Question, what should my husband be worried about at meps.. Like pushu…

Question, what should my husband be worried about at meps.. Like pushups, sit ups, duck walk, squats, running? Whats the minimum he need to be able to pass… TIA

Dan Totten: How old is he??? The MEPS physical is similar to a sports physical. They check flexibility, dexterity… etc. He shouldnt get the finger unless hes 40 or over.

Gabriela Millan: He is 27, he turns 28 September 11…

Dan Totten: Hell be fine. The most uncomfortable thing is getting checked for hernias.

Gabriela Millan: Ok. Thank you

Jake Bleyle: No finger for over 40, only over 50 get that 🙂

Mike Wattz: Dont worry he will enter a boy and return a man.

Gabriela Millan: Im not worried. Just my question is what is the minimum for push ups and sit ups and squats, for him to pass meps is…

Mike Wattz: Something like 35 push ups. Which is nothing.

Mike Wattz: I can do 35 one hand push ups. He should be fine

Gabriela Millan: He looks fit but he is not. Lol… Hes slim. I think I just cant find where I read its a certain amount of pushups and sit ups in like 2 minutes or 1.. and his push ups are fine.. But he is only able to do like 20 sit ups in like and he also has no…See more

Rick Foster: He will not be doing push ups and sit ups. The duck walk is across the room and maybe back, depending on the mood of the doctor.

Gabriela Millan: Thank you Rick Foster

Raymond Francis: I am only 18 and I can manage the fitness test

Mike Wattz: Yeah anyone who is active can

Raymond Francis: I can do 60 sit ups in a minute r less, but push ups r one two

Mike Wattz: My 2 year old can do 40 push ups

Raymond Francis: okay push ups is the easiest thing to do even a baby can do it too lol

Mike Wattz: Sit ups are easiest. Pull ups is where you see strength

Gabriela Millan: Hes good at pull ups

Gabriela Millan: Just not sit ups at all

Raymond Francis: Oh yeah to the back muscle n the arm

Brian Winzig: He will be doing a complete medical examination, to include checking his vitals, blood work, urinalysis, vision exam, hearing exam, hernia check, hemorrhoid check, the duck walk and other movements to ensure he has full range of motion and no physical limitations whatsoever. He will also be asked a series of questions about his medical history, any visits or treatment from a doctor, as well as questions pertaining to his mental health, including use of drugs and alcohol, as well as any history of law violations.

Brian Winzig: He will not be doing push-ups or sit-ups, as there is no PT test administered at MEPS. Once he is enlisted, he will take the OPAT with his recruiter, which consists of a medicine ball toss, a strength deadlift, standing long jump, and an interval run. He wont need to pass a PT test with push-ups, sit-ups, and and running until he is in basic training.

Mnininha Soncente: So Brian Winzig it means that me too I dont need to do the PT fitness till I get in the basic train? I got my Picat already now I only need to do the verification test but I heard a lot of people saying that in order to enlist I have to do 17 sits up …See more

Brian Winzig: Push-ups, sit-ups, and the one mile run are no longer an enlistment requirement. You will need to pass the OPAT to keep your job and ship to training. You should be exercising on your own however to prepare yourself for basic training.

Mnininha Soncente: if you dont mind to tell me what is OPAT?? Yes Im doing my exercises and running to keep be on shape! And another question is what I should do if my recruiter is just relaxing and dont really look like he wants to help me?? I suppose to do the verification test and he still not telling me when and 2 weeks of the month already past?! What is should do??

Brian Winzig: Read my original post for OPAT details. If you arent getting answers, go speak with your recruiter in person and ask to setup your verification test.

Mnininha Soncente: Ok I will be doing that Monday! And thank you!!

Gabriela Millan: Thank you Brian Winzig thats exactly what I was asking 😊

Kevin Kim: As long as he doesnt mind a crusty 200 year old doctor from the Cold War putting a wrinkly old finger in the butt, hell be fine. Previous replies are spot on though 👍🏻

Gabriela Millan: Everyone has said its for the ones over 40.

Jake Bleyle: Over 50, 40 no finger but EKG and lipids test.

Raymond Francis: The Jamaica defence force fitt involve sit ups etc

Gabriela Millan: What is thay?

Gabriela Millan: That*

Raymond Francis: u dont know Jamaica

Gabriela Millan: I know Jamaica. But Jamaica defence force… is that like the military for Jamaica like the military here….

Raymond Francis: yes

Gabriela Millan: Ok

Raymond Francis: w