Recommendations for stable toys or ideas which would relieve a horse f…

Recommendations for stable toys or ideas which would relieve a horse from boredom! Thanks in advance👍

Ryker Newton: Iv got a ball on a rope that hangs from the roof and a net with carrots hidden in it but I would also like some other ideas. So tagging along 😂

Lorelei Poole: Hanging food toy. Keeps them busy for hours. Just be sure its not hanging too close to a wall where they can trap it and eat it in minutes.

Easton Jennings: Thanks very much this is a great idea!!x

Kai Jackson: A plastic backed mirror, a thick chunky piece of rope, plastic bottles with small rattly rocks, a traffic cone, squeaky dogs toys, ball on a rope 😊

Easton Jennings: These are great some unusual things x👍

Everleigh Hughes: Omg my horse would flip out. 😳😳😳 haha

Christopher Howard: Bizzy Bites are amazing ✋🏻😍

Christopher Howard::

Christopher Howard::

Christopher Howard::

Ryker Newton: Ooooh Ill need to get pep one

Easton Jennings: These look good !!

Talia Johnston: My boy LOVES his ball.

Adriel Burgess: Fruit and veggie kabob on a string. Or some kind of mirror across the aisle (if possible) to react to.

Anne May: My big guy loved his milk jug with a handful of rocks. I tied to the front of his stall. Its noisey but it kept him busy. I also would braid bailing twine and tied to the front of stall. My mare would rake her teeth on it. She liked to chew on leather strips too. Even an old ball like a soccer ball or basketball. Take a little air out of them. I just made sure nothing would crack like hard plastic. I like the sweet licks but they are all sugar. They would eat them over night.

Easton Jennings: This is helpful thank u xx

Ashlee Westcott:

Andrea Horton: Milk jug tied to the wall. You can put grain and/or carrots in it. Treats even

Addison Sanders: Jolly ball!