Fly spray recommendations and bot fly egg removal ideas, please? Thank…

Fly spray recommendations and bot fly egg removal ideas, please? Thanks!

Evie Knight: Avon skin so soft and a ladys razor. Go down ward on the bots

Kaylee Larson: I bathed last night with a mix of tea treeshampoo and chlorhexadine. Good idea with the ladies razor!

Evangeline Richardson: I love Ecovet. A little goes a long way and it really drives the flies away

Daniella Holt: Bot fly comb works great

Daniella Holt: I have one if you want to use it

Kaylee Larson: Lorri, that would be great!

Daniella Holt: when do you want to use it ?

Daniella Holt: I am at the barn everyday..

Daniella Holt: I will look for it today while Im out there.

Daniella Holt: Kenz, If you want to come out just let me know, Iw worked wonders when I had Jazz..

Kaylee Larson: Lorri I picked up a bot knife today.

Daniella Holt: oh good

Logan Morales: Be careful where you fo that. The eggs can be ingested and inhaled off the ground where you scrape them off. You probably know this, just saying, in case you havent thought about it… Also cant you wipe them down with an alcohol soaked rag or something like that? I think I remember reading something to that effect last year. Supposed to kill the eggs on the horse.

Kaylee Larson: Logan Morales: yes, I know, but thank you! And I bathed in tea tree and chlorhexshampoo and spray with fly spray and applied swat. He also got a new fly sheet today.

Logan Morales: Does that stuff kill the eggs? Wish I could remember what it was I read. Whatever it is was as simple as wiping the horse down with a damp cloth. Its supposed to kill the eggs instantly and keep them from ever hatching. I believe they fall off after a short time

Kaylee Larson: Was it coconut oil or vegetable oil? I read somewhere that it suffocates the eggs.

Kaylee Larson: Or baby oil

Logan Morales: Not sure Ill see if I can find it.

Logan Morales: Only thing Im finding is warm water. It makes them hatch and fall off. Not sure about that technique.

Kaylee Larson: Hmm I just heard the oils smother the eggs and suffocates them and theyre unable to hatch at that point?

Logan Morales: I do remember something that does that, just cant find it again.

Zuri Goodman: Bot block

Daniel Reid: Use a flat edge razor for bot fly eggs…like one of these…

Daniel Reid: I try NOT to use poisonous fly spray…SO we clean up our horse manure regularly & compost it. We have chickens who daily cruise the paddocks to eat any bugs & fly eggs, etc. We fly mask the horses if necessary. Lots of info. online too:
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