Hey guys any recommendations on what I can use for my boys scabby tail…

Hey guys any recommendations on what I can use for my boys scabby tail ? No sign of mites or lice Just very very flakey !

Andrew Mendez: Head and shoulders. Then add flax to his feed

Jacqueline Becker: Oh great I didnt know I could use dandruffshampoo on horses

Andrew Mendez: Jacqueline Becker: yes just make sure to rinse well and watch for a reaction if your horse is sensitive

Anthony Parsons: Rince with Apple cider vinegar, or listerine mouth wash. After using dawn dish detergent and water to wash.

Daphne Richards: I spray olive oil on dry flaky patches. It works

Kimberly Frank: Well Gelshampoo is great has no harmful paraben or sulphates and contains macadamia nut oil, lavender, chamomile and yarrow so is really conditioning and aids healthy skin andhair growth – is low suds so dont need to use lots or over rinse Well-gel.com

Well Gel Cleanse & Condition Shampoo

Mikayla Nunez: Neem oil!👍

Rylee Elliott: Neem oil

Hannah Andrews: F

Peyton Flores: Shapleys MTG It works wonders

Matthew Morrison: Do not use this if your horse is outside in the sunshine. It will cause the tail to fall out.

Danielle Dixon: oh really? good to know

Karla Gregory: Coconut oil on evrything!!

Avery Johnston: great advice 🙂

Messiah Anderson: Coconut oil yes

Kameron Powell: If this is a chronic problem and the other suggestions dont work I use a lotion from Equiderma that works wonders. I apply it every day to my sweet itch pony

Vanessa Silva: wash with Dawn soap then apply a fungus treatment .

Erick Guerrero: Anti fungal bath. Amd banixx its a life saver. Itll be clear in less than a week

Ella Ford: Apple cider vinegar rinse then use coconut oil

Nova Benson: Head and shoulders worked great for my boy

Travis Stephens: when my guy started flaking up i started adding oil to his feed (as it was winter and dry) and it cleared up right away

Connor Campbell: Head and shouldersshampoo and conditioner. Bonus is that it smells like apples 😂😂

Raymond Swanson: Hay Wheres that Blue Stuffshampoo and lotion

Evelynn Graves: Coconut oil does wonders.

Janelle Herrera: Feed flax

Beatrice Willis: F

Payton Watkins: Lubriderm thats what we use at school

Simon Simmons: I use babyshampoo on mine

London Dean: MTG

Marlee Rhodes: MTG is good stuff

Annalise Logan: Coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree oil once a day

Annalise Logan: I have a lot of ideas on my natural page Facebook.com

Natural living with EO and crystals.
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Giuliana Rice: Mites and lice dont always show to the naked eye. Good idea to treat itchy horses even if you dont see the bugs. Ive read that a lot of small white scurff is what the bugs leave behind. If one of our horses is itching he and all pasture mates get treated for lice/mites with liquid treatment. Which you can buy and is mainly mineral oil and liquid ivermectin. Im getting ready to treat all of our equines and cows and will paste the horses with ivermectin as well. It is that time of year. I cant stand to see them miserable and the liquid stuff seems to work better than the powder lice treatment but the powder is better than nothing. The thing with the powder is you have to apply 3 times, 10 days apart.

Jacqueline Becker: Ok I might do a lice treat for all 3 horses then