Got to try out Bona Fide Juicery today and man we were not disappointe…

Got to try out Bona Fide Juicery today and man we were not disappointed at all!! Bowls were $7 ($7.35 with tax…) and more than worth it! We tried the PB Acia, Chocoholic, and the Bona Fide bowls! All were equally delicious! As a vegan its hard to find good options and this place is a winner for sure! Super fresh ingredients and the granola was just stupid good! I also tried the Forever Young juice and it was delicious as well!! What a great addition to our area!! ❤️

Maggie Griffin: Cant wait to try it.

Gage Ruiz: This looks great. Cant wait to make it down there.

Molly Davis: Taylor Klima

Selena Fuller: Marissa Christian

Leilani Gray: Julie Posewitz Van Lieshout.. we should try this

Dean Hardy: Where are they located?

Norah Miles: They are downtown on College Ave across from City Center, right down from Bagelicious!

Reid Owens: Real question, are the bowls themselves enough for a meal or is it more of a snack stop? Tough to see how large they actually are

Norah Miles: For me it was a meal, 16oz of smoothie and then the toppings!

Gage Ruiz: Norah Miles: are the nutrition facts available that u know of?? I cant find them

Norah Miles: I didnt look for those so I wouldnt be able to answer that, Im sorry!

Adelyn Morgan: Christian it definitely filled me up. It was my supper. Seriously good

Katie Fields: Thanks so much for the post. Will get down there and try it!

Victor Crawford: So excited for their kombucha on tap and bowls!

Angel Doyle: Nicole, would love to try this with you sometime!

Vincent Johnson: Definitely!!

Aaliyah Willis: Hey Norah Miles:, if youre ever looking for vegan soups please give Green Gecko a try. 12oz bowl with vegan crostini only $5.00!

Norah Miles: Ohhhhh love soup!! Ill for sure check it out!! Thank you! 💚

Aaliyah Willis: Reopens Tues. Feb. 13 at 8 am. Also, veggies are organic and local whenever possible.

Samantha Santiago: This looks amazing! 😍

Javier Brady: We tried it today and it was awesome! I had the PB bowl. Definitely will be back multiple times. 🙂

Adelyn Morgan::

Maggie Griffin: Yum!!

Gage Ruiz: I just heard back from them. I find it so odd that they do not have nutrition facts for any of their items. Odd.

Amari Gray: Why is that odd?

Gage Ruiz: Because most places that serve food know the nutrition facts of what they serve or can give u a caloric count, many people have dietary restrictions or other reasons why they need to know what they are consuming before they do. And being a newer health conscious shop I would think they would have the information available to the consumers.

Amari Gray: I cant think of a single, non-chain, that can list their nutrition facts/calorie count. Im not saying its a bad idea, especially for a health conscious establishment. Just wondering why its a surprise that they havent sent their food to a lab to be analyzed. Its really expensive to get that done.

Gage Ruiz: I see what your saying. I still think from a basic recipe they could provide a caloric count. I hope they do so in the future.

Amari Gray: There are resources that are cheaper, and less accurate, that will tell you the calorie count of say… a banana. But anything made in house needs to be analyzed, like the granola, and the way I understand it, they need to analyze each ingredient separ…See more

Gage Ruiz: Cole Plamann I respect that. Again as a local business I think they can work to use local ingredients and come up with basic recipes that have a count. Its not like their recipes are extravagant. Everything they use is measured. So thanks for being the devils advocate. Always great to read your comments. Hopefully they will be able to come up with a solution soon. That does not include costly lab analysis.