Whats going on with WFE course of sales?

Whats going on with WFE course of sales?

Daisy Rogers: bot

Caden Ramos: What is the agenda here?

Arianna Poole: Word on the street acquisition news not until 21st May. Saw that on Twitter last week but did believe it but now it looks plausible

Molly Greene: Would that be good or bad? Newby question holding looking to get out

Caden Ramos: Why would you want to get out?It could break out any day

Molly Greene: Caden Ramos: really cool Ill hang on a bit

Arianna Poole: Sorry mate I do not have the answer. All I can do is watch. Word on the street is a copper and cobalt tenement

Arianna Poole: Molly Greene: do you have a plan? Im also a newbie but thats whats always recommended. Plan A sell at? Plan B stop lossed at? Plan c?

Molly Greene: Yea well thats it plan a has worked well Im now thinking plan b