Question…we are in the process of purchasing a new home. Barn stalls…

Question…we are in the process of purchasing a new home. Barn stalls are metal, but corroded from urine in several stalls. Corrosion is so bad in some spots there are actual holes. Can this be repaired? Any ideas? Hoping someone has dealt with this before and has some easy fix ideas! It is not in the budget to redo any of the stalls.

Savannah Figueroa: Fabricator/welder can cut out corrosion and weld in new panels. Or spray with rustoleum and cover with stall mats if metal is thick enough and not too corroded to fasten it to, as its weaker at those areas. Plywood would work too… Expanded (metal) sheets… Something so they dont put their foot through. Could also use diamond plate and cover it, just make sure there arent sharp parts. Whatever way, not cheap. Many options though, including total replacement. Without pics its hard to know the exact layout of the stalls. Good luck!

Angel Torres: its only n the bottom. i think the old owner had urine soaked shavings sitting and it corroded the bottom of the walls close to where it meets the floor in certain stalls. Ill see if i can find a welder to cut out and hopefully fix those areas. if too expensive ill see what it will cost to add like a foot high of something around the bottom perimeter of walls.

Angel Torres: When it corroded it left the holes jagged and sharp. definitely not safe to use 🙁