Question….. We are bringing our horse home from our boarding facilit…

Question….. We are bringing our horse home from our boarding facility to live with us for the first time… She is in a pasture with other horses but is never with other horses, always off by herself.. Do we need to bring a friend home with her (We dont have any other horses at home), and is there anything we should do when we bring her home regarding the fences? Should we walk the fence line so she knows its there? Any info on having a buddy and how to settle her in would be great. Thanks Horsey Friends

Cole Stevenson: Show her lots of love and treats..

Clara Bowman: Walk the fence line..A buddy is nice.. a goat works…

Clara Bowman: Or an older retired rescue horse or pony.

Cole Stevenson: My goodness all that snow, how lovely.

Emersyn Crawford: Walking the fence line with her is a good idea. As for a buddy…see how she adjusts to being alone. We have had 1 horse we have had 11 horses. If she is lonely and you want to get her a buddy you could always get a goat or miniature horse.

Grace Cannon: Our barn is willing to send home a friend (pony) Im just wondering if I should take it or try her on her own first

Jessica Garner: Take it

Rylan Fisher: Take the loaner pony Tash. From talking with other friends theyre herd animals and even though she may not stick close to other horses she knows they are there. A goat a mini pony or a rescue horse would be a good start even. Im happy for you all!!

Cole Stevenson: Try her alone you can snafus get the point later

Cole Stevenson: snafus???? Always

Mabel Reyes: We put a mini in with my bottom of the food chain gelding. He is so extremely timid of horses his size and he does really well with the mini! They are herd animals so I dont like to just have one horse in a pasture by itself.

Juliette Murphy: Ive never walked the fence line but unless you will be out there spending at least an hour with your horse she needs a friend. Ideally another horse, a mini, or if thats not available get a goat or any animal that wont get out of your fence, goats are social animals so normally you need to have 2 but we have a sheep in with our horse at home and she loves her goats and sheep. She winnies when her goat or sheep leaves. That is only temporary, she does have another horse just not 24/7

Juliette Murphy::

Juliette Murphy: That is my mare with her goat and sheep, we have had minis before as well. There are considerations to take in before getting any animal other than a horse which you know how to take care of.

Hayden Sims: I ALWAYS walk a new horse around my fence line. Not only does it show him the fence but I get to spend more time with him at his new place. Help him relax and get used to the newness of the place. As far as a buddy… can go either way. I would say it depends on the horse. I had a mare that did not give a darn that she was alone. Even after we brought another horse in she did not hang out with him. Horses are herd animals though and will instinctively want a buddy. You should see how he handles being by himself before you rush around trying to locate a buddy he may not need. If he needs one than Juliette Murphy: is right. You do not necessarily need a horse, a goat or a mini would work just fine. Good luck!

Zayden Mathis: See how she does alone. Some horses do well. If she doesnt, and you dont want to deal with owning another animal, find the most reputable rescue in your area and ask to foster a pasture puff or otherwise horse friendly but not very adoptable horse. Make sure you hammer out what they pay for; some pay for everything, and some only pay vet/farrier.

Jaden Ward: Dont get a goat if you like your mares tail

Jaden Ward: My 2 year olds tail after a goat got it

Hayden Sims: Oh, I dont know. We had goats with our horses for years and never had a problem with their tails. My friend though…..hahaha…..lost every tail in the bunch. I always kept a salt block though.

Peyton Gordon: I literally just brought home our pony two weeks shoe from a place that was keeping him for us. He was pastured with another mini and a quarter horse. It definitely has taken him some time to come around. He has full access to his stall and he literally stays in there most of the day unless we are in the yard with him. Hes just now gotten to a point that he will come out and graze without us but its still not for long periods of time. Ive been looking for a yard companion for him because i feel like he would be more confident if he had someone with him

Cecilia Ingram: Id use this opportunity to rescue a horse that is unrideable for whatever reason so yours has a buddy as they are Herd animals

Lucy Vasquez: My mare has been by herself for four years now, doing fine, but I give her a lot attention and love every day. I did walk the fence line with her when she first came home.

Jameson Patterson: Try her alone but a mini or a donkey might be a good company .

Kinsley Gill: I only have 1 and hes doing awesome. He has lots of other critters around 24/7

Serena Guzman: What all do you have to keep him company? We have one horse and hes with a few chickens.

Kinsley Gill: Chickens, geese, 2 dogs, a cat and I go out to see him multiple times per day.

Serena Guzman: Im with mine a lot during the day too. Someday soon here we are going to find him a friend of his kind though.

Kinsley Gill: Just go for it and see how he does

Galilea Zimmerman: Awesome picture

Grace Cannon: Thanks its my 11 year old and our horse!

Hayden Ferguson: Horses are herd animals and do better with company while I had my gelding by himself for a year and he did fine he does much better now that I got my mare

Eden Curry: Bring her a friend.

Tanner Maldonado: Horses are herd animals. While she may do fine alone, she will probably be happier with a friend.

Royalty Ward: Little mini Shetland great company

Sara Castro: Bring her a friend she can keep . Goats are good Minnys are better😃

Ivy Graham: I try to move horses in the morning so they have the entire daylight time to get used to thinks, Weekends are a good time to move them as someone is usually home.

Helen Sharp: Id use this opportunity to rescue a horse that is unrideable for whatever reason so yours has a buddy as they are Herd animals Even a donkey or mule would help

Sadie Pierce: You could get her a buddy. People are always giving away or selling horses that would do well being just a pasture ornament.

Everly Paul: I would personally never have a horse 100% alone. I did have one mare that was never turned out with others due to just being nasty with others, however, she was always in a neighboring pasture so she could still see others. If I were in your shoes, Id likely offer pasture/retirement board for an older buddy type horse. Or find a mini or donkey.

Jennifer Francis: Get a mini or something

Parker Hunt: Get her a Shetland

Allison Kelley: Just brought mine home most wont load in my two horse so my boy was alone for a few days and he wasnt too happy but was clam on day two then we got them all here and my mare got her leg stuck this morning shes was fine afterwards a little cut up but she was good I dont know how she got her leg that high we had to take the fencing down just to get her leg back up and over. Be ready for anything. Stay calm. Show her around we have hot wire then barbed wire Im showing my horses the barbed wire in case they ever get out of the hot wire. We have those pink like fence things on it so people and the horses can see it so those might be a good option. Getting her a buddy might be easier before she comes home then they get the pecking order in place before they are at home to cause trouble.

Allison Kelley: This was my mare this morning. Shes past wild, my wild mustangs are easier to deal with than her but she stood and didnt even try to kick and kicking us her main issue when you go near her but I wasnt afraid after I realized she figured out she needed all of us to help her and get her out.

Nathan Wallace: Get you a donkey. They live on thin air, theyre protective, and fun to be around. Be careful though if you have dogs… the donkey might go after them thinking they are cyotes/wolves/wild dogs. Better yet, RESCUE ONE!

Gwendolyn Knight: Shes beautiful

James Beck: That is a great picture! Wow! super precious!!

Grace Cannon: Thanks for all the advice “they” are home now and settling in!!!