Have a question my recruiter sent in a packet for a waiver for the mos…

Have a question my recruiter sent in a packet for a waiver for the mos 91B and he explain to me a little bit about it.. I know that 91B is a wheel mechanic, but my question is what are the actually job of a 91B involved and what do the waiver process involved…

Dan Totten: Did he tell you what your waiver is for?

John Fisher: He told Lil bit but not much

John Fisher: He had me write a letter to tell a little bit about me and my experience in a auto motive shop

Jake Bleyle: Like any job performed by privates. Sweeping, mopping, getting yelled at, push ups, more sweeping, raking leaves, more push ups, etc…. 🙂

John Fisher: Ok

Jake Bleyle: You think Im joking but Im not. Been there, done that. But Im still trying to reenlist.

John Fisher: Ur fine, I had an idea that Ill be doing that but Im used to have 4yrs experience in full service shop

Jake Bleyle: The army doesnt pay for land scapers, thats what privates are for. Your unit will also have a designated area on the base that they maintain. My old unit had the museum on Schofield Barracks. Lots of mowing and raking leaves, we were infantry, maybe less for you guys in motor pool since youll be working on vehicles, infantry doesnt go shooting everyday so they have to find things for you to do throughout the day.

John Fisher: Ok thank you

Dan Totten: Jake Bleyle, experiences may vary. And John Fisher, everyone has to do that, its not just you bud.

John Fisher: Ok thank you Dan Totten

Jake Bleyle: Im not knocking it, just letting him know the reality, Im trying to get back in myself.

Jake Bleyle: We even swept and pulled weeds in Iraq! Ha!

Dallyn Buttars: Im going to basic next week as a 91B, well be responsible for keeping vehicles in good running condition.

John Fisher: Thank you

Kurtis Turman: John Fisher, question do you have a vocational certificate? Do you have two years experience at doing mechanical work? If so, your recruiter may be trying to get you an acasp position

John Fisher: My highschool offered vocational class and I took automotive junior and senior year, and I also worked a full service shop for 4 years but dont have any ASEs because the way the company was setup it was up to the manger to send the employees to class …See more

Kurtis Turman: So yeah your recruiter is trying to make it to where you would skip the actual job training based off of your experience in the automotive field. This would be good for you because that means you would only attend BCT and you would receive a promotion. Unfortunately thats not something decided at our level so it would require approval from someone higher.

John Fisher: Ah ok thank you, he went on leave and now just waiting to hear back from someone in the office he said it a little bit of time because of the training that was going on and everything.