Ok ok this is a question but I need to rant. Im beyond irritated and m…

Ok ok this is a question but I need to rant. Im beyond irritated and mad bec I have to give up my horse, bec I have no where else for her to go. The property that she is on. Well they sold the land and I have till the 20th to get her off. Idk what to do. I have her on a few groups but it breaks my heart scrolling threw fb and seeing her pop up.

Mark Rios: Where are you located?

Mark Rios: Only asking because we allow boarding.

Justin Newman: Mt

Mark Rios: Sorry:( Im in Texas. Or else we could help! I hope you fix a place for your baby:)

Justin Newman: Thank u. Me to. It sucks

Mark Rios: I would be upset if I didnt have a home for mine. Best if luck!

Justin Newman: Oh I am. Im furious. I hate that I have to give her up. Everyone here Ive talked to they want 300+ for boarding and I dont have that kind of money

Mark Rios: Maybe seeing if you can get with the new owner and make arrangements?

Elsie Bowen: Tasha, sometimes you can split the board fee between money and working it off at the facility.

Ezekiel Nunez: Find out who the new owners are and talk to them maybe they might let u rent that land from them make a land rental /boarding contract. Find a boarding facility in ur area or 30 mins away from u. If money is tight see if u can work off ur board.

Aspen Brooks: Where are you located?

Justin Newman: Mt

Aniyah Mason: Dont give up your horse maybe you can buy a correl and have her with you or close to you .

Christian Ward: keep trying and talking to people you might stumble upon something yet. Best of luck.

Baylee Moss: .

Giuliana Greer: Tasha I suggest a free lease. You still own your horse, but someone else takes her for a certain amount of time and cares for her and keeps her in work. That way you dont have to give her up. Im doing that with my new horse. I dont have anywhere for her to go, so shes being free leased out to a sweet older lady for a year as a trail horse until I move back home. It works out great for everyone. Just advertise her like youre selling, but our free lease for a year or 6 months until you can figure something else out.

Justin Newman: Its so hard to trust ppl is my problem

Johanna Chandler: It sounds like you dont have a choice. I think this is the best option. Go see the new home. See if there are other horses. See the interaction between the “babysitter” and ur horse. Visit often. Ask for once a week videos. You still own ur horse but can remove him/ her if you dont treat your horse right.

Brantley White: Where in MT? Im in Columbia Falls

Justin Newman: Dayton

Max Bennett: ask somone with horses or cows to rent the feild….

Max Bennett: or farmers with unused empty feilds they dont use……