as well lol